Liverpool ‘Delighted’ As Tom Hicks Loses Latest Court Battle

Chris Wright

17th, February 2011


By Chris Wright

Liverpool have released a statement on behalf of their current owners Fenway Sports Group (formerly NESV), former creditors the Royal Bank of Scotland and former chairman Sir Martin Broughton in to express their collective delight at hearing that ‘swindled’ former owner (his words, not mine) Tom Hicks has been thwarted once again in his bid to sue the club for over £140 million’s worth of damages – i.e, the money that the Texan tycoon claims to have been short-changed by when he was forced to sell the club to FSG for £300 million back in October.

A High Court ruling means that Hicks is currently unable to pursue legal action in his native America without the expressed permission of an English court and, though the rootin’-tootin’ businessman has been trying to get Mr Justice Floyd’s injunction overturned from his deep within his secret lair for the last three months.

However, news has filtered through this afternoon that Mr Justice Floyd has upheld his ruling and basically instructed Hicks to, if you’ll forgive the tricky legal terminology, take a long walk off a short pier.

Liverpool’s statement reads as follows:

“We are delighted that Mr Justice Floyd has granted the applications requested by Sir Martin Broughton, RBS and NESV and that the anti-suit injunction prohibiting the former owners from commencing legal actions against these parties outside the EU has been upheld and clarified.

“Sir Martin (Broughton), RBS and NESV continue to maintain that there is no basis to challenge the propriety or validity of any actions by them or any of those involved on their behalf in the sale of the club.

“They will continue to take all steps necessary to defend vigorously any litigation threatened or commenced by the club’s former owners.”

And so said Justice Floyd:

“The disputes concern an English asset, duties owed by English directors under English law to English companies and corporate governance arrangements governed by English law.

“I think the time has come when they need to state their case or accept that they do not have one.”

Yeah, take that Hicks, you goblin.

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  1. brue says:

    in yo face hicks!

  2. Chambers says:

    This was another attempt of American arrogance in light of “the rest of the world” finding against them – the answer?- try getting the action into an Anerican court who will be sympathetic to US concerns above any other. After all outside of US we are all second class nations and not as important as them..
    This matter is very important as think Glazer’s…They are American and if it was allowed to move to US court if another “foreign” court deems them in the wrong what future?

  3. Not even a LFC supporter says:

    ^ Even American’s don’t condone his actions, don’t try to place him in the “he did this because he’s an american” box because it’s easier for you to deal with.

    NESV seems to have the club’s interest and is willing to make the necessary investment/changes to succeed. G&H are just mad because they lost quite a bit of money that they should have been prepared to lose in the first place(especially by the way they were running the show/transfers/operations/investment), so it’s just sour grapes now. Debt financing a club is a thing of the past….now you have to have Chelsea/ManCity cash flow if you plan on running your club aimlessly.

  4. Ken says:

    im glad Hicks didn’t win out on this. He gives us texans a bad name.

  5. Montesquieu says:

    Bahahaha, what a toss pot.

  6. Anerican says:

    We’re only better than people who can’t string a decent sentence together.

  7. spectator says:

    i will also join the smack talk by stating “Suck it, Bitch”.


  8. says:

    Premiership clubs are the latest accessory for American businessmen. If they actually gave a shit about the sport they’d be investing in football teams and infrastructure in our own country instead of buying up a club because it’ll look good in their portfolio. With the investment they put into picking up one of these clubs and the money they have to spend each week to pay the players, they could probably make the sport more popular back home and take advantage of the 300 million people there who like to spend money on shit.

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  10. Mr.Angry says:

    fuck you hicks! you fucking cocksucker…. fuck off back to texas you big american prick! you and gillete should fuck off and do what you do best….. FUCK EACH OTHER IN THE ARSE!


  11. Michael D says:

    Amen, Ken

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