‘It’s Common Knowledge, He Never Liked Black People’ – El-Hadji Diouf Makes Serious Accusation In Response To Steven Gerrard Criticism

Chris Wright

15th, September 2015


El-Hadji Diouf has snapped back at Steven Gerrard in the wake of comments the former Liverpool captain made in his new autobiography about the gob-happy Senegalese forward and his general conduct during his ill-fated stint at Anfield.

For the unaware, Gerrard accused ex-teammate Diouf of having “no real interest in football” and “caring nothing for Liverpool” in his latest tome, My Story, also adding that the way Diouf spat a “huge globule of gunky phlegm” at a Celtic fan during a UEFA Cup match in 2003 summed up his “contemptuous and spiteful demeanour”.

Gerrard writes:

A few people have since asked me if I saw any comparison between Diouf and Mario Balotelli – and I’ve always said no.

I’ve got respect for Balotelli; I’ve got none for Diouf.

Well, it looks like things are about to get unnecessarily ugly, with Diouf responding to Gerrard’s criticism by making some potentially serious allegations to Portuguese radio station Radio Future Média:

We all saw how he made life difficult for Mario Balotelli at Liverpool. I warned him. Liverpool isn’t a team that accepts black people unless they are English.

It’s common knowledge. Gerrard has never liked black people. When I was at Liverpool, I showed him I was black, that I wasn’t English, but that I’m no pushover.

All the time I was there, he never dared looked me in the eye.

With the accusations of racism out of the way, Diouf went on to suggest that Gerrard is simply jealous of his glorious achievements:

Gerrard is just jealous. What I have done in football, he did not. When I came to Liverpool, I came up with the status of boss and he lives there.

I am respected in world football, the greatest football experts have appointed me among the seven best players in the World Cup, the top 100 players of the century.

Everywhere I go out of my country, they worship me. Wherever he goes outside his city of Liverpool, he will be insulted.

Feel free to make your own minds up people.

We’re just not feeling up to getting involved with this one.

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  1. El-Hadji Diouf has a very high opinion of him self, best 100 hundred players of all time?, highly respected all over the globe?, Gerrard was jealous of him? half decent footballer with no manners at all and obviously played football as a child instead of attending school, accusing someone of being Racist is a very serious accusation, someone who uses the Racist card wrongly is just as bad!

    • Colin N says:

      I think he is 100% correct about steven…It is a long held belief of mine, I have always seen that is Gerard and terry, not lamp are or Becks, just them two, scoles had a bit of it too!

  2. Jerry says:

    Somehow, when I think of world-class footballers of the past century, Diouf doesn’t come to mind

  3. Murray says:

    Both have slipped on grass and looked stupid for it, and Diouf is still more renowned than Gerrard for THAT, so I guess he can make a point there.

  4. Billious says:

    The only thing is known for is his spitting. He was and still is a useless footballer.

  5. Billious says:

    The only thing he is known for is his spitting. He was and still is a useless footballer.

  6. Pepe Grenouille says:

    Low, desperate blow from Diouf. Maybe Gerrard didnt want anything to do with him because he’s a cunt?

  7. Morientes says:

    Diouf has been two times African player of the year, he has won the league cup in England and the Scottish Premier league. He was in the 2002 World Cup dream team and yes he is listed in the FIFA 100. Diouf has made his name all over the world while Gerald remains a Liverpool legend.

  8. Johnny says:

    Portuguese radio? Really? You might want to check the original article again.

  9. P says:

    LOL “I warned him.” Diouf says of Balotelli. Like anyone has cared for Diouf’s opinion on football since WC 2002. If France didn’t draw Senegal in that tournament, no one would even know this guy existed. Like Balotelli (4 goals in 28) is going to take advice from the only guy with a worse LFC strike rate (6 in 80) than him.

    Diouf should try ringing up Iago Aspas and Fabio Borini too. Let him know Gerrard doesn’t care for shit strikers who have 15 minutes of fame to their name.

    Guess he was just over-excited someone mentioned his name for the first time in a decade. Although I suppose coming from a royal family always gives men a chip on their shoulders.

  10. Jeremia says:

    Diouf, Diouf… ah yes, I remember. He’s the fellow who’s number fell off his shirt in one African Nations Cup game some 10-15 years ago, that was amusing.

  11. Dillon Dasa says:

    Diouf,should never compare his achievement with Gerald, its far beyond comparison.

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