Liverpool Fans Burn Fernando Torres Shirt (Photos)

Ollie Irish

31st, January 2011


By Ollie Irish

This ain’t football, it’s pantomime. And Torres stayed far longer at Liverpool – a club in decline until John W Henry showed up, you might argue – than many world-class players would have. He doesn’t deserve this.

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  1. Dave says:

    Ha that looks incredibly toxic..

  2. steve says:

    that’s what this C*NT deserves..he said 16 days ago that he is commited at LFC as he was commited the 1st day he hands a transfer request??LIAR!!TRAITOR..we’ve replaced Keegan,Rush, many..Torres aint irreplaceable dont get me wrong..Carroll and Suarez a young and great duo..In Kenny We trust..YNWA

  3. Joe Short says:

    Where are all the Konchesky burnt shirts? At least Liverpool got some cash for Torres.

  4. alex says:

    hahah one of the guys is using a lynx (axe) spray can. that’s a good smelling burn

  5. Andrew Clarke says:

    Totally out of order am a liverpool fan and have loved torres since he came and still love him my heart is broken but this is not the liverpool way.

  6. Charlotte says:

    i think it’s horrific. he shouldn’t have to put up with things like this just because he is leaving liverpool to go to a better club. i’m a Geordie and i’m not burning a Newcastle United shirt with Carroll because he’s leaving Newcastle so i don’t see why Liverpool fans are doing this to Torres. it just shows how disrespectful some people are

  7. Chris T says:

    Not really going to complain about carcinogens amongst that group of plebs.

  8. Hirsty says:

    They should just be thankful he stuck around as long as he did at the most over rated club in the world.

  9. Jack Builder says:

    surprised anyone in Liverpool can actually afford to buy a shirt let alone burn it :)

  10. the don says:

    im a chelsea fan and i have always rated torres as 1 of the best strikers in the world this is disgusting to be honest.

  11. Disgusted says:

    He doesn’t deserve this? Are you effing kidding?

    He said as recently as THREE WEEKS ago, that he was going to see out his contract and that he was remaining loyal to Liverpool. Then, 72hrs before the transfer window closes, he hands in a transfer request, leaving LFC to scramble around and pay through the nose for Andy Carroll.

    He also said, repeatedly, that he wouldn’t play for another English club.

    This guy was hero worshipped on Merseyside. he wasn’t just another professional The pictures above reflect the inevitable emotional opposite of hero worship. That’s what happens when you are stabbed in the back.

    He’ll be right at home with the other mercenaries at the Bridge. I hope he pulls his ham string in the first five minutes against us on Sunday.

  12. Roger says:

    Would you rather live in Liverpool or London?
    Would you rather play in CL or Europa?
    Even though if not for some Russian Oil money Chelsea would be irrelevant in a couple of years. They are getting old and their youngsters don’t impress.

  13. marajonna says:

    What a bunch of ungrateful fuckwits, kept them competitive for 3 years and earnt them 30 odd mil. This is why people hate Liverpool, deluded morons, the lot of them.

  14. Jack Builder says:

    Alllraytt Allraytt Kaaamm dayn kaaamm dayn !!

  15. Jack Builder says:

    Wow !! so intelligent of you scouse lads to burn a shirt like that. Im sure Fernando is going to have so many sleepless nights over it. It could actually damage him for life !! I’m sure he’ll never be able to get over a bunch of retards burning a shirt with his name on it.

  16. Liam says:

    They shouldn’t be burning a LFC shirt at all. Burning the crest… fucking twats.

  17. Mr. Volatile says:


    fuckin right mate!
    that prick torres is such a fuckin arsehole…. let him go to those fucking cockney shitheads!

  18. Jack Builder says:

    @ disgusted: ham string – lmfao

  19. okey karaki says:

    This is sick ! How disrespectfull is this to Torres ? He played all over the years such a good football and that´s the THANK YOU ??

  20. o-don says:

    typical scousers – zero brains. He served ya club for years, and now he has had enough of not playing champs league. Fair enough to him.

