Football Vines: Diego Costa Stamps On Emre Can And Martin Skrtel – But Were They Deliberate?

Alan Duffy

27th, January 2015


By Alan Duffy

During Chelsea’s hard-fought 1-0 Capital One Cup win against Liverpool on Monday night, Brazilian/Spanish striker Diego Costa could well have been sent off for a couple of rather nasty looking stamps.

The first came on Emre Can…

While the second came on  Reds’ defender Martin Skrtel, who participated in a running battle with Costa for the whole game…

Not surprisingly, Jose Mourinho protested his player’s innocence after the game, going so far as to say a certain TV pundit (Jamie Carragher?) had waged an unfair campaign on his striker. But what do you think? Innocent or guilty?

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  1. Adam says:

    Clearly, Skrtel and Can conspired to make it look like Costa stamped on them so that a campaign could then be waged against Chelsea. Those Liverpool scumbags!

    His follow through and reaction says it all. He doesn’t just stamp, but he puts his weight into it. He doesn’t say sorry. Deliberate as they come. Took a page right out of Pepe’s book.

  2. Darra says:

    The stamp on Can was first, the Skrtel one was second. I think the first one on Can might have been deliberate, but the second looked accidentAl.

    • podo says:

      Skrtel with Costa have some unfinished business. /Slovakia beat Spain in EU Qualification this September? I think. Skrtel erased Costa there/. So I wouldnt be so sure about accident there. Ball was already far away and Costa was “slowing down”, kinda purposly….

  3. Chris says:

    When I saw the article heading, I already knew the answer. His foot stays in contact with the players leg – hes lucky. Not the one of worst ones but fair play to the liverpool players, certain other major clubs around the globe would coach their players to roll around like an otter on slippery ice. We all know how unentertaining that is – if you’re gonna lose, take it like a man.

  4. Alan Duffy says:

    Cheers Darra. It has been amended now!

  5. Jarren says:

    Mourinho is really festering this “victim” persona against his team, when for the most part the incidents are his own team’s fault.

    I’m all for a manager standing up for his players, but LOOK AT THE FUCKING VIDEOS, Jose.

    Say nothing if you wish, but don’t defend these acts as “accidental”.

    Bullshit, and he knows it.

  6. chester says:

    He’s got it down to a fine art, would be hard to charge him with stamping.

  7. Some guy says:

    Any other played I’d give the benefit of the doubt, but Costa is just a disgusting shitbird and I can’t believe he keeps getting away with this.

  8. What4 says:

    This is exactly what he did under Simeone, and Chelsea under Mourinho is also that kind of team. How can there be any doubt? You can actually see he tries to stamp on Skrtel twice, but misses the second one. The refs and FA are happy to see Costa get away with this game after game. What a blight on Premier League football, ‘the best in the world’.

  9. Bob says:

    I agree Darra. First one definitely intentional.

    Second one… I think he unintentionally trod on him, but by pushing off to run immediately with that standing foot shows he thought of this as not at all unfortunate, and basically took advantage of it. Is this technically a stamp? Probably not. Unsporting? Definitely.

  10. Vincent Cole says:

    Skirtel’s was accidental.

    Can deserved to be stamped on for kicking the ball away.

  11. alboy says:

    if you look at the the 1st one, he is not even looking, I do not know how good you are but to stamp on someone as well as he did without even looking just tells you it was an accident.
    the second one he was trying to get out of the way of the follow through of Skirtel’s sliding challenge and landed on his foot
    it is not tiddlywinks it is football and accidents happen

  12. Neil #2 says:

    disagree with these being accidents — in both cases one could also make an argument that he looks down right before he looks away and unleashes his foot onto the opposing player’s leg. If this were accidental, we’d see a lot more of this happening week in and week out. Costa is a cheating tw*t and he himself probably knows it.

  13. bernie says:

    definitely deliberate. Stomps in football rarely occur because players are adept at avoiding them …and quite rightly! What looks like a clumsy stomp could effectively end a players career.
    Costa has shown himself to be a bit of a thug which is a shame as he is a brilliant player but for me his dirtyness takes something away from that.

    as for Maureen and his conspiracy theories…it works…. given some of the responses!! There is no conspiracy against Chelsea just maureens’ pathetic attempts to play the victim and influence officials

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