Kenny Dalglish Coy On Future After Chelsea Smash-And-Grab

Chris Wright

7th, February 2011


By Chris Wright

Liverpool’s interim messiah Kenny Dalglish is remaining coy on the prospect of being handed the job on a full-time basis, despite growing clamour from the club’s supporters.

Thanks to Maxi Rodriguez’s tidy close-range finish a deceptively effortless close-range swipe from the in-form Raul Meireles, Liverpool left Stamford Bridge with all three points last night, with their fourth straight victory seeing them climb to sixth in the Premier League table – though Dalglish is refusing to get carried away just yet:

“I’m only doing what I said I would come in and do, which is help. I’ll never stand in the way of progress at this football club.

“I have never had a conversation with the owners beyond the conversation I had when I came in.

“That’s where we stand at the moment and until there is more to discuss, that is where we are.”

King Kenny then aimed a barb at the recently departed Fernando Torres, who endured a largely turgid Chelsea debut – struggling against Liverpool’s stoic three-man central defense and failing to ‘hit the ground running’ in Carlo Ancelotti’s hastily re-jigged forward line before being hauled off after 65 minutes:

“Torres? Well, put it this way, I do not think any of their forwards had a day which they will be happy with.”

After the game Ancelotti conceded that his new £50 million trinket will need ‘time to adjust’ though, for now, Nando’s fledgling Chelsea career can be summed up in one photo and one photo alone…

*Sad, comedy trombone noise*

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  1. Tanya says:

    Unlike most hyper CFC fans I didn’t expect Torres to score. Also I didn’t think that he was prepared to be bitchslapped by Agger the way he was. The good thing was the Carra was only tackling the ball and not the bones in Torres’ legs.

    It should have ended 2-1 or 1-1 because the referee decided to ignore the 2 penalties by covering his eyes with a L’pool scarf.

  2. Mr. Angry says:

    @ Tanya

    you dont know fuck all! go back to the fucking kitchen! or iron some clothes or something!

  3. audiodrifter says:

    Why don’t you go back to the fucking stone age.

  4. Mr. Angry says:

    @ audiodrifter

    Shut the fuck up you slag!

  5. SB says:

    2 penalties, lol, u clearly know nothing about football lmao

  6. Steve says:

    This comments section has got off to a good start hasn’t it

  7. Mr. Angry says:

    Fucking right! beacuse of these no nothing fuckers!

  8. redder says:

    penalty? are you kidding! blind ar you stupid asshole! where got penalty? lose is lose! chelsea scum!

  9. Mr. Angry says:


    fuckin right mate!

  10. Soheil says:

    Fuck oooofff Chelski Fc ….

  11. Tanya says:

    Go back to the kitchen? Really?

    Fine Liverpool won, nothing wrong with that but everyone is allowed to express their opinions(even FEMALES) without being told to go back to ‘their rightful place’.

    After the game I didn’t care much about the penalty(s) but I was more angry at Ivanovic for not defending well.

    Props to Meireles.

  12. chimpo says:

    i was there and sat next to the erm ‘vocal’ scousers. v painful to see torres play so awfully, he really didnt want to be there

    True to stereotype about 70 mins in, the ball went into the scouse end and promptly disappeared. Who says scousers are all thieves?

    good day out if you’re one of them though

  13. Tinez says:

    It was a fallacy to expect Torres would come out and score a goal against Liverpool. He’s had 10 seconds training with the team and needs time to understand how Chelsea’s current squad run things on the pitch.

  14. Mrs Angry says:

    Yes it was 1 clear penalty and 1 that should have been given. But Torres never seemed interested in scoring against Lpool. Right from the start he could have slid the ball to Drogba but boots into the stands in a very non Nando style from there disinterested.
    Not much the rest could do against the liverpool bus. I mean 5 man midfield for starters

  15. Mr. Angry says:

    yeah get back to the fucking kithen!

  16. Joe says:

    If we’re going to talk ‘should have beens’ you might consider yourself lucky that Maxi Rodriguez has all the skill of Helen Keller…

  17. Ping Yang says:

    I don’t think Torres should have played at all. It should be up to the manager to realize that it would be too risky for him to play. Ancelotti should have stuck with the two wingers because trying to break down the three defenders with a narrow attack was impossible.
    Torres had trouble adjusting to the style of play. On top of that, the match was probably extremely emotional for him and the huge build up stressed him out even more. Should have waited. At least put him on the bench.

  18. Mr. Angry says:

    torres faggot! fuck you! fuck all chelsea thieving pricks!

  19. Mr. Angry says:


  20. Mr. Angry says:

    come on redmen! lets show these chelsea faggots! lets get fourth from them so they’l be playing in the europa league next season!

  21. Micky says:

    I think Dalglish done a good job with Liverpool and they done well to get the result they got. Liverpool Memorabilia is also doing well along with Chelsea Memorabilia.

  22. SeanBCFC says:

    can’t we all get along?

  23. megaman789 says:

    Ok I might be saying too much but when you sign a striker for 50 million, you do expect him to score in every game. Torres disappointed everyone, not a 50 million striker performance from a player playing with a “big” club and a player already settled in the prem. I’m delighted.

  24. Mr. Angry says:

    Disregard that, I suck dicks

  25. TravisKOP says:

    ya know. . . Agger did at least deserve a yellow for the forearm, but tbh i kinda think Nando shanked a few on purpose cuz he didn’t seem aggressive at all, he looked like he didn’t want to score on the Pool. As a LFC supporter i love and still love Fernando Torres, that man is a beast and he, at one time, loved the KOP and Liverpool but things happened and now hes on Chelsea, which tbh any retard with a brain should have seen coming. I just wanna see Nando happy. Great match though and good result!

  26. S-League Player says:

    @ Joe: That’s a bloody insult! Helen Keller would have scored that chance with her eyes closed!! Erm..wait a minute..

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