Play of the Week: Marouane Fellaini vs Craig Bellamy

Ollie Irish

18th, January 2010


By Ollie Irish

Things You Would Never See Alan Shearer Do, No.1,068: The Zidane Roulette

I laughed out loud with simple delight at the sight of Angry Craig Bellamy – ah, what better victim!? – chasing thin air.

Thing is, this particular trick, as perfected by Zinedine Zidane, is not so difficult to perform (I’m sure many of you have tried it and got it right), but whereas most examples look laboured, this happened in a joyous instant, as quickly as the great Zizou even, eliciting the inevitable “Quick feet for a big man” praise. And in the context of the match, with Everton dicking all over Man City to the point of “Olés” from the Goodison faithful, it was absolutely perfect, a delicious cherry on top of a much-deserved win for David Moyes and his walking wounded.

So that’s our Play of the Week. What’s yours?

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  1. Dan says:

    It wasn’t shown on Match of the Day, but towards the end of the Wolves vs Wigan match Wigan had a spell of about 30 passes, where one player in particular pulled off an outrageous backheel-cum-stepover to escape three Wolves defenders – made more embarrassing by the fact it was the utterly useless Jordi Gomez!

  2. Ian Walsh says:

    Fantastic, I love it.

    That would be number two for me. Number one has got to be Ashley Cole’s goal vs. Sunderland, great bit of skill, also great vision for Terry. I don’t like either of them, but it was brilliant.

  3. Kenyon says:

    Fellaini still looks like Susan boyle.

  4. Briano says:

    EM , WOW, that was so unbelievable, no one ever done that before, wow wow wow, jesus, he should get paid to play football. wow

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