Photos: Liverpool 2-1 Atletico Madrid – Reds Horror Season Is Over

Ollie Irish

30th, April 2010


By Ollie Irish


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Liverpool's Fernando Torres applauds the Atletico Madrid fans before kick-off

Liverpool were supposed to contend for the Premier League and Champions League titles this season. In the end they didn’t get close to either. Why? For all Rafa’s tactical intelligence, he has left himself with a decent first XI (when everyone is fit) but a very weak squad. Degen, El Zhar, Krygiakos? These are not top-class players, in anyone’s book. El Zhar wouldn’t look out of place in the Championship.

For what it’s worth I thought they were rather unlucky last night. Replace a thoroughbred (Torres) with a workhorse (Kuyt) and the result is obvious – you struggle to convert any chances you create. On the plus side for Liverpool, Alberto Aquilaini looks to be finding his feet and scored a tidy goal, whilst Lucas was superb in the Makelele role. Even Ryan Babel looked like he cared, and about forking time too. Steven Gerrard looks in good nick as well, although like his team-mates, he seemed to run out of gas after about 70 minutes.

You knew it would be Reyes or Forlan, a couple of Prem failures (in the blinkered eyes of most British pundits), who punished Liverpool, and they teamed up for Atletico’s crucial away goal. Side note: Bloody hell, Forlan is RIPPED. Not much fat on him. But I guess when you look like an animated witch, you’re gonna work on your abs.

Oh, and if Chelsea pay any more than £20m for Aguero, they’ve been robbed.

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  1. yuan says:

    who is this stupid bastard hold the card to message juventus hand off rafa! idiot!

  2. Quincy says:

    Why would Forlan take off his shirt? Well, I bet he wouldn’t if he didn’t spent the 14 hours a week in the gym. Bastard!

  3. spectator says:

    lucas has been playing well recently, he might be coming good. he’s now the same age alonso was when he was signed, i don’t think he was really miles ahead of where lucas is now.
    aquilani is also coming into form, i thought the speculation about him being a dud was a bit weird. it’s taken him half a season to get over a major injury and another half to settle in, this is not unusual or unreasonable.

    but it would be nice if their good work wasn’t undone by the defence losing focus at key moments. atletico defended brilliantly and in the end they were better over the two legs although there wasn’t much in it.

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