We Are Manchester City: Look On Our Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair!

Ollie Irish

9th, August 2010


By Ollie Irish

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini poses behind a powerful quartet of new and very expensive signings: (left to right) Aleksandar Kolarov, David Silva, Yaya Toure and Jerome Boateng.

This is what happens when money has no value; when money means both nothing (to City) and everything (to City’s rivals).

You can’t stop City. No one can stop City. And they will not stop until they get what they want. This is Chelsea all over again, but way more immense and not a little scary.

And I used to really like City. It’s almost impossible to feel that way now. Awe, yes. Affection, no.

Some more photos of City’s recent open training session:

Adebayor spots his bank manager:

Photos: PA

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  1. Nithin says:

    Poor bellamies and irelands have to move despite their efforts for city in past seasons. City are the new real madrid. Not chelsea.

  2. Robbo says:

    Good – it’s people like you that made it a misery being a blue. Need ‘pity fans’ like a hole in the head mate.

    I hope you dislike us for many a blue moon to come.

  3. Robbo says:

    I also like the way people think we should have to ‘make do’ with players. Bells is awesome and i hope to god we keep him (actually playing in a rotational system will halp him and not be a hindrance as he can’t play three times in a week anymore).

    Ireland had one great season but i don’t think he has the head for it. Talent – yes, but not the head.

    It’s funny how people slagged off Wayne Bridge all last season and now we have someone (in theory) who is better, everyone is moaning about how even Bridgey won’t get a game any more.

    The whole squad will be used plenty.

    Those that aren’t good enough to make it will be on their way, as is the same with every club.

  4. Neil Crosby says:

    It’s a shame you have lost your affection for City. Of course, we always had ambitions to be a top team but it was almost impossible given the nature of the PL and the top 4 cartel.

    I’m afraid there is no other way to achieve these ambitions without doing what City have done.

    Perhaps you wanted to carry on seeing City being an average team and the top 4 dominating the PL for ever?

  5. hitma says:


  6. Delboy Dublin says:

    All “hail” New Leeds!

  7. Slick says:

    ‘New Leeds’!

    don’t make me laugh, they spent money they didn’t have.

  8. Jimbo says:

    Robbo mate, be realistic. The whole squad WONT be used plenty. Rotation doesn’t work, look at Liverpool.

    And Neil, there is a way to achieve top four status WITHOUT spending millions and millions and millions. Look at Spurs.

  9. Massive signings for a massive club!!!!

  10. It's Grim Oop North says:

    Real Madrid bought KAka, Ronaldo, Benzema and God knows who else last season for far more than City have spent so far this transfer window.
    In fact, did they not spend more on Ronaldo than all four of the new signings pictured above?
    I would suggest City are going about building the Dynasty in a very sensible and business-like way, compared to Madrid, who aren’t exactly crap themselves, despite what all the doom mongerers would have us believe.
    Just because the credit crunch has affected all but City’s owners doesn’t make City’s spending obscene, it just makes it easier to buy the players other clubs normally compete for, which if you think about it, makes now the best time to invest in your squad, before the competition get their finances back in order.
    And the spending so far hasn’t dwarfed the money Abramovich has put into Chelsea, despite the fact City were in relegation danger when taken over by Shinawatra, compared to Chelsea being in the top five.
    City have further to go to equal Chelsea’s success, and probably will have to spend more money.
    I think all City fans would love to be loved, but we’ll take the Silverware as consolation, we deserve it if any fans do.

  11. Dublin Blue says:

    Delboy Dublin what do Liverpool have to do with this article?

  12. Slowey says:


    “And Neil, there is a way to achieve top four status WITHOUT spending millions and millions and millions. Look at Spurs.”

    You should check out just how much happy Harry has spent on his squad, with a whole lot more to be spent if they get past young boys, I think you may want to withdraw your comment

  13. Neil says:

    I hope you continue to hate us for a lot lot longer, as we must be doing something right, as people only “like you” when they don’t support you, because you are crap and no threat to them.

    Any other club when they had the money to spend (United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs etc) splashed the cash around like it was going out of fashion, in order to get players better than what they currently had there and improve, nothing derogotory was said about it, City do it, and lo and behold, Football is ruined. HAHAHA.

    Everyone of his signings this season have improved the team and the shape, style and pattern is a lot more professional now than it has been in many a year….well since Tony Book was in charge to be honest.

    I couldn’t care less what other fans think of City, or the City fans, as I couldn’t give a toss about any other club or set of fans other than those of the Sky Blue origin….and that includes England!

  14. deckard says:

    mancini is in progress of building his ideal team, nothing wrong that. and he’s fortunate enough he’s got multi-billionaires behind him. if roy hodgson had that kinda dosh to spend, he, of course, wouldn’t be spending it on shite like danny wilson and (what looks to be) poulsen.

    torres was brought in for truck loads. but after his goals nobody’s moaning about it. neither will anyone after david silva lights up the prem league. the competition is definitely a better place with those kinda players in it.

    btw, that wooden baldy stephan ireland looks totally out of place with the likes of tevez, silva, and toure and him.

  15. me says:

    Nithin, how can you compare Real Madrid with City? Real Madrid has history and is the greatest club of all time while city is just some rich motherfu*kers playing around with their money. At least RM doesn’t buy 10 strikers to sit on the bench and still not qualify for the cl.

  16. russmcfc says:

    how can u talk about real madrid qualifying for cl, when there are only two teams in spain

  17. Karmén says:

    awwww seems like
    jerome made sum new friends
    hes sooo cute

  18. blue ballon says:

    you really are a stupid twat

  19. Yaaaaaarrrs says:

    @Jimbo.. I don’t think you can look at Liverpool for a good example of rotation when they would rotate Smicer for Antonio Nunez

  20. hitma says:

    ha ha ha

  21. hitma says:

    is it football or circus ??????
    make me cray….

  22. hitma says:

    is it football or circus ??????
    make me crazy….

  23. Falastur says:

    “there is a way to achieve top four status WITHOUT spending millions and millions and millions. Look at Spurs.”

    Funniest comment I’ve read all summer. Spurs being spending almost at City’s level (admittedly not this year) but they don’t have a sugar daddy to pay it all off. I’d also like to point out that Spurs are in debt and City aren’t…

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