The Guardian predicts Liverpool will win the league this season. Jinxed!

Ollie Irish

6th, August 2009


Liverpool fans, superstitious? Yes, judging by the hundreds of comments left on the Guardian’s Liverpool FC pre-season profile, in which the newspaper’s football writers collectively predicted that Liverpool will win the league this season.
A sample of the reaction to this (brave) prediction:

“In placing Liverpool first, the Guardian have just sounded the death knell on their title hopes. Thanks Guardian”
“Thanks for cursing it! Now we Liverpool fans can blame the Guardian when it all goes t**s up…”
“I am very pleased, as a united supporter, that the Guardian is tipping Liverpool.”
“Excellent, you’ve jinxed them! Not that they needed jinxing!”
“Comedy gold from the Gruaniad. It’s such a ridiculous prediction, I don’t even know where to begin.”
“I see the journalists at the Manchester Guardian have put the hex on Liverpool again by predicting a first finish.”

It’s not just supersititous Liverpool fans who have cried foul at the Guardian’s prediction. As you might expect, there’s been a fair share of Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal fans snorting derisively.
There’s no pleasing some people.
So will Liverpool win the league? Er, they could. It’s possible. I fancy Chelsea to win it, but I’ve been wrong before and I’ll be wrong again…

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  1. soonerfan61 says:

    Liverpool will not win the title because they suck. It doesn’t matter if the Guardian jinxes them. Aloso knows what he’s doing–getting off of a sinking ship!

  2. lfc says:

    soonerfan61 its not Liverpool who suck its manure. They are far weaker this season on the basis of losing their main scorer. Valencia isn’t going to be their saviour. Their central midfield is also one of the poorest in the top 4.

  3. Aloso ??? Numpty shows what you know.

  4. Stevy says:

    hey you soonerfan61, jus go in front of ya mirror and see ya fucking face if u know abt yourself…and by the way its nt liverpool who sucks its the fear of manure losing the title this season!!! and ya ferguson has started trembling his shit over the title again dismissing lfc from the title but tell him to keep his ass ready this time or else he might swallow his chewing gum and die of breathlessness…!!

  5. Cavalry says:

    Liverpool won’t win not because the Guardian jinxed them, but because if they couldn’t win it last year, they have no shot after losing several good players. They’ll be eating dust until they ditch Benitez, unless enough good players pull a Xabi and get out now.
    I had my money on Chelsea but after seeing how United played against Valencia yesterday, I’m very optimistic. The Community Shield will tell us a lot.

  6. timothy says:

    Liverpool will win the league if Aquilani settles in his first season, it is as simple as that. 1st place.
    Chelsea have got a manager with a very poor statistics in the league, but probably is the best CL-manager, so I think the only purpose to get Ancelotti, was that he should finally bring the Big Ears to London. 2nd place
    Manchester have lost two of their three best matchwinners in Tevez and Ronaldo and have bought Owen, who have a serious injury prone, and Antonio Valencia, who is not even close to the goalscorinlg habbits of Ronaldo. Neither Rooney or Owen, or even Macheda (who some sees as the new Ronaldo, totally nuts, btw” is capable of scoring more than 25 goals in a season, much less in the Prem. 3rd place
    Arsenal have I written off a long time ago. Poor season last year, and they have now sold their best defender and the 2nd best striker, I do not fancy Arsenals chances next season. Everton or Aston Villa are my bets to take Arsenal down from top 4. 6th place
    Manchester City, who some think is a threat, will probably get another season in mid-table, too many strikers, too few quality defenders, and only one quality midfielder in Ireland. The team chemistry will not be good as they have bought a huge primadonna in Adebayor and already have Robinho. My bet is 8th place.

  7. john constantine says:

    fergusons remarks are pathetic.he is running scared.everyone else who dismisses lfc are just as bad.its not like im saying they will win but to write off their chances is total ignorance.lets just see what happens in may ok,calm down whoppers!ynwa

  8. jc says:

    several?how many is several? two?i wouldnt count arbeloa as top notch,alonso yes but wheres your argument?

  9. phil says:

    Utd will never be able to replace the number of goals Ronaldo scored so they will probably drop quite a few points from loosing him. Also take away Tevez’s vital goals and they are really struggling. I don’ty think bumbling Berbatov or over the hill Owen will contribute much.
    I think Liverpool may even be stronger than last year (even after loosing Alonso) if they can sign Aqualini as he will contribute more goals. Liverpool were top scorers last year even with Torres out for a lot of it so if he can stay fit no one else has a chance apart from possibly Chelsea.

  10. alex d says:

    17 goals are hard to replace? if you think ronaldo is all they had then you dont watch enough football

  11. alex d says:

    almost forgot, you were ripping on berbatov, let me remind the people out there, if you combine berbatov’s assists and goals from last season, you make him responsible for 19 goals in that past season…more than ronaldo scored on his lonesome…do some research bud

  12. ZEID says:

    alex fergusson is scared shit,hel b on his bike to scotland.sacked by his yanks………liverpoolfc is his usual fear……..and he is scared.ynwa

  13. Anonymous says:

    @ZEID: Are you high? Ferg is the most successful coach in the world, what kind of BS are you spouting?

  14. Saunders101 says:

    look at things this way i beleive that based on last season and the recent events in the transfer market the three point difference between man u and liverpool will over turned liverpool have sold alonso, who didnt have as much impact on liverpools overall place in the league this season compare to recent seasons, and have also sold a few players who had little or no impact wot so ever. where as man u have lost two of there best players and replaced them with owen who is injury prone and valencia who is most likly to crumble under the pressures next seaon… all this sed i feel liverpool with the signing of Aquilani and more possible signings to come stand the best chance of winning the league this season… but thats see how things go coz obvously we cannot rule out chelsea who will be alot stronger than last season and proberly more of a threat to liverpool than man u will be

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