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Rumour Balls: Alex Curran (Steven Gerrard’s WAG) And Kris Commons More Than Just Friends?

By Ollie Irish

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Alex Curran, WAG of Steven Gerrard (and Paris Hilton lookalike), has been photographed without her wedding ring this week. And her engagement ring too. This will do nothing to put out the fiery rumour that she is, ahem, more than just friends with Derby County midfielder Kris Commons.

Putting two and two together here, you can imagine why Gerrard is tipped to swap Liverpool red for Real Madrid white next season.

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By Ollie Irish on April 24th, 2010 in Liverpool, WAGs & Babes. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

113 Responses to “Rumour Balls: Alex Curran (Steven Gerrard’s WAG) And Kris Commons More Than Just Friends?”

  1. Philando Torres says:

    There are several rumours flying around about Gerrard, his dick and his wife’s fanny at the moment. Many of which will end up never being confirmed or denied. One thing I believe will definitely happen though is Gerrard’s transfer to Real Madrid.

    A few years ago, I’d have sooner killed close family members/childhood pets than let Gerrard leave. However, after witnessing him becoming a passenger in an out-of-sorts team, it’s probably time he did go. At least while we can still get a few dozen million for him, lest we fuck it up like the Owen sale (£8 million he ended up going for).

    Where all this shite leaves my beloved club – I dare not think about it. Gerrard could go, Torres could go, Benitez will hopefully go, and we could end up spending years playing out our seasons in mid-table mediocrity. Like fucking Everton.

    Or perhaps he and Torres will stay, Van Der Vaart will sign and become a revelation as our new playmaker and we’ll win the title. Who the fuck knows? But this is why we watch footy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Total and utter rubbish!

  3. gary says:

    we have all the rumours before i heard she was playing ball away from home for years now but that shouldnt surprise anybody if you whore yourself to the media then you have to put up with the shit that comes with it as for stevie gerrard as a die hard liverpool fan i have to say that hes without doubt the biggest disappointment this year as captain he should give leadership instead he has sulked about the pitch this season and done fuck all, maybe his personal life is in turmoil but lets us not forget hes a pro and gets very,very well paid for the honour of leading liverpool he should act like a leader not a follower .

  4. Dave says:

    gerrard got a 16 year old pregnant

  5. el nino says:

    torres is the fukin mann!

  6. JEH says:

    You’re obviously a sad blue nose tw*t(*=a) lovong in a sad little world.

    Comment above about Gerrard “becoming a passenger” is a nonsense, he plays best in centre mid, he can’t help it if Rafa plays him in a position not best suited to him, he does however still give 100% at all times.

    The story has abviously come from some southern shandy drinking tosser who’s upset with all the negative hype Terry received when he was pumping his best mates ex.

  7. Tigger says:

    I like this answer Philando.

    I agree that the unknown and the seasonal ups/downs/sensations is the reason why we watch footy, but a bit of consistency and certainty would be nice, wouldnt it.

    I hope Gerrard doesnt go.

    Also, I could care less about Curran and her wandering fanny. Fucking slag.

    Gives Liverpool girls a bad name.


  8. Stevie's mate says:

    Lets face fact’s, Gerrard is a washed out smack head who can hardly talk !! No wonder is dog is after another dick.

  9. Colindo Torres says:

    Ya hope these are nothing more than rumours, but I would still be pissed if Gerrard went as he was our best player last season and in the fact the best player in the whole league!

    True he is playing quite shite atm but so is everyone at liverpool, if we can just get some rich ass arab owners and buy up quality players we could get the best out of stevie once more…

  10. ProblemChimp says:

    Liverpool are Shite

  11. bigdirtyjames says:

    Your 2nd last paragraph – at least you lot still have the arrogance of a top 4 side. Unfortunately, you lot are closer to ‘fucking Everton’ than you’ll ever care to admit.

  12. JOSH says:

    Stevie Gerrard will never and I mean never leave Liverpool, he’s the heart and soul of this club, he wants to win trophies with Liverpool especially the premiership which he is desperate to get his hands on and I’m sure he will next season hopefully.All we need is to keep Torres fit all next season and buy about 4 world class players all depending on the finacial situation, David Silva, David Villa, another decent defender and maybe someone like AAron Lennon or Ashly Young we could raise the funds for them by selling players like Albert Reira and Ryan Babel.