  21. Steve Malkin says:

    Fuck off you landon cunts, i would rather live in Liverpool than overpirced shitty london, fuck off and were the fuck is your history

  22. kity says:


  23. Adam says:

    What Torres has done has proved he is a weak, fickle, selfish, self centered man.
    Just three days ago he came out in the press and said “My head is in Liverpool and on helping save our season. I am professional and I always fulfill my deals.” Whats changed in three days?! Is it possible Torres is intimidated by the arrival of Suarez? Good riddance to him, Liverpool Football Club do not need players with this type of attitude. Bill Shankly built the foundations of this club through a strong connection with the fans and to this day the connection is still evident through the support we show week in week out for the club and for the LOYAL players who wear their hearts on their sleeves and play their hearts out for the club no matter what, while Torres has shown a lack of interest and a childish attitude throughout the season, he spends half of the time sulking and half of the time injured. While on the subject of the Liverpool way too I don’t believe burning a shirt with Torres’ name on correlates with that, we never stoop that low, NO PLAYER IS BIGGER, NOR EVER WILL BE, BIGGER THAN LFC.
    Onwards and upwards, Suarez, Carroll and Adam are great signings and prove the owners back the manager and have the clubs best interest at heart. Give it a few seasons and our great club will be back up there with the best, challenging for trophies once again.

  24. Steve says:

    To the man who questioned why no burning of Konchesky shirts. Two reasons. The main one being – erm nobody actually brought a Konchesky short cos he was pants and brought by Hodgson. Secondly he isnt a traitor – he is a poor player who has been moved on. Torres is second only to Owen in the all time list of traitors. Not because he has left (Keegan left and he is still idolised) but because of how he did it and for the reasons (the Roubles). Had he gone to Barca in the summer we would have wished him well. As it is he has brought this on himself

  25. Lily says:

    pathetic fans

  26. chelsea fc says:

    Mate liverpool fans are scum of the earth they don the same with gerrards shirt when he’s was goona sign for chelsea. HATEIN ON HIM HAVING A JOB AND UR NEVER GET A JOB SIGN ON SIGN ON WITH A PEN IN YOU HAND!!!!

  27. anon says:

    So disappointed in him, and I´m an Arsenal fan. Thought he was more loyal and actually loved his club like Cesc, turns out I was wrong.

  28. LFC_SK says:

    disrepectful my ass
    he wants a thank you? what the hell
    on January 10th, Torres said that he would be staying at Anfield to fufill his contract. now he saids he’s gna leave.
    holy shit. burning his shirt isn’t even enough
    if it were AT Madrid i would understand… but Chelsea?
    what the hell. they live by money. i swear when Roman leaves Chelsea, they will be in the Championship. Plus Chelsea’s our rival.
    look at what Man U fans are doing to Tevez. Torres deserves more if he moves

  29. what_in_the_world says:

    They sure dont look very angry for an angry mob… a bunch of bored kids having a laugh on a monday night in liverpool??

  30. J.J. says:

    I get why (us) liverpool fans are pissed. Its one thing to pledge allegiance, and its another to get gassed up by the press and speculation from Stanford Bridge. If he wanted to go, he should have gone a long time ago, put in a transfer request at the start of the transfer window. Not like this. I’m a liverpool fan, NEVER BURN OUR CREST! The hell is wrong with u people. The name on the front is always more important than the name on the back! Disgusted!!!

  31. Rachel says:

    @Ollie Irish: Why doesn’t he deserve it? Sure,he scored goals for us but I think you’ll find he was payed a decent amount to do so. Liverpool fans have every right to feel betrayed. He has often declared his love for the club, the city, and the fans, and yet the way in which he repays us is through his forcing through a move to Chelsea, one of our most hated rivals, giving us only three days to find a replacement, for arguably, the best striker in the world.

