‘I Wasn’t Crying, I Was Just Frustrated’ – Crying Man City Fan Explains His Tears

Chris Wright

13th, March 2012


By Chris Wright

Since becoming a low-level meme after his histrionics at the Liberty Stadium went viral at the weekend, ‘Crying Man City Fan’ (goverment name: John Millington) has been moved to explain his tears in a bid to preserve his image.

John told the Manchester Evening News:

“I wasn’t crying, I was just frustrated and very tired.

“I put my head down and when I looked up there was a camera in my face and I knew what it would have looked like. I just thought ‘oh no’.

“I can’t really remember it, I’d finished work the night before at eight, not gone to bed until midnight and had to be up at 4am. I think it was a combination of the beer and being tired and it all just went ‘bang!’.

“There was a tear in my eye but I wasn’t crying. And it’s still in our hands.”

So, once again, here’s John; head in hands, tired, frustrated, going ‘bang!’ but NOT, repeat NOT crying after Luke Moore nodded home Swansea’s winner…

“I wasn’t crying, my tear ducts were just sweating heavily!”

Via Anorak