Video: Olympiakos Fans Mistake Albert Riera For Lionel Messi

Ollie Irish

24th, July 2010


By Ollie Irish

Weird. I’d swear Riera is a foot taller than Messi…

Mental. Absolutely mental. Will you tell them or shall I?

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  1. C says:

    Haha, didn’t they see him play for liverpool?

    Imagine the preassure on him now. I bet he shat himself in the car. Twice.

  2. torres! says:

    wow really superstar ah…how bout olympiakos sign fernando torres? i think the whole stadium will collapse!

  3. phenom says:

    haha its too bad the mug couldnt get anything done in the KOP

  4. mike says:

    these people need jobs

  5. mike says:

    albert riera is better than messi

  6. robinho says:

    i think they mistook albert riera with zico. lets not give messi all the credit for all of barcelona’s trophie’s.


    no mike, this is called support, its you who needs the job, watching this video from the comfort of your home like a little pussy that you probably are.

  8. Alan Smith says:

    i really do honestly believe these are the greatest fans in the world. ive been all around the world, Turkey, Mexico, argentina, scotland, germany, russia, poland, italy, serbia etc. and nowhere have i seen a more incredible and intimidating and just downright ear piercing atmosphere than in Greece, PAOK Salonika and Olympiakos fans are just out of this world!

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