  32. snyder says:

    WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU IDIOTS. Everything he did for you and this is how you repay him. Im disgusted and know you know why he left you shitheads. I hope he does amazing at Chelsea and will support him no matter where he plays. Hopefully the fans there will be less idiotic than these crapheads. I love you Torres

  33. Tim says:

    Scouse Scum

  34. RedDub says:

    Ahh dont be taking It so seriously…Its only a bunch of kids for robbies’ sake!! And the premier league panto goes on..YNWA !!!

  35. Adrian says:

    Why are Reds fans so furious about this? People, Torres is damaged goods. Granted he’s scored a lot of goals for us, but he’s gonna injured a lot! I rather invest the money on a couple good players rather than one good player who has a history of problems.

  36. Martin CFC says:

    what the fuck all them dirty scouse morons on about???? how they expect top player to stay at a potential championship club?? did we start burning joe cole shirts when they got him for nothing? pricks, thieves and retards!!!!!! hope they do go down

  37. a person says:

    hahaha! highly over rated anyway…

  38. Nora says:

    he dont deserve it!!!

  39. BettySwollocks says:

    Suprised a bunch of scousers could get their hands on a deoderant can

  40. irish pool fan says:

    am sad to see him go and wish him well but also hope the pool win the europa cup as did atltico did when he left and then finish in the top 4 so we play CL football next season so he see’s the mistake of his ways, the new signings are good ones.its the best club in the world and always has been and the best fans in the world so dont let ourself’s down by burning the best shirt in the world no matter what name is on the back.And now we have the king back lets get back to what Liverpool FC are all about and thats great football and the love of a great team and fan base

  41. jason says:

    i agree that we ( liverpool fans ) should be angry with the timing of the request ,,why not ask january 1st and give the club more time to find a replacement i am happy he has gone his attitude all season has been a disgrace his work rate etc was so poor then suddenly january comes the transfer window opens and he scores 3 in 4 …so weve paid this bloke 110k a week from august to december to play the way he did…he obvisly didnt want to be here and should have said at start of season not commit himself to us for the rest of his contract,,,,,,,he will not be remembered as a great now there is too much hatred towards him he will have a shock when he is at chelsea ,,,,,,,12 people was outside stamford bridge to welcome him tonight hahahah and over 1000 at melwood to see carroll arrive in car,,,,torres u have made a mistake and u will sulk on the pitch with chelsea just like u have at anfield this season ,,,,,u wont get the support you had up here,,,i pray u have a poor career now and u will learn that u shouldnt betray people and lie and give false promises bye judas

  42. Tanya says:

    This is wrong. Even though I am not a LFC fan but I still think you should respect a player especially if he played really well.

  43. Donner Meat says:

    Who gives a shit what 7 14 year olds did after school. How does that have any bearing on Liverpool fans. Their probably from Belfast or Oslo anyway.

  44. Gav says:

    Don’t abuse scousers, us Everton fans are a different species to these people!

  45. Kate says:

    He played his heart out for you LFC. STILL played even when everybody was criticizing him. Even when their own fans wanted him gone. Why are you LFC fans complaining? You guys wanted him gone, and now he is. I’m a huge LFC fan, and my heart broke when he decided to leave. Would you rather he be like mascherano and stay and refuse to play, like he did against man city? He adored the fans, and the club, and because he wants to propel his career he’s a traitor? The club shouldnt be resting on his shoulders, annd he shouldnt feel forced to stay. He’s all of a sudden being selfish because for once he did something for himself than his fans? Well congrats to him for taking a stand. though I wish he did stay til the end of the season.

  46. Anonymous says:

    They’re not true fans. Just showing of for the cameras. Waste of a good Liverpool shirt, could have just peeled the name of

  47. Sean says:

    Scum he is what a bunch of legends and everyone taking the piss out of scousers come down here and say it fuckin shitbags

  48. Raz says:

    Fans? I don’t see any fans on this pictures. all i see is some 13 years old shitheads burrning a shirt mate…fokin retarted…

  49. CubiSuarez says:

    Onto Suarez. Check out Torres jersey burning here too

  50. TravisKOP says:

    WTF, Torres is a good guy im a Pool fan and i dont wanna see shit like this, CLASS the FUCK up fellas!
    come on you support LFC dont act like scum on liverpool’s behalf

  51. John says:

    I was upset with his false promises and maybe angry he actually went through with the deal. But after the way he spoke in his interview on Chelsea TV, I am sorry but im glad hes gone. Ill put money on him to be injured by the summer, trying to impress his new boss.

