Liverpool For Sale – Tom Hicks And George Gillett Have Had Enough

Ollie Irish

16th, April 2010


By Ollie Irish

Big news. Liverpool FC is up for sale. American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett have appointed Barclays Capital to find a buyer.

“Following numerous expressions of interest from third parties, the Club has engaged Barclays Capital to advise on the sale process,” a statement read on the club’s official website.

“The Club has the full support of its existing bankers for this process and has financing in place which will fully support the Club’s operations.”

And a statement by Hicks and Gillett:

“Owning Liverpool Football Club over these past three years has been a rewarding and exciting experience for us and our families. Having grown the Club this far we have now decided together to look to sell the Club to owners committed to take the Club through its next level of growth and development.

“We are delighted that Martin Broughton has agreed to take the position of Chairman, working alongside the club’s excellent senior management team. Martin is a distinguished business leader of excellent judgment and with a great reputation. He is a genuine football supporter and will seek to oversee the sales process in the best interests of the Club and its supporters.”

Broughton, currently British Airways’ chairman, has been appointed as Liverpool’s independent chairman with immediate effect and will oversee the sale process. Syrian businessman Yahya Kirdi claims he is in advanced talks about buying the club. Watch this space.

“I am excited and honoured to be taking up this position,” Broughton said. “I will run this sale process in the right way, for the benefit of the club and its fans. Liverpool is one of the world’s greatest clubs and my aim is to try and ensure that we find new owners who are able to build on the club’s recent improved financial performance in order to help deliver sporting success.”

At least he talks a good game.

Happy now, Liverpool fans? I guess so. You got what you wanted.

Is this news proof that concerted pressure by organised fans does work, eventually (H&G hung around Anfield for three years)? Or will this turn out to be a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’?

Liverpool have failed to kick on in the H&G era

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  1. spectator says:




  2. Mathers says:

    Damn it. I was hoping they would run the club into the ground. Long live Hicks and Gillett!

  3. Ben says:

    Broughton is a Chelsea Football Club season ticket holder.Funny

  4. Hirsty says:

    Nice one. These yank billionaires have no place owning football clubs. Though I must agree with Mathers, I was quite enjoying the Liverpool circus they had created!

    Also, what the hell is going on in that top picture? Are those horrendous grammatical errors there on purpose?

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