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Cardiff City Club Shop Runs Out Of Letter Y For Craig Bellamy Shirts

THE demand for Craig Bellamy shirts was so high in Cardiff City’s club shop that they ran out of the letter Y, forcing some desperate fans to make do with ‘BELLAM’ shirts. And here’s the proof:

Screengrab via our pals at Caught Offside

The things fans do for their heroes, eh. If you’re wondering why this fan got a No.3 shirt, when Bellamy will wear the No.39, it’s because BELLAM 3 sounds a little bit like BELLAMY. Hmm, dubious.

However, if any Cardiff fans are reading this, there is a simple solution:

No Ys needed.

* * * * *

ALL Bellamy shirts may become collector’s items if the Football League decides not to register the player, though. It’s a slight concern for the Bluebirds.

League chairman Greg Clarke has asked Cardiff to prove that they have the cash to make the deal viable.

Clarke said: “We have to register the player and we’ve asked Cardiff for some information, which will be confidential between them and us, which will allow us to appraise whether we are going to register that player or not.

“I wouldn’t approve of any club taking on more obligations if they couldn’t pay their existing ones.”

The Bluebirds replied: “We are fully confident that this deal adds up in a business and sports context.

“It should be remembered that the club has released 10 players this summer, and to date have brought in two free agents and season-long loan players.

“We are extremely proud to have reached a sensible deal with Manchester City which has allowed us to bring Craig home to realise his dream of playing for his home town club and to help us pursue our ambition of challenging to join the Premier League.

“This deal has also been fully supported and underwritten by our Malaysian investors who have shown unprecedented support since joining the club.

“By bringing Craig Bellamy to Cardiff City we continue to work in the interests of the club, the city and Wales. We will be in contact with the Football League on Thursday morning to discuss these matters further.”

A minor alarm bell, but the deal will almost certainly go through.

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By Ollie Irish on August 19th, 2010 in Championship, Funnies, Man City. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

8 Responses to “Cardiff City Club Shop Runs Out Of Letter Y For Craig Bellamy Shirts”

  1. Tinez says:

    I hope the lady who bought that ‘Y’-less Bellamy shirt was doing it just for Sky Sports News, because if she bought it for real, then she is a bigger twat than Bellamy.

  2. Juan Sheet Dos Plenty says:

    “Cardiff City can afford to fulfil our existing obligations. But we can’t afford a few “Y”s.”

    Bellamy must really love Cardiff city – Spurs, Stoke, Fulham, and other clubs who can afford a few spare “Y”s were all turned down. His stock has never been higher since his successful spell at Manchester City. The Sheik has been very big, and is virtually paying for Bellers to go on loan at his hometown club.

    Craig usually leaves every club shouting abuse over his shoulder, but even he is stunned by the big fella in the desert’s generous heart.

    Cardiff fans should all make Manchester City their second club – until you are in the premiership.

  3. sam smith says:

    oh dear thats a bit unlucky. Surely you wouldn’t buy the shirt until the shop got more ‘Ys’ :)

    I have found a site that supplies fantastic sports memorabilia for a number of top football teams.

  4. mizman says:

    If he didnt get registered in time to play and had to scuttle back to man city it would be the greatest day in the history of makind

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