  52. Fernandwho says:

    Ya know.. the reason why many shirts weren’t burnt before.. is because those players went abroad and showed respect to liverpool. Why should those fans respect torres? Yeah he scored them goals but in return, screwed them over. Fair play. Here’s hoping he has his legs snapped in two and he never plays again. Justice served icey cold. And chelsea real fans? lololol.. since 04? Jog on boys.

  53. howulikemenow says:

    hahaha i love the abuse from non pool fans…
    bunch of edumacated donkeys!!
    meehh not suprised he did this…..
    very little loyalty in any code of sport these days
    age old saying goes money talks….yall know the rest

  54. JENNIE B says:


  55. Jeff says:

    LFC fan here. Like every club has their good and bad supporters, I am ashamed that not only fellow LFC supporters are bad mouthing Torres for leaving but acting like scum. As a business person, the bottom line is that he saw earning potential in Chelsea through bonuses through cup winning and took the opportunity. We all know that loyalty is long gone and only few players put that before pay. Regardless who comes and goes, the legacy and legend of Liverpool will never be bought and even though they spend millons to be as such, good luck to Torres and I hope LFC can once and for all stop putting thier hope in a player, but in the whole team.

  56. Fnarf says:

    Just don’t burn the 50 million pounds, boys. Oh, wait, they did that already with half of them, paying them for Carroll.

  57. The Yank says:

    New blog on the January transfer window and the mentality of Scousers:

    I take a jab at Carroll, Nando, and the inflation of the game’s transfers.

  58. Adam says:

    I am a liverpool supporter and personally I loved Torres but i do not care he has left as I look to the future with our new strikers Carroll and Suarez to march the club forwards, this is a clear show of pathetic fans who ruin our club. STOP BEING DICKS! so what he left! big deal

  59. Torres Leaves!!! Oh No….There will be alot of carjackings, wife beatings and of course plenty of petty thieving and heroin taking tonight…

  60. Ady says:

    Yeah !! FUCK CHELSEA ! What history do they have that much bigger than liverpool?Triple T nickname for torres in liverpool history..Torres The Traitor..He’s running away from helping liverpool..he made a promise to help the team until the end of the season..will stay at liverpool if the team qualify for the champions league next season and leave if they are not qualify..thats the promise..but now we are still in the middle of his promise season and he just go leave without thinking about his fans..THATS STUPID !! I’ll respect him if he helps until the end of the season..but now its different..WE WONT REMEMBER ANY TRAITOR IN LIVERPOOL EVEN IF HE SCORE A LOTS FOR US ! HE SCORED EVERY GOALS FOR HIMSELF ! AND NOT FOR THE TEAM !! if anyone wants us to respect i’ll say FUCK OFF !!

  61. David says:

    THATS TRUE ADY ! Actually everyone love him at never meant to do that but he leave the team for our epl rival..isnt that a traitor?we as a fans didnt want to force but at least show some respect..make every promise before leaving..we are really dissapointed with it..liverpool spent a year to find partner for HIM,then WHEN THEY GET SUAREZ AS HIS PARTNER ! HE JUST LEAVE ! Liverpool try so hard to help him but this is what he have done..he leave without helping..i hope luis suarez will show him this sunday how strong liverpool will be against the team that he thinks the best for him..EVERYONE WHO WANTS HIM TO LEAVE IS NOT A LIVERPOOL FANS ! AND NOW HE WILL WALK ALONE AT CHELSEA !!

  62. Anonymous says:

    he’s scum in my book. i already burnt the bastard in effigy. god dammmnn you, torress!!!!