  13. ProblemChimp says:

    Liverpool are fucking Shite

  14. spectator says:

    it really does look like there will be transfers involving liverpool and real. gerrard plus cash for benzema and van der vaart is almost convincing, and as a reds fan i can’t say it would be a bad move. they should snatch up drenthe while they’re at it, if i’m right in thinking he’s a left back. i hope he is because i think he’s pretty good.

  15. Anonymous says:

    These rumours are really beginning to worry me, but i say lets keep faith in our captain fantastic and hopefully all will go well for him and for Liverpool!

    As for those who think Stevie should leave (very few people), its just sad that the player who showed us loyalty all these years is not getting any backing/ support from his so called die hard fans who loved him during and after the Istanbul 2005 journey, however forgot the meaning of loyalty once they heard false news and rumours about him!

    Gerrard is the heart and soul of liverpool, really dont think he’s gonna consider moving away from liverpool! he’ll always be a red

  16. Mike says:

    Gerrard is not as young as he used to be and is going nowhere at Liverpool. He was lucky to win his court case and his out of sortsnesss this year can be put down to a troubled home life.

    I think there is truth in these rumours and the end result is ,face up Liverpool fans, he is off abroad and his WAG wife gets relegated to the Championship with her new love who doubtless she will cheat on too.

  17. mikecon says:

    can anyone comment on the rumour that he has knocked up a 16 YO?
    as it happens he has been the main cause of the scousers shit season, all has to go through him, he has to take all the corners and free kicks, the team has to dance to his tune (and he s a phil collins fan for fucks sake!!)
    Please scousers, don’t sell him, keep the waiter, stay shit.

  18. Blue And White Shite says:

    Evertonians – this is all you’ve got you gobshites.
    We are crap and still done you twice, above you in the league and with a european semi final this week.

    You’ll win fuckall again, Everton.

  19. eboue says:

    I think Liverpool are well and truly fucked wheter Gerrard goes or not. You have no money to buy any sort of good players and selling Babel and Riera wont exactly bring in a huge cashflow because who will want to buy shitebags like them. Even if gerrard goes you still will not have enough to buy world class players and even if you did do you think David Villa or David Silva will want to be playing there?

  20. JOSH says:

    David Villa and David Silva are top world class players and the thought of Torres and Villa up front would frighten the shit out of the premiership.

  21. spectator says:


    sorry, when did arsenal win their last trophy? and isn’t there a fair chance you’re going to lose your captain and best player?

    additionally, liverpool are about to have a lot more money so i don’t know what you’re basing any of your comments on.

  22. Toffee says:

    What makes you think us Evertonians give a shit about who Alex Curran is shagging or who Gerrard has knocked up!! Get a grip, you are years away from Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal etc get over it!!

  23. Taylor says:

    this rumour is everywhere! its definately true, mourinho wanted to sign SG at chelsea, now he is going to real and is gonna take gerrard to spain in the summer!! FACT. Course gerrard is gona leave liverpool, ther fuckin shite! plus, why have the owners put the club up for sale??? for many reasons but i bet its because they know the bad press is on its way…..liverpool need to get a grip and realise there not in the same league as man u and chelsea!!

  24. ur my boy blue says:

    haha gerrards get off to real, torres wants out coz its to rough, benitez is goin, maschys goin


  25. norwegian reds dont like volcanos says:

    all the reds here takin theyre frustrations out on the evertonians, its so sad its laughable hahahahaha

    a redshites answer to everythin,
    ‘is rafa get off?’ everton are shite
    torres wants out doesnt he? everton are shite
    liverpool are slippin arent they? everton are a small club

    lets hope the mancs win the league so they can finally stop harpin on about theyre league record

  26. Anonymous says:

    i have heard gerrard will deffo be abroad next season he has been shagging a 16 year old liverpool lass and got her up the stick and he is in court now to stop it being allowed to be printed in the papers

  27. Jonathan says:

    Liverpool don’t deserve a player of Gerrard’s talent. They are a shit squad with shit fans, shit owners and a shit manager. Long live the real Liverpool team,Everton.

