Steven Gerrard Doesn’t Put Liverpool House Up For Sale (And Some Liverpool Fans Are Touchy D**ks)

Ollie Irish

11th, May 2010


By Ollie Irish

Not Stevie G’s snooker room. He doesn’t like to play the drums here, it seems

Steven Gerrard’s Liverpool mansion is NOT on the market, and not priced at a reasonable £3.3m.

This doesn’t mean one of two things:

1. Gerrard and family are NOT moving house, and NOT to another massive mock mansion in the Liverpool area.

2. Gerrard and family are NOT preparing to move to Spain, as Stevie will NOT sign for Real Madrid this summer. Indeed, there have also been (baseless) rumours of Gerrard house-hunting in Madrid

Which is it?

UPDATE 1 – I now understand this may actually be Jamie Carrager’s house, in which case ignore both 1. and 2.

So Carra is off to Real Madrid! Or it might actually be Sami Hyypia’s pile.

UPDATE 2 – Some Liverpool fans are oversensitive and humourless dicks (see below). This is not news, of course.

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  1. parfait amour says:

    Moving abroad is my bet. Might not be to Real Madrid though.

  2. anteatere says:

    This is Jamie Carragher’s house which has been on the market for half a year or so. So it’s Carra who’s off to Madrid.

  3. MG says:

    3. Its not actually his house

    ill go for 3

  4. hamshanks says:

    it’s not Gerrard’s house, it’s Big Sami’s

  5. Eddie says:

    Gerrard is staying at Liverpool 100% he has thought about an offer from Madrid but he cant see himself playing anywhere else. As for Torres , Chelsea are interested but he feels he owes Liverpool another season.

  6. Rob says:

    This has been mentioned on Liverpool forums, apparently it’s not his house, it’s in the wrong area of town. Must be another player.

  7. jojo says:

    It Hyypia house, it been up for for over a year you think dipstick.

  8. Ben Samuel says:

    This isn’t Gerrard’s house

  9. Ben Samuel says:

    It’s not a players house either

  10. Paul says:

    thats not steven gerrards house you pillock

  11. Ninian says:

    Stevie lives in Formby – that is not his house. Yet another totally wrong rumour about the Liverpool captain.

  12. Kopworld says:

    if you checked your history on the story that is 1 of his houses,he hasnt lived in blundell sands for years now as he lives off a private road in your pic you have 2 lfc shirts and the european cup,they are both seen in his new house in his trophy room with lots of other shirts…..

    waste of net space and a waste,more gerrard rumours that will all turn out bollocks as per useual….

    oh and i live in blundell sands

  13. JD says:

    It’s not Gerrards house, it Sami Hyypia’s.

    You really should check up on these stories properly before posting them.

  14. John Hall says:

    Unfortunately for you rumourmongers, Gerrard lives in Formby not Blundellsands. Not sure whose house this is but it’s definitely not Gerrards.

  15. RedTaff says:

    This is rubbish. It isn’t Gerrard’s house. He doesn’t live on Hall Road, he lives in Freshfield!

    Talk about unfounded rumours and poor blags!! Nothing like complete baloney to get chins wagging eh?!?

  16. Rory says:

    Do some research that is not Gerrards house, he lives in Formby.

    And if anyone is still in doubt that house was built in 2007 according to the description on the website he linked and Gerrard still lives in the house in formby where the documentary “Steven Gerrard: A year in my life” was shot in 2005-2006.

  17. fred says:

    It’s not his house.
    The people who do actually own it have had it for sale on rightmove for over 3 years.
    Still, nice try.

  18. tony says:

    Neither as its blatantly not Gerrards house

  19. Peter Gill says:

    #3 Its not his house

    #4 Multi-Millionaire celebrities dont advertise their homes on (which uses high street estate agents like JNP et al)

    #5 Its Dirk Kuyt that is moving to Real Madrid.

  20. Anonymous says:

    That’s hyypias house. It’s been on Market since he left Liverpool. You bell end

  21. Tommy says:

    That’s hyypias house. It’s been on Market since he left Liverpool. You bell end

  22. rowan says:

    steven gerrards actual house with ego endorsing trophy room.

    i hate the miserable cock but thats not his house.

  23. Peter Worth says:

    Absolutely clueless article – mischeif making at its poorest. This is Sami Hyppia’s old house in southport and has been on the market ( for the last 6 months. Grow up and shut up.

  24. Ollie says:

    Ah, I see – but is it Gerrard’s house??

  25. JD says:

    Ollie is a grade A twat who thought it would be funny to stir up more rumours about Gerrard. I bet you were foaming at the mouth when the false rumours about his marrage were swirling about not so long ago.

    “oversensitive and humourless dicks”… no just fed up of pricks like you. let me guess, Manc by any chance?