  63. SM says:

    Will Liverpool fans also burn Suarez and Caroll shirts on behalf of Ajax and Newcastle?

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  65. purky says:

    burning his jersey is like burning a flag, it’s disgusting yet its action is to signify a point. as so many people before have mentioned (and i know this is true) mr torres did indeed pledge his allegiance to liverpool and say that transferring to another team had never entered his mind. now how do you feel as a liverpool supporter? betrayed of course. he then has the audacity to also hand in a transfer request three days before the close of the transfer window. gosh, what great integrity this player has. i do not condone the jersey burning, but i must admit the guy has done nothing for the club. all the things that apparently he has done they are canceled out by this bonehead move by him. so yeah, good riddance indeed, he isn’t a liverpool player, never was and never will be. altho good luck to you at chelsea.

  66. dee11 says:

    i hope Terry goes and porks his misses

  67. meh says:

    Honestly if Chelsea want to pay 50 mil for a player that has been out of sorts lately let them. He left Atleti for $$$ and CL footie. Now he leaves my beloved Reds for $$$$ and CL footie once again. How long will it be before he does the same to you Chelski? Don’t expect him to be healthy very often either.

  68. VA Red says:

    Honestly if Chelsea want to pay 50 mil for a player that has been out of sorts lately let them. He left Atleti for $$$ and CL footie. Now he leaves my beloved Reds for $$$$ and CL footie once again. How long will it be before he does the same to you Chelski? Don’t expect him to be healthy very often either. Don’t know if anyone noticed but the above “Liverpool” fans look like a load of morons…

  69. VA Red says:

    Raz sorry didn’t read your comment spot on about a bunch of fuckin retarded 13 year olds. And @Kate not sure where you saw us Reds fans taking a piss on Torres, sure he hasnt had a great season so far but I for one have always been on his side till now. I feel sick every time I think of him in a fuckin’ worthless Chelsea kit…

  70. John says:

    Torres deserve this because he handed in a transfer request joining rivals Chelsea just 3 days before transfer window close and expect us to replace within such a short period of time. Worse still we will face Chelsea after stoke. If he did not show such disrespect to us he won’t get this. He should blame himself

  71. kiki says:

    this is too much. Let him be.

  72. Anonymous says:

    This is disgusting These people are the shame of the kop

  73. LampsLegend says:

    LOL it looks as though the brain damage from the fumes has already taken it’s toll hahaha!

  74. Adrian says:

    I think we should all join this even on face book.

  75. Woah says:

    ha lets not go as far as saying hes “the best striker in the world” everybody. and why is everbody going nuts they set a shirt on fire big deal unless they took your shirt and burnt it then shh. I’m sure torres is not worried by this.

  76. ell says:

    Wie ktos może jakiego dezodorantu uzyto do podpalenia?

  77. Lincoln says:

    He said he would never play for another English club, said he was dedicated to Liverpool as recently as three weeks ago, and repetitevly throughout the season, THEN puts in a transfer request for CHELSEA. I would like it if it was Barca, even if it was Madrid. But Chelsea is disgusting.Torres, you are a fucking traitor

  78. justin says:

    what idiots just get rid of the torres part n put carrol on that will save for a lot of money

  79. No-marks says:

    Surprise surprise – the most spiteful fans in England hate their hero, despite the fact that he has single-handedly carried their below average club for years. Ungrateful, unrealistic, history-dwelling, fickle, laughable, irrelevant dinosaurs. Torres is probably the best out and out striker in the world – I’m sure he’d like to add some club success and silverware to his cv (as well as playing for a club that doesn’t make him play whilst injured) ………. and no-one is going to get that at Liverpool any time soon. Grow up children.

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  81. Myles says:


  82. EFC says:


  83. Mikka says:

    Well im an LFC fan and I mean its dissapointing and all but we’re getting suarez and carrol so YAY! and well u know mayb u should put urself in his shoes it’s been a tough season for him and liverpool.,
    i mean critics been saying a lot of stuff bout him and ya know everyone needs to start fresh. Honestly if I was him i reckon as much as i love LFC i mite have left. sometimes u hav 2 think bout urself and not the team!