  28. eboue says:

    About to have a lot more money? That means they have to sell first the process of which could take up to a year because of so much debt. No cash flow means no new players, Liverpool will then slide down the table and by the time you do get a new owner and money no world class player will find the prospect of playing for a mid table team quite that attractive.
    Enjoy being a mid table team in a couple of years while Arsenal will be financially sound and winning trophies

  29. Matt says:

    He got a 15 YEAR OLD PREGNANT. He is therefore a paedophile and will get jail time.

  30. oh dear says:

    it is quite disappointing once again that a dead cert England player has become embroiled in gossip again. But then we build them up along with the press to knock em down. They are normal lads with too much money, too many hangers on, too many free afternoons. I don’t give a toss about his missus, what bother me is that one of the best players we have ever seen is un-professional. He is obviously unhappy and out of sorts, despite today, Burnley don’t count. Benitez cannot manage players with personalities. I am a blue nose who would like him to stay to carry on messing them around! But then I also want England to do well, with him guiding Gerrard this will be a non starter.
    Have it on good advice that the gossip is substantiated and that an injunction stopped it this weekend.
    Don’t buy the NOTW and the stories will stop.

  31. Jeremy says:

    Steven gerrard is currently living in the Vincent Hotel in Southport. FACT. Regardless of any other rumours about his wife’s massive gash and his own wet knob, it is 100% truth that he isn’t living in his Formby home and is instead living in a rather swanky hotel in Southport

  32. Bikram says:

    is it any suprise that this story is dominated by evertonians? we’ve had our worst season since 1999 and we’re still far better than you – deal with it!

  33. Bikram says:

    *comments on this story

  34. Mathers says:

    Kris Commons, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Does she like KFC?

  35. syndex says:

    For the Liverpool fans who think that they will sell gerrard and then get the money to buy Van de Vaart, Silva, Vila or Benzima who will come in and save the club sorry but it won’t happen. As a hockey fan I have watch (with great humour) Gillet and hicks asset strip Montreal Canadiens and the Dallas Stars to death and they will do the same to you replacing good players with mediocre rubbish . Looks at your squad 5 years ago and look at it now would any of babel, arbeloa, Lucas, kyrakos(no chance of spelling that) well to be fair anyone barring kuyt, reina, torres and gerrard grace the subs bench of the 2005 team. Man utd, chelsea and arsenal are slipping and which has cushoned the monumental fall that happening at anfield. You need to get rid of the manager and the owners and start from fresh and prepare for the fact that at some point gerrard will leave, retire or be injured and spread the responibility across all the players.

  36. Scouse181716 says:

    NOTW were due to print this week but gerrard got a curt injunction to stop Alex is sleeping with Chris Kommons and aledgedly Stecie G has been with a 16 year old? bookmakers will take no bets on gerrard going to the world cup as capello will ditch him.

    So here is what i say … Stevie Fuck england the national team is shit Jamie told them where to get off npw you do it as well tell capello to take his foreign arse to africa without you as for alex and kris commons fuck him to the low league shit player he is fuck everyone stevie but remember you will always have 47,000 fans supporting you no matter what if you tapped a 16 year old and papers give you grief it is only jealousey as anyone your age would love to tap some young arse.

    Remember Stevie you will never walk alone NEVER

  37. Gnome says:

    Why would Capello ditch him cos of issues in his social life, he hasn’t ditched JT or Ashley Cole?

  38. SPARKY says:

    The story of Curran and the Derby player, and Gerrard and the pregnant teen was sent to me by the guy who broke the John Terry/Wayne Bridge story. Was sent to me the day before Curran was pictured in paper without engagement and wedding ring. Done deal for Gerrard to Spain…..The red slope now even more slippery than before…..Pity…………….NOT!!!!

  39. Michael Shields says:

    currans a slag.stevies a cu(rra)n-t and should be in jail the dirty violent paedophile!

  40. That Boy Kris Commons Makes Gerrard Look Shit says:

    No wonder Kris Commons is always injured for us!!!! i would be as well lol , dont believe a word of it, gerrard is a mega star!! how much money is he on? n mrs gerrard wont get with someone like commons, if it was a prem star then yeah but commons?? jesus believe it when i see it!!!!!

