Snapshot: Liverpool Fans Protest Against Hicks & Gillett Ownership

Ollie Irish

29th, March 2010


By Ollie Irish

Liverpool fans protest at Anfield against the co-ownership of Tom Hicks and George Gillett, after Sunday’s 3-0 win against Sunderland. The protest was staged by Spirit of Shankly, the most active and best-organised Liverpool supporters group.

Photo: PA

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  1. kritter says:

    yeah. it’s true. we americans have no idea how to conduct business. also liverpool can never be successful with american ownership. also it must be totally and completely hicks’ and gillette’s fault that liverpool have over overspent. i’m sure the waiter was never asking for transfer funds. why would he do that? he’s not american, surely he knows the consequences of such a bad business policy.

  2. jen-jen says:

    Gileett is no stranger to fucking over sports teams.

    Hicks has a long history of being bad in the sports arena starting with Corinthians and now at Liverpool with stops at the Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers.

    These guys don’t know what they’re doing and should be run out

    I”m an American, by the way, and I can’t stand these two.

  3. Snapshot: Liverpool Fans Protest Against Hicks & Gillett Ownership…

    After Liverpool’s 3-0 victory over Sunderland at Anfield, Liverpool fans protested against American ownership in the form of George Gillett and Tom Hicks. The protest was organized by Liverpool suppor……

  4. spectator says:


    the manager can’t overspend, he spends only as much as the and owners and board will give him. this works out perfectly well as long as the owners didn’t buy the club with 350 million of someone else’s money and fail to pay it back. the club itself makes a profit, the company that owns it is in hock up to it’s eye balls.

    much like america is to the chinese…

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