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Fernando Torres Gets New Haircut, Now Looks 17

By Ollie Irish

Hmmmmm. Hmmm.

Hmm. Not sure about this.

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By Ollie Irish on May 25th, 2010 in Horror Hair, Liverpool. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

44 Responses to “Fernando Torres Gets New Haircut, Now Looks 17”

  1. arseman says:

    Not bad….doesn’t look a transvestite anymore…

  2. Tinez says:

    At least he looks like a bloke now

  3. […] At the risk of devolving into the derelict world of football gossip, the 10 Kit brings you Fernando Torres’ haircut: […]

  4. Inukaja says:


  5. kaya says:

    he’s only 17.
    Momma says he’s too young, but he’s old enough for me.

  6. kurtt says:

    he looks like ronaldo

  7. Nay says:

    *screams* ‘haircut’ and points in his direction.

  8. RedDevil says:

    with those wrinkles, does not look 17.
    on the plus side he looks like a male sort of-ish

  9. Anonymous says:

    he is a bapok

  10. Tallist says:

    New hair cut, new beginning… I wonder if that’s what it means

  11. Anonymous says:

    loveit <3
    i loved his old hair though :(
    but i kinda love this hair cut it really suits him

  12. rik fielding says:

    by son goes to the hairdressers on tuesday foe a elnino haircut…..

  13. Izzieee x says:

    OMG! He Looks Amazing:) I LOVE FERNANDO TORRES! He Is like Sooo Minee :) Anyway, He Does Look 17, And He Has Lost His Charm too! I Loved His Long Hair, But Short Looks good Too :) xxxxxxxxxx
    P.s. Suits Him Too :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. livelife24 says:

    he looks soo hott..with this foax mohawk mmm…just like the last world cup

  15. fafer9 says:

    he isn’t bapok,,,,,,,,he looks much better now…n actually,he always look better:)

  16. hoi says:

    wtf are you blind?
    torres is cutier dan ronaldo
    so shut up.

  17. Anonymous says:

    He is 26, not 17.

  18. garmo says:

    hi torres. you look much better no that you have had that rag cutten of your head.

  19. David [UK] says:


    As a man, I am pleased he has ditched that awful “Boyband” and/or “effeminate Japanese anime character” haircut.

    He looks more like a man now.

  20. souljagirl says:

    torres is much much much better than ronaldo! love his new haircut! it makes him look neater, just like a few years ago when he’s still in atletico madrid. :D

  21. BenjiError says:

    He looks like one of the Winchester Brothers, Dean off Supernatural what do others think?

    Torres must watch Supernatural too. To have his hair like that?????

  22. nobdon'tfuckwithme says:

    stupid fuckers he’s not in the same league as ronaldo and messi @hoi cutier isn’t a word..speak english

  23. Billy The Farmer says:

    Boss haircut lad. Did ye get that from Torbo’s like I said then yeah?

  24. Fan9 says:

    Damn , looks almost as hot as the last world cup
    Bring it home torres ! <3

  25. […] accused Torres – who has, to be fair, just got a drastic haircut as if he might be about to go on the run – had previously raped Nemanja […]

  26. Tabby says:

    I’m loving his new hair cut!!!!

  27. ali abdu says:

    hey tores look good with this hair cut but ronaldo is sexy than him RONALDO can to be sexy but tores no ….TORES is “silent” RONALDO is “talk”.

  28. lorihanna, says:

    wow, the boy’s turning me on.
    uft SEXBOMB! on the loose.
    no-one can deny his beauty
    even with his long hair;
    i’m in Love wid him
    always hav been always wil

  29. Hyrel says:

    What is this haircut called?

  30. kayla says:

    Love torres and his new haircut. It’s SUPER HOT. And all you haters, don’t be jealous that he can rock any look !!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    who ate all the pies?

  32. megan says:

    i love fernando torres, i am literally obsessed, he looks gorjs with his new hair even with his old hair he was still gorjs;)

  33. keith says:

    Now he looks like the typical spanish player. Joining the lines of cesc, villa, and to their neighbor, CR

  34. Beth says:

    like the new haircut buh shudda kept it blonde tbh :/

  35. leen says:

    wads his original hair colour??

  36. Anonymous says:

    He cut his hair because he told his wife that he wanted
    to look more like a father but now everyone calls him
    a kid!
    He said it himself in an interview!

    Daym he is soo fucking sexy
    sadly he’s taken
    but he is sooooooo frikken hot!

  37. Kizz says:

    you cannot get much more gorgeous….

  38. Minzey says:

    Frickin hot in any look clothes, hair styles. The guy needs a break frm injuries n he will rock us all. :)

  39. tasha xox says:

    i lyk his new hair cut even though thats exactly the way he had it when in the the last world cup. But his blond hair was defo more gorjuss on him but the new haircut is just as nice:)


    I LOVE YOU fErNaNdO tOrReS..:):):)<3

  40. Anonymous says:

    wow, he is sooo amazing and looks sooo gawjus!!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Omg! mmmmmh. i love you soooo much! it’s unbelievable, wow! your eyes and hair and everything is amazing and gorgeous!
    xoxoxox <3<3<3

  42. sue peace says:

    As long as he scores goals and wins games for Liverpool i dont care!! He is hot tho!

  43. me says:

    hhhhh everybody is copying ronaldo tevez, Torres rly copycats only that c.ronaldo uses a all his gel in one day

    ps david villa also uses THAt much gel

  44. HE says:

    hhhhhhh who ate all the pies

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