  41. Blue And White Shite says:

    Blue shite – fuck all in the papers you twats.
    You’ve got fuck all, never had fuck all and are never gonna do fuck all.

    Blue and white shite.

  42. Steaua Bucharest 86 says:

    If it hadn’t have been for the injunction……

    Any of you blue mongs see Kendall spewing his ring up last week ?
    Never made the paper like, cos no-one gives a fuck.

    Blue and White SHITE

  43. SPARKY says:

    Its no loss for anyone – gerrard should have signed for Chelsea when he had the chance. The pressure on the poor boy to carry his mediocre team means it has ruined his chances of ever playing in a decent team. The boy looks like an old man these days, what a waste of a decent player. Yeah, keep him at Liverpool and he wont be able to walk soon. Needs a team with similar classy players…missed the boat, Jose would had loved him.

  44. This is a nice blog. Do you guys know of any sites that will stream the world cup games live? Thank you so much. 15:08

  45. Red and White Shite says:

    Guess what you kopite knobheads, its not just your senior neighbours who are taking the piss out of you. Youre shite, youre fans are shite and in the words of your fat Spanish waiter “who ordered the paella oops I mean “FACT”.

    You sound a little bitter there chaps and remember you wouldn’t be here if it wasnt for us you gang of dickheads.


  46. Anonymous says:


    You come to a page saying “Rumour Balls: Alex Curran (Steven Gerrard’s WAG) And Kris Commons More Than Just Friends?” then say “What makes you think us Evertonians give a shit about who Alex Curran is shagging”… Clearly you do if you’re on here! Would ask if you’re stupid but I think that’s pretty obviously a yes…

  47. SPARKY says:

    Dont blame the fans – there has been no lack of money, no lack of managers, no lack of players. Need to come out of the 80′s, stop singers ferry across the poxy mersey and look at the date….you will find it on the top right hand side of the sunday sport….out on a sunday by the way.
    Clean out the manager, owners, the rubbish players and start again. Will take a Russian billionaire or an Arab Prince (2 years)or ground roots football with an academy and patience around 5 years.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Great the way rumours fly around before the World Cup…Dont the footballers get enough grief from the Press and Comentators… Pathetic!!

  49. dunny says:


  50. Noblelox says:

    This is only half the rumour guys, the other side of the coin is how Stevie has knocked up Ronnie Whealan’s now 16 year old daughter (Who was 15 at the time, if she does indeed exist) and how he’s in the courts trying to keep it out of the press.

    If it is right to post these rumours is one thing, but to call them pathetic and rubbish without evidence the other way is just as bad.

    The one outcome I don’t want is that it is all true, for Liverpool fans to rally around Gerrard, like Chelsea fans did with Terry. If you screw up like that, you should be hung out to dry for bringing the club’s name down into the gutter.

    So IF it is true, I do hope he keeps it out of the press for a few weeks, finishes the season and leaves to go abroad, giving Liverpool £50M in the bank as a sorry and goodbye…IF he did do it, that is…

  51. Fredrico says:

    Once again, the Evertonian rumour mill has the gullible fish-wives jabbering over the garden fence again. There are no facts in this rumour – that is the only fact.

    Lets look back in history shall we:

    Gerrard, the baby’s not his – Evertonian Rubbish
    Folwer is addicted to cocaine – Evertonian Rubbish
    Jamie Redknapp is cheating on Louise – Evertonian Rubbish

    The sad truth is that Evertonians are so wrapped up in what Liverpool FC and it’s players are doing, this is the only way they feel as if they are striking back – pathetic but true.

  52. oldboy says:

    ‘Current Liverpool player knocks up ex Liverpool player’s 16 year old daughter’

    That old chestnut.

    Over the year’s this rumour has been circulated about:

    Steven Gerrard
    Robbie Fowler
    Ronnie Rosenthal
    Ray Clemence
    Ian Rush
    Steve Highway’s daughter by some player I can’t recall.

    Robbie Fowler was rumoured to have knocked up Ray Clemence’s 16 y/o daughter, and Ray Clemence was rumoured years before to have knocked up someone else’s 16 y/o daughter.

