John Guidetti Scores Belting Overhead Kick For Man City Reserves (Video)

By Chris Wright

In which 19-year-old Swedish striker John Guidetti – who, by all accounts is coming along by leaps and bounds in Man City’s second string – scores a bit of a belter in a reserve tie against Stockport a few days ago…

Lawdamussy! They always looks that bit sweeter when the ball goes in off the bar.

Whereas it may not quite be in Rooney’s league  – as stated by the gurning Manc at the end of the video – there’s no doubt about, it’s still a damn fine effort.

One to watch, this Guidetti boy.

Video via 101GG.

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  1. C says:

    The new Zlatan, I can feel it.

    Oversized ego, vastly overrated skill I mean…

  2. Sex God says:

    lol “Wayne rooney eat your heart out”?…

    this chap is a nonce lol

  3. dec says:

    Dont you mean the ‘elite squad’

  4. alex says:

    top corner? really he thinks thats top corner? man city need to use their money and buy a new one of what ever the fuck he is.

  5. C TID says:

    Great finnish in any league! Never mind the beut, the required technique is the same. What I’m impressed with is how he gets himself in possition b4 the belter. This striker knows what he’s doing & then some…
    /Future is soo bright & Blue

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