  84. mle says:

    Be thankful he stayed that long. I always wondered how long he’ll stay. Letting go is an art. So is Torres’ football skills. He only has a few years left to play. He needs to define him and have another after playing football. HE NEEDS TO GROW.

  85. CFC Fan says:

    this is not me taking a stab at scousers as my father is a scouser

  86. LFC says:

    I’m personally a LFC fan and think Torres does not deserve this. He has helped LFC all this way. Anyway, those morons in the photos are stupid pikey kids who prob mugged some real LFC fa of their shirt and burnt it. Good luck to Torres!

  87. Anonymous says:

    just watch soccer and relax :B no need any emotions
    liverpool are not like this. probably theyre drunk :p
    as for torres.. youll miss liverpool dude

  88. divadlo says:

    Being disappointed and even a little hurt is one thing but shirt burning
    is the kind of stupidity that gives all supporters a bad name. He’s gone so move on.

  89. Allie says:

    Overreacting. It did seem like he lied to us LFC fans but burning his shirt is as if he did nothing for us. I’m upset about his transfer but I would not forget what he has done for us.

  90. augustine says:

    If i were there i would burn him myself..Torres Escariot

  91. RedSkywalker says:

    Liverpool fans burning a Liverpool shirt, lovely. Can’t be much better. Looked like they were burning their hands too.

  92. Xplace says:

    Torres has done nothing for LFC. Correct me if I am wrong but which trophy has he brought to the club? Finished 2nd in the league is all I remember.

    Good riddance to the traitor, tore his shirt up. Burn his shirt if you must as it was a good waste of money just cut the best crest on Earth first.

    I loved the guy at liverpool and still would have if he left with some respect for the fans. He was never a true liverpool player or a fan, deep down he is probably a Chelsea fan. Its not like he pocketed the 50 million fee, he’s just getting a little more a week than he did at Liverpool.

    He is not a Man, he does not honor his words. Anyway he is not good for Liverpool anymore, he’s lost his touch and spends more time on the ground.

    You couldn’t pay me 50 mill to convert to a Chelsea fan, I’d take the money but I’d be lying to you.
    By the way Torres Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0 this season. Liverpool 5 CL trophies and Chelsea 0. BPL titles count it. Every semi final but one we outplayed Chelsea in the CL.

    Gerrard and Reina have character, Torres – burn his shorts as well.

  93. Ashley says:

    OH NO, Why do you waiste a perfectly normal SPRAY CANN

  94. Anonymous says:

    Liverpool FC have receved £50 million pounds for this player. You question his loyalty, by all means burn his shirt, but you all know he is where he belongs, with a club that is going places!

  95. Kingwax says:

    I think them liverpool fans are just foolish. How on earth will i stay in a club for life? I only pity stephen gee cos he should be in madrid by now. Fuck liverpool… Fuck her stupid inferior fans!

  96. Ks says:

    Liverpool and Chelsea both sukssss…

  97. John Doe says:

    I am dissapointed that He left after advertising how much he loves the team and how much he wants to stay. But burning pool shirt no matter what name is at the back you disrespected the whole club.

    Every pool fan should know very well not to burn the shirt!!!

    You Fa**ots acts like some damn terrorists burning england flag, but instead you burn your own country flag your own club shirt!

    You must be idiot bandwagon hillybillies!!!

    Go support MaNu if you like to act like that!!!

  98. Luciano says:

    I know it´s not funny that Torres is leaving liverpool, but In my opinion, I think this guys burning his t-shirt are really insane…this kind of behaviour can´t be accepted!!!

    However, I don´t agree with Torres vendetta…that is so typicall nowadays….players only care about money, I think they should learn from Diego Maradona, who was the greatest player ever and reached his top level in Napoli, being underpayed.

  99. K says:

    These images are disturbing. Though I agree that maybe it was for the better if he left, I think going to Chelsea, especially with the timing, was a tad rude and making a statement on his part.