    Steven Gerrard will be at Liverpool next year.

  53. sue peace says:

    its disgraceful how people fuel rumours which are not proven to be true, thanks guys just in time for the world cup!

  54. shelfy says:

    yeah…but we all love a bit of mindless and unsubstantiated gossip and rumour…
    don’t we…

    well, hey, why the *2#” else would be on a site like this…hahahaha.

  55. redshizzel says:


    Evertonian? This story came from a Spurs forum, for the same bloke who broke the Terry story.

    Get you facts right lid!

  56. liverpool red says:

    steven just wants to play football and live his life he isnt botherd about being in the news papers and being in the news i hope these rumours are not true there must be more to this story than we all are aware of and rearly if it were me i wouldnt want my dirty washing put out in public

  57. Anonymous says:

    I dont care what the f**k me does in his spare time but if it affects him on the pitch it is us the fans who lose out. He has been the best player for us for years and god only knows there we would be with out him carrying the team but this season he has noy been at the races

  58. Matt P says:

    No smoke without fire…

  59. Annoymous says:

    A close family member works for the local radio sports desk -

    Fact – its Kris Commons
    Fact – its Ronnie Whelans daughter
    Fact – he has gone to the courts to gag this.

  60. mick says:

    He did look a very sad and lonely figure after the Chelski game. All the players completed the customary walk round the pitch after the last home game with their kids. Stevie’s weren’t there. The wags stayed at the entrance to the players tunnel but there was no sign of Alex.
    It is a sad end to a bismal season but YNWA

  61. LFC4LIFE says:

    although a massive fan of gerrard, This rumour has been doing the rounds in liverpool for a while. Would it really be a surprise saying he beat up a club dj for not playing his type of music

  62. sue peace says:

    enough is enough! If stevie leaves for spain in the summer who can blame him after the way he has been treated!

  63. Lauren says:

    omg some fucking people need to get a life serouisly. kris commons is a happily engaged to his fiancee lisa and has got a baby boy with his fiance so these people nned to stop spreading shit and kris commons has got more class than to hang out with tht slapper FUCKIN pathetic and it’s her choice if she don’t wanna wear her weddin ring or engagment ring leave her be

  64. keith ireland says:

    I just wish people would let stevie g get on with his life if any of this is true and a big if well let the man sort out his own family problems……. best of luck stevie

  65. taco says:

    who gives a sh$$ anyway we are goin down the pan with or without him if he goes he goes we will just sign another shi$ lucas to replace him
    and micheal ricketts will replace torres great times ahead

  66. Kevin says:

    Ronnie Whelan has 3 daughters. A 24 yr old, a 21 yr old and a 16 yr old. I know them all and I can guarantee that these rumours are absoulte rubbish and the fact that they are still circulating is ridiculous!! Think the evertonians and the mancs need to get a grip!

  67. Garry says:

    Gerrard was at the London High Court last week in an attempt to hush these storys up. If they are not true then why is he trying to keep the newspapers from printing.

    Footballers – they just cant keep their dicks zipped up.

  68. billy whelan says:

    enough of this gerrard shite. he has got my brothers daughter pregnant. so yes it is true and it will all come out in the press as soon as the world cup is over. he only has gagging order until the 13th of july from then the papers can expose him for what he really is. the young lass was only 15 at the time and very niave and star struck that a famous superstar would be interested in her.. i would imagine by the 13th july everyone will no the full story.. i just hope to god the poor lass is left alone to bring up her child and steven is man enough to look after her.

  69. Kevin says:

    And can you just confirm that your brothers daughter is NOT Ronnie Whelans daughter!!

  70. Kevin says:

    Ah just saw Billy Whelan……unlucky as Ronnie’s brother is actually Paul!!

  71. Milad says:

    Gerrard go ahead and keep fucking

  72. dain says:

    i know for a fact that kris commons would never do that its just some dumbass fan trying to cause trouble

  73. J says:

    totally untrue …anyone any idea the effect this will have on the 16 year old girl concerned…or the Gerrard kids..but who cares the morons only like to spread rumours!

  74. tatiana says:

    Yes Stevie Gerrard and his wife were at court, but it was for the affair about the robbery in their house two years ago. People sometimes are so stupid, they are so unhappy in their lives that they need spreading stupids rumours about the others. Get a life!!!!

