Shocking Footage Emerges Of Spanish Police Attacking Man City Fans In Madrid (Video)

Alan Duffy

25th, September 2012


By Alan Duffy

At first glance, the footage of Man City fans clashing with Madrid police may look like a throwback to the bad old days of English football nastiness. However, it does seem as though it’s the police who are to blame for the trouble.

The camera phone video, which was shot ahead of City’s Champions League clash with Real last week and posted on Youtube by blogger David Dubas-Fisher – along with his graphic blog account of the nasty and largely unprovoked (beer was thrown) skirmish entitled ‘The Ghost of Franco Returns to Haunt Manchester City’ – shows the local riot police wading in to a crowd of City fans, hitting them with batons. One fan who was hit by the police ends up on the ground, injured.

By the way, there’s a liberal peppering of expletives in the video, so beware before you play it in your office, etc…

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  1. Francis says:

    No one knows what happened before the video started. It could have been a group of them starting trouble with the police.

    Also during the video City fans are throwing beer at the police what do you expect the police to do.

  2. Professor Erno Breastpinchd says:

    Does it matter what happened before this starts? They keep hitting the fans seemingly unprovoked. If something had happened before hand, this would only serve to reignite it.

    Love that the beef cake city fan has a pink phone. He’s a bear…

  3. Wanderer says:

    The Madrid police are lunatics, I remember when Bolton played Atletico a few years ago in the UEFA Cup and they did the same thing there inside and outside of the stadium, unprovoked. They’re a disgrace.

  4. Jett says:

    Whatever, City fans are thugs anyways

  5. daniel says:

    you crazy europeans with your beers in the streets….

  6. Mr Sensible says:

    Pretty sure someone throws a beer glass with force right at a policeman, what do you expect to happen if you do that?

    Not condoning the violence of the police but if an idiot throws a beer glass at them then they’ve gotta expect a beating.

  7. happy says:

    best video of the year

  8. Milo says:

    Thats how Spanish Police roll….

    Its their country and their rules…you mess about on the streets and you beaten, questions asked later!

    How do they not know this? Never on a school trip???

  9. Dont care says:

    Watch lonmin marakana to see what happens when police brutality goes outta control. Police are supposed to serve and protect, standing up for this horseshit only leads to more violence. get a grip. “not condoning” what, a wet piggy? fuck off

  10. plops says:

    Liverpool fans probably started it.

  11. Limes says:

    The only shocking thing is that they did not throw the drunken limes in jail

  12. sleeba says:

    Spanish police are thugs, especially in fascist Madrid. Been beaten there in an unprovoked attack. City fans were right to be angry.

  13. HotSpur922 says:

    same stuff happened when Spurs played Real Madrid 2 seasons ago…

    check youtube.

    If this happened to me i’d surely be locked up and a pig or two would be in the hospital.

  14. RealManc says:

    They had it coming. Shortly after the game, those drunk inbreds showed up in the streets and were throwing bottles everywhere. Cops gave them a fair verbal warning at first, they didn’t listen, and the rest is here to discuss. Well served. Massive amount of small club wankers.

  15. drags says:

    If the police are being so aggressive why not just disperse and leave? Go somewhere else for a beer… go see some of spain. Why stand there and scream and shout and cause even more aggression. Typical drunken brit reaction. Throwing glass and beer to “cool” the situation huh. Beatings handed out warranted, regardless of club supported.

  16. mcfc says:

    An Englishman throws a beer at the police in another country and complains when the police get physical. How about you try going abroad and not acting like drunken idiots? How about you obey the laws of other countries when you go there? This is why people hate the English. What’s even worse is that so many of you are defending the guys throwing the beer. I would be embarrassed if the police force in my country didn’t react like this if there was beer thrown at them.

  17. CITYfanatic says:

    i hope that when madrid fans come to manchester the police will give them a beating to remember

  18. Dont worry says:

    As much as we hate city this is terrible, scum bag cops. And no we dont want the madrid fans getting a beating because they did nothing wrong

  19. dilligaf says:

    Spanish old bill do this every time scum thats all they are they attack anyone dont care women kids, not just happened to city any club thats go’s to spain,give them a slap back you lot outnumbered them,get in slap get out pronto.end of.

  20. Anonymous says:

    For the cunt who can’t read, what part of the story said Liverpool fans were there?

  21. marc says:

    Sorry state of ascendancy indeed! There were days when being British alone suffices to command fear and respect from the rest of the world. The maltreatment by vulgar batons surely broke more dignity than mere heads of the illustrious Britannia. And Chico promises there will be Bastinadoes for the next outburst. Caramba!

  22. mcfc says:

    stick to baseball you fucking septic tank cunt

  23. Anonymous says:

    I’ve lived in Madrid for a couple of years and have seen far worse than this. They are worse than this at lots of protests, and during some football celebrations (unless its Real’s fans celebrating). The Riot police in Spain are a throw back to the Franco years. This hasn’t got much to with drunken English fans, or the usual stereotypes. I’m not sure what the fans are supposed to do – some guy wades around with a baton, are you just supposed to leave quietly, say sorry, and give them a tip?? Like the police in quiet a few countries, they are just violence loving thugs. Throwing beer may be considered a criminal offence in some countries, as far as I’m aware it isn’t in Madrid or Spain. Hitting someone with a baton in retaliation is quiet obviously a criminal offence. But hey, it’s the police doing it, so it doesn’t matter.

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