‘Man City Could Be Better Than Barcelona’ – Yaya Toure Aims High

Chris Wright

22nd, February 2011


By Chris Wright

Man City’s roving colossus Yaya Toure believes that his side are well on their way to surpassing Barcelona within the next couple of years, such is their current rate of expansion.

Toure told The Sun:

“You cannot compare Barcelona with City right now because Barca are at the top and have top-quality players.

“They have Leo Messi, Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Dani Alves – who are fantastic – but we are still signing new players.

“In a couple of years we could be better than Barcelona. What we need to do is continue to work hard and improve with every game.

“I keep saying to my brother Kolo and my family that City have great players but we need to continue to work hard to become great.”

City are still in the running for the FA Cup and the Europa League, though the Ivorian midfielder insisted that the club’s only ambition is to secure themselves Champions League football for next season:

“Our target is still to be in the Champions League next year – that is very important for this club.

“But it will be tough to stay in there because Liverpool are coming and I’m sure Chelsea will be back.”

Anyone who sat through City’s utterly soulless 5-0 FA Cup win over Notts County at the weekend will attest to the fact that they are still a fair old distance from plucking a great side from their current ‘£multi-million’ soup of a squad, but with that all-pervading vat of Emirati petro-cash at their disposal – maybe Yaya has a point, though I suspect I’d be perfectly willing to toe the party line in exchange for £260,000-a-week.

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  1. K P V says:

    I am glad he chose his words properly the words “could be” and “will be” are very different, but I have confidence in city

    http://www.twitter.com/andrewabrahim yall

  2. Melon Man says:

    What was he thinking of talking to the Sun??????

    They twist and connive everything you say to their own ends, he should know this by now!

    He was merely responding to questions comparing his last club to his present one, trying to be upbeat and positive about both, but it comes out like he’s boasting, which is not what he said at all.

    “What we need to do is continue to work hard and improve with every game.”

    Nothing wrong with that.

  3. jerome says:

    @melon man,,, lets see the barca youth policy ,, oh how great they are ,, 25 milion for alves plus addons with wining the treble alves=40 milion , 40 milion for zlatan ibrahimovic, 38 milion for david villa , and 17 milion for macherano ,, melon man ,, i fucked ur mither in beutifull orange tree graden in spain i got charged with bestiality .. cause you r mother is a cow … !! lol

  4. Luke says:

    ^ Wow….just…..wow

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