  26. Mizman says:

    Calm down calm down this ain’t stevie g’s place! ……..Go back to ur cardboard boxes u bin dippers

  27. Ollie says:

    @ JD – Ah, I see the mark of the classic tribal Liverpool fan: assuming that anyone who doesn’t worship at the Kop must be a Man Utd fan. Read the sidebar on the homepage, idiot.

  28. Torben Picnic says:

    How’d u get pictures of my house?

  29. Dan says:

    I live in Liverpool and have just seen Mr Gerrard leaving a local Nando’s restaurant – Nando is a Spanish name, therefore reading between the lines I think he is trying to tell us that he’s off to Madrid this summer. Pretty sure I saw his wife taking Flamenco lessons too. The evidence mounts Ollie!

  30. Pete Baxter says:

    Gerard is moving but to Blythe House on the other side of Southport

  31. mizman says:

    JD: u have just been owned by ollie

  32. arseman says:

    Has anyone mentioned that this isn’t Gerrard’s house?

  33. Ollie says:

    Who lives in a house like this?

  34. Bikram says:

    Ollie, I can see you’re clearly perturbed by the responses of Liverpool fans, hence the need for the edit. You have to understand with the rumour-mongering, we are sick and tired of hearing shit about how Gerrard knocked up a 15 year old (something that has been said abou countless Liverpool players), Curran hooked up with Kris Commons etc. Don’t expect not to get a backlash, and then claim it was only humour.

  35. Terry Silver says:

    I work for the estate agent selling that house. Steven Gerrard has just bought it.

    He said Emilio Insua was off to Madrid.

  36. Jack says:

    Just admit you’re an idiot Ollie…. We LFC fans are pretty good at laughing at good jokes and even ourselves but not to stupid one like yours.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Jesus! Shut up all of you! Ollie is just a man, a man with a blog! (And a very good one if I may say so) he’s not trying to tempt Gerrard to Madrid! so just shut up and make up your minds about whether you love…or in fact hate Ollie or Gerrard elsewhere, away from my computer!

  38. Gooner says:

    They’re touchy dicks and you’re not suited to what you do in life. Which is worse?

  39. kenny says:

    this is gerrards been onsale since summer 2005

  40. The magic house says:

    I have it from a good source that this is no ordinary house but the magic house. There is a door out of shot to the left of the drum kit which leads into Narnia. This is how Stevie G and Nando Torres will make their escape.

    If you look closely you will see that it is no European Cup in the backround, the lighting is very bad, no it is more like the Europa Cup if you ask me a ringer for it.

    The snooker table has been recently added for Wednesday nights next season as the entire Liverpool squad will be at a loose end with nothing to do.

    Watch this space.

  41. Dave says:

    Ill go for option 2. Most of them are humourless dicks.

  42. gamblino says:

    Even if it isn’t his house you’ll have fun dragging this article and it’s associated humourless comments up again when Gerrard does f*ck off to Madrid in the Summer!

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  44. Simon says:

    The most hilarious comment so far has to be the one saying Kuyt is going to Real Madrid. Yeh, right.

  45. L22Red says:

    It’s neither Gerrard’s nor Carragher’s house!!

    Rightmove shows the house in Hall Road East, Blundellsands……

    Gerrard Lives in Formby, Carra lives in Blundellsands, but not in Hall Road East.

    Just another load of bullshit!!

  46. Mathers says:

    Gerrard is an utter waste of space anyway. He has been carried too long by liverpool. No being shown up in a poor squad as a poor player.

  47. Jonski says:

    We are touchy at uselees pieces of crap “journalism”. At leats get some facts before spouting crap. It has nothing to do with it being Liverpool player if you wrote the same crap uninformed article about an Everton player I would say the same. The internet has some great uses but like everything good it has downsides like giving crap journo’s a platform.

  48. hicksisdead says:

    We are touchy at uselees pieces of crap “journalism”. At leats get some facts before spouting crap. It has nothing to do with it being Liverpool player if you wrote the same crap uninformed article about an Everton player I would say the same. The internet has some great uses but like everything good it has downsides like giving crap journo’s a platform.

  49. Anonymous says:


  50. Burglar Bob says:

    This house does not belong to any Liverpool player and i should know cos av burgled em all.

  51. temjin says:

    Boy, you’re right Ollie. They ARE touchy idiots. Must from all that red.

  52. Jay says:

    Ollie if you got your facts right before typing, there wouldn’t be a reaction. You just end up looking silly mate.

  53. Farty Foulke says:

    It HAS to be Gerrard’s. It’s just that – like most football pitches he plays on – he’s invisible to everyone except Andy Gray.

  54. Anonymous says:


  55. Skimmer says:

    This house belongs to neither gerrard or carrihger because ive been in both their homes and they have snooker & pool tables but no drum kit! so unless gerrards mum has decided her mini yorki can play the drums its bullballooie

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