  75. sue peace says:

    Some people cant stand other people being successful,they are just jealous of him. Its all utter nonsense!!!!

  76. Liz says:

    I have heard some funny things in my time but this beats them all. I’ve never heard anything so pathetic. The whelan girls are not that stupid. Have some of u got nothing better to do than listen to ridiculous gossip!

  77. Anonymous says:

    Was confirmed to me,today,that Alex(who is indeed a friend of mine)that all will become public knowledge soon enough.England have a shot at winning this World Cup,especially with certain injury problems other teams are suffering.There has been enough controversy within the England camp,so please leave well alone until after the tournament,for the sake of all the families involved.

  78. liverbird1 says:

    Im a distant relative of someone mentioned above. As and from last ngt I can now categorically say that the “rumour” about this girl being pregnant by gerrard is very true.

  79. Anonymous says:

    well i can lay my hand on my heart n say it certainly isn’t any of ronnie whelan’s daughters

  80. aonymous says:

    I can honestly say that it’s not any of ronnie whelan’s daughters

  81. sue peace says:

    Steven Gerrard will be an inspiration as captain for England,he does not deserve all this crap! Go Stevie,proud of you!!

  82. RM says:

    I am neither a Liverpool or Everton fan. In France the story is out, my friend works for La Monde, a serious ( boring) newspaper. The facts of the Story are:

    Steven Gerrard’s solicitors went to UK court to prevent a story being published.
    Steven Gerrard has gotten a girl pregnant at the age of 15.
    Steven Gerrard has been linked strongly with the pregnancy of Ronnie Wheelans daughter.
    Steven Gerrard’s wife Alex Curran has had several affairs including a Derby County player.
    Steven Gerrard’s wife Alex Curran is a habitual cocaine user.
    Steven Gerrard does not live at the family home and mostly resides in a hotel nearby in Sthport.

    The playeris expected to leave for Real Madrid after the world cup.
    Th th th that’s all folks- if it wasn’t enough during a world cup. :-(

    Steven Gerrard did not tell Fabio Capello about the issue when made captain.

  83. Anonymous says:


  84. Anon says:

    My friends god daughter has told her that she knows the girl and she was 15 when she became pregnant by steven g! Not sure if it’s ronnies daughter though.

  85. anonymous says:

    Why blame Stevie G. Sadly alot of girls target footballers and they fall for it every time. If she is pregnant I’m sure she’s no shrinking violet, she new what she was doing!!!!. Give the guy a break….

  86. Lucie says:

    Why blame him?! Because he’s a grown man with responsibilites, a family man and England Captain as well as Captain for Liverpool! He has massive authority and people *worship* him, therefore he absolutely must be blamed if this is true! She could indeed be a manipulative little madam knowing full well what she was doing, but he’s the one in the public eye with a family and a reptuation to maintain. On the other hand, she could have been completely starstruck as I believe everyone would be in the presence of their favourite footballer and overwhelmed that he took an interest in her. If she was under 16 at the time, he must pay the consequences. 15 year old girls are just that, GIRLS. They are not sexed up manipulative women who con men into getting them pregnant, so lets not dress her up as such – to try and blame it all on her to not blame him is typical, blame the woman and the man get off scot free.

    He should have been an adult and put a stop to her if she was coming onto him. He doesn’t deserve “a break” if all this is true, at all. Quite frankly, footballers are a disgrace in this country at the moment. I don’t agree with the constant pressure from the media but it’s just not acceptable, in a society where role models for young boys are scarce, for their next best thing for role models treat women as objects and property and the women who associate with them seem to find all their self-worth in the next pair of Jimmy Choos. You cannot go around sleeping with UNDER AGE (apparently..) girls, and how disgusting to lay the blame at her – she is a mere girl, 15 year old… ever heard Taylor Swift’s song ‘Fifteen?’ Probably not – “When you’re 15 and somebody tells you they love you, you’re gonna believe them.. ”

    It’s awful that you could even try and pin the blame on her. She could know what she’s doing but it’s up to him to stop that. If she did know, he was the one with a wife, with a family, with a prestigous job and media following him and should have been an adult and a decent human being by putting a stop to it before it began. Our society is a mess.