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  102. j says:

    I dont know why liverpool fans are complaining… torres is fukin shit!!!!!!!!!!! :0 mcfc rule the world!$$

  103. terry says:

    he is a rat a RAT .end ov he should ov stayed.and he has propa shit on us going to them. so 2 all yous saying children burning shirts winde ur necks in coz we dident deserve geting shit on like that .good lads burn his shorts ;)

  104. j says:

    Me again andy carrol and luis suarez are miles better than torres so stop complaining stupid fuking scoucher’s

  105. lost_torres_Fan says:

    torres was a good player for liverpool but to say you are committed and then leave is terrible i am not angry he left im angry about the manner he realizes we buying new players and decides to run where was your pride torres to make matters worse u go play for that side our rivals hmmm common i dont think i can ever respect u again disappointed

  106. mike says:

    torres is a god! why stay at liverpool cant even beat blackpool!

  107. Ali B says:

    I think that you should give Torres some credit he’s stuck with LFC for a long time and he’s decided to leave give him a break you dont see Newcastle fans burning Carolls shirt! Come on Liverpool!

  108. greedy cunt says:

    Greedy cunts.

  109. BadBadMan says:

    Is that AXE body spray? Vomit. If they burn all of the Torres shirts then what will the Liverpudlians where for formal occasions?

  110. Footy4Lyfe01 says:

    I see comments saying “THIS IS DISGRACEFUL!!”
    WHY is this disgraceful? they arent burning HIM. they are just burning what these upset supporters like to think of as an effigy of Torres’ time at Liverpool.
    In my opinion, the guy is a knockout player and deserves every opportunity to play with great players and under a phenomenal manager.
    Personally I think he could have had that if he’d stayed at liverpool and just hung back for a it with Kenny… but what do I know-

  111. stevethepirate says:

    READ THIS!!!

    These idiots are DANISH FCK Copenhagen fans, and NOT liverpool fans!!!

    They are burning it because they are MEETING CHELSEA IN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE…

    AND THEY ARE NOT AFRAID OF TORRES… But They Should be!!!

  112. carlos says:

    this is a disgrase, and yesterday i was wearing my torres jersey till i heard this, i hope suares or carrol dont do the same .
    greetings from mexico

  113. owlsaboutthat says:

    get over it scousers.
    for starters your no longer one of Englands top four clubs (or even top five). so why expect one of the worlds top forwards to want to stick it out with you. he wants to win major trophies.
    also, if it wasnt for Torres you may have started this decline a season or so before, compared to the slump in the last two seasons.
    dont get me wrong though, i do have a huge respect for Liverpool FC, they are a great club with (mostly) fantastic fans and without doubt have one of the greatest histories in world football; but burning one of your own shirts with Torres on the back is hugely disrespectful to the Spaniard and Liverpool FC.

  114. Dave says:

    I hope Jamie Carragher does the right thing and breaks his fuckin legs at the Bridge on Sunday

  115. love cpfc says:

    typical liverpool chavs they never change

  116. Steve says:

    Whats all this about good football over the years the only season he hasn’t been injured is the first one since then we supported the twat through one injury then another then lack of form and to be honest lack of motivation. Some of his appearances where disgusting. He didnt’ perform at the World Cup and he has’t performed for us and Chelsea bought him for twice as much as we payed for him. Chelsea must be mad. Fuck off Torres.

  117. Bye Bye Baby Torres says:

    Gonna break his legs, the reason liverpool has done so badly this season is cause torres was nowhere to be found. Wanted to join chelsea in the summer, so didnt turn up this year except when playing against them. Now we actually have a couple of forward men who want to score goals. Love it if chelsea didnt get top 4 this year and torres gets injured again, by Skrtel, by a career ending tackle :). Torres we won the champions league without you mate, with chelsea you never will cause the idiots don’t know how, they only know how to bottle it! Ha fuck you chelsea you’ll never be greater than lfc, or win as many trophies. Thanks for the 50 mil, for an injury prone striker with no strength, he gives more dives than goals, and i could def see a bust up with drogba in the not too distant future.

