Jamie Carragher Donates £10,000 To Andy Burnham’s Labour Leadership Campaign

Ollie Irish

12th, August 2010

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By Ollie Irish

Jamie Carragher, who of course was an Everton fan before he signed for Liverpool, has donated £10,000 to the Labour leadership campaign of MP Andy Burnham. What’s that, like a day’s wages? Anyway, it’s clear Carra wants to put a fellow Scouser into No.10. His campaign starts here.

Burnham, the former Secretary for Sport and Culture, is a lifelong Everton fan, and spoke with dignity at the Hillsborough 20th anniversary memorial a couple of years ago – even though some Reds jeered his speech (to be fair, they were jeering the government for its inaction, not Burnham himself).

Carra’s support of Burnham is well-documented:

Whilst it’s easy to spin this whole story into Red versus Blue (football wise), at least Carragher is showing an interest in a topic 99.9% of footballers couldn’t care less about (alas). And I like him more for that.

Carra for Deputy Prime Minister? He really can’t be worse than Prezza. And he too can dish a punch.

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1 Comment

  1. Paul T Horgan says:

    The main feature of the Labour leadership election is that the male candidates appear indistinguishable from each other in so many ways.

    So, given the above, a mixture of any two of the candidates would suffice to lead the party.

    But what kind of mixture?

    Using the latest morphing technologies, I have determined that the best candidate would be 80% David Miliband with 20% Ed Balls.

    Want to see how?

    Watch the video of the candidates morphing seamlessly into each other here.


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