Belgium Captain Vincent Kompany Played 60 Minutes Against Serbia With Broken Nose, Concussion And A Cracked Eye Socket

Chris Wright

8th, June 2013


By Chris Wright


Vincent Kompany took a thump in the chops from Serbia ‘keeper Vladimir Stojkovic with about half-an-hour gone of Belgium’s 2-1 win over their World Cup Qualifying Group A rivals.

The blow made Kompany visibly woozy but the Belgian captain was back on the pitch after a couple of minutes of blood-letting on the touchlines and played on for the rest of the game without any noticeable issues.

Afterwards Vinnie was taken to the Saint Martin’s Hospital in Mechelen for a check-up where it was found that Kompany had suffered not only a broken nose (a “displaced nasal fracture” to be precise) and a bit of a black eye, but also a mild concussion and a crack in his eye socket.

Judging by the photo, he may have also got a rogue Cheetoh stuck up his snooter by mistake too.

Having posted the above image on his Twitter feed, Kompany included the message “What wouldn’t you do for your country, hey?”

Oh captain! My captain!

(Image via @VincentKompany)

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  1. CiTyBlUe says:

    And who has to pick up the bloody damn pieces?, Manchester City do ffs. Not impressed with you right now Vinny, stupid thing to do because you should have been off and on route to hospital you moron.

    • BelgiumFan says:

      You’d love to have a so devoted captain in your national team wouldn’t you? Jealous and selfish you are!
      If you think he’s a moron go and support another club cos right now, he’s the spirit of the ManCity team… Kompany is a belgian player before everything else, take it or leave ;)

  2. Paul Moore says:

    That cheetos line was fantastic. made me laugh a lot

  3. Jesus says:


    Colossal imbecile.

  4. Belgian says:

    Never been prouder to be Belgian.

    In 2008 Super Kompany defied his German club to help Belgium reach the semis of the Olympics in Beijing.

    While football stars rush to the ‘greener pastures’ of their rich clubs and fill their pockets you have kept your country in your heat!

    Thank you Vincent! You are an absolute LEGEND!

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