  118. frank says:

    was really sulking with the torres news but after reading all these i feel like its time to let go. we true reds are hurting at his attitude. it cant be denied that he is a JUDAS. We’ll take it wish him and move on. for all those non fans caling us names i wonder how you will be feelling if today terry or drogba left to manu… think about it very closely. i rest my case

  119. William says:

    HEY FUCK OFF TO THOSE WHO SAY LIVERPOOL ARE SUCKS AND THE FANS ARE FOOLISH !! U ARE THE ONE THAT IS SUCKS AND FOOLISH !! You are just being jealous..that torres is traitor..i wont give a damn if he went to another league at the end of this season but now it is in the middle of the season..he wants to help liverpool?what did he help?TRANSFERING TO CHELSEA WONT HELP LIVERPOOL !! HE WANTS LIVERPOOL TO BECOME HIS RIVAL ACTUALLY !! liverpool owner have hard time to find partner for him,when we got one..he handed the transfer request..EVERYONE IN LIVERPOOL WANTS TO HELP HIM BUT HE JUST GO AWAY LIKE THAT !! ITS STUPID !! Chelsea is a top club?we’ll see..

  120. belgian liverpoolfan says:

    hope he’s going to f*cking rot at chelsea, sunday he will be sorry he left us.

  121. Montesquieu says:

    What a waste of a perfectly good shirt.

  122. Colin says:

    LOL, another example of a bunch of bogan Liverpool fans with a summed IQ of 12. Yeah we all jealous of Liverpool’s ‘world’s best fans’.
    Just to reminder you:
    1. In the 18 years since the Premier League formed, number of Liverpool EPL wins – zero, nada, nothing.
    2. Who’s moronic and murderous behaviour resulted in all English clubs being banned from UEFA comps for 5 years back on 1985?
    Best fans ever, bunch of turds more like it!


    one of the guys on hear is my geography teacher.

  124. Mick says:

    Burn .. His word meant crap deserves a feather the weak twat

  125. Mick says:

    If he was in Serbia they would of chased I’m around the world.. Like when red star keeper signed with stojkovic.. Serbia played italia he was in goals. Red star fans . Delije. Stopped the bus Serbs national team prik was not in it .. During the game fans tried to cut wire fence to get to him game was called off.. Torres word honor. Means crap piece of dirt. So burn mutha fuka bburrn

  126. TurdBurglar says:

    That looks like your next generation of arsonist right there

  127. dave says:

    Tits….Go and get a job you vermin.

  128. Sara says:

    Suck it up, boys. He looks better in blue anyway♥

  129. I love the photos I wish that All the liverpool fewrnando torres stuff could be burned

  130. Anonymous says:

    I know it was bad timeing but we didn’t need to burn his shirt we have got Suarez and just think we didn’t burn Ian rush shirt when he left they then he came back so Torres could

  131. Paul says:

    When will other fans realise, its not the fact that Torres left its the way he handled himself that has upset so many fans. He didnt even have the good grace to thank the Liverpool fans for supporting him through his injuries, fans from other clubs were saying he was no good anymore and we stuck by him, now all those fans that were saying he was no good have suddenly changed there tune.
    Bottom line Torres has gone we have a new star in Suarez and if any other players want to leave they will go with the thanks of the Liverpool fans as long as they dont lie to us. If a player wants to leave then he should say so not give the fans false hopes, the reaction he got proves one thing how loved he was by the Liverpool fans.

  132. claudia says:

    He is my favourite playa!

  133. Christoffer says:

    Fuck of you people are not real Liverpool fans Torres YNWA!!

  134. saeed mohamed saeed says:

    i member of liverpool fans

  135. Anonymous says:

    after all the goals he scored for the club you burn his shirt IDIOTS and when he might be coming back to anfield you’ll just buy another one you’re the wankers

  136. Anonymous says:

    this is out of order torres is better off in chelsea anyways not a shit team like liverpool

  137. catfight says:

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