  87. tatiana says:

    Lucie you are right, but why are you so angry when this story it’s not event true? The last version of the rumour is that is not a 16 years old that he gets pregnant, but his wife’s sister. And newspapers are going to print the story in two weeks. Seriously let him alone, why are you going so mad after him, and these diffeents version of the same rumour just prove that it’s all rubbish. Why haven’t they printed the story stday why wait two weeks. Plus they say that is one of the causes of england bad form at the world cup, the fans of these contry have what they deserved after all. They keep their times to made up stories and rumours about their own players. I’m sorry for him, aftewards he was not so bad and one of the best england players on the pitch.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Its true people.News of the World within three weeks!!!The journalists are really pissed off that their story is after spreading before they had a chance to break it.

  89. anonymouse says:

    In other news, Ken Dodds Dads Dogs Dead

  90. anonymouse says:

    gutted bout ken dodds dog

  91. fido dodd says:

    Its a rumour ……….I’m alive

  92. Ken Dodds Dad says:

    Fido…. how many times have I told you not to use my computer?!

  93. Anonymous says:

    alex curran only has brothers

  94. Ronnie WHelan says:

    A rockstar ate my hamster.

  95. Gladys says:

    Gerrard has been playing away with his brother in laws wife and also has gotten a 16 year old pregnant. He got a high court ruling preventing the story being broken.This plus his wife having extra marital relations with a Derby County player have lead him to seek a move abroad
    And its been alleged that Rooney was caught seeking the company of prostitutes after Colleen was cheating on him.

  96. Jimmy whispers says:

    I heard that he got caught sucking a cub scouts dick.

  97. sue peace says:

    Does anyone not care about the effect this could have on his two little girls? Whoever started spreading this rubbish should be ashamed of themselves, Stevie is a doting family man so you lot want to get a life!!

  98. teresa says:

    Serously i’ve heard that rooney was shagging alex curran and that they are getting married and that gerrard and is wife are already divorced and their best man is michael jackson but the fa want to get all this shut because they dont’ want the engalnd team be more ashamed
    I got that from a very very realiable source as my best mate father’s brother, uncle, neighbour is close to the director of the daily mail.

  99. gerrarrs stevie says:


  100. gerrarrs stevie says:


  101. gerrarrs stevie says:


  102. teresa says:

    I know gerrars stevie, but some people are so stupid and sad that they believe all they read in the media or internet. Some are so nasty that they like spreading stupids rumours about a people without thinking about the effect that these stories could have in the two families concerned (the gerrard and the whelan families and in the gerrard kids).
    The worst is that these spupid people who strated these stories are all england fans and they write stupids bullocks about their own caprtain one mounth before the WC. Now i understand why liverpool fans in general don’t give a clue about england.They make the same think with beckham and spread stories about him.

    All these people need to get a life and go out more often or these vile women really needed a boyfriend or husband to fuck them LOL Loosers

  103. laughalot says:

    Everyone knows he got dave whelans granddaughter who is 16 up the duff. cant blame him with a slapper wife

  104. sue peace says:

    anyone half decent knows he didnt!

  105. Michael says:

    First it’s Alex Curran’s non-existant sister, once that’s been found out to be complete bullsh*t it’s now Whelan’s daughter. Seems as though someone is picking names out of a hat here.

  106. sophie says:

    alex is a bitch. steven is the best. simple!:D

  107. lisa says:

    its all a load of shit…. alex and stevie are happy i dont no them at all, but people should leave them alone as all this crap could damage their kids.why would alex cheat on steven she has too much to lose and vice versa. all these rumers started on a man untd website says it all……all get a life people

  108. Mr. Angry says:

    to all you dickheads spreading this shit, why dont you get a fuckin life?! you’re just a bunch of sad fucks, you big pieces of shit! you bunch of fuckin cocksuckers! leave stevie and alex alone, all this affair bollocks is shit…

    @TERESA you are a fuckin slag you fuckin slapper! get a life you fuckin bitch!

    alex curran is gorgeous

  109. c8mmo says:

    just shows you what rubbish is
    my son has never even met the lady in question? its slander in my eyes

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