Man City Fan Stabbed By Man City Fans For Not Having Manchester Accent

By Chris Wright

According to the Manchester Evening News, a Manchester City fan (who wishes to remain anonymous) was left in hospital for two days after being stabbed by two fellow City fans.

The fan had tried to break up a kicking that the two goons were doling out to a West Ham supporter in Manchester city centre after the two sides met at Eastlands on May 1st – only to be set upon himself because he didn’t have the requisite accent needed to avoid having a screwdriver pushed into his lungs.

He said:

“The West Ham fan was with a little boy who was clearly upset. I think it might have been his son. I walked over and said ‘lads, that’s out of order’, but then one of them turned on me.

“He kept calling me a Cockney – I am from Nottingham and he wouldn’t believe I was a City fan. He was drunk and asked me what it had to do with me. I stepped in to stop them and one of them hit me from behind. Another then hit me with a screwdriver.”

The City fan then spent the next two days in intensive care with a damaged lung.

What a delightful yarn to start the day with.

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  1. dave says:

    what a bunch of cunts, they should have their fingers cut off so they can’t hold screwdrivers anymore.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Two ends of the spectrum. Scumbag fans who just one trouble, and fans who are willing to stand up and try and stop the fight! So before you have a go at city fans, remember the fella who stepped in was a city fan!

  3. jamie says:

    dave are you from Saudi Arabia?

  4. Jimbo says:

    yeah, well done the fella from Nottingham.
    shame the stockport lot don’t have that class

  5. Kevin Barry says:

    nice one Dave

  6. Lambo says:

    Outrageous. It doesnt make me ashamed of being a city fan…. ashamed of being a human being more like. I dont think Id be able to control myself if that happened in front of me..

  7. Bertie Magoo says:

    Typical City

  8. Fredmeister says:

    Thats why there wasnt anyone at Eastlands last night! They were all out on the stab!

  9. Spur-vatska! says:

    have fun representing england in the CL next year. i’d like to see you yobs try that mess with fans in eastern europe where butchering is still a revered art! go and listen to some joy division and cool your jets or make you want to stab yourself even.

  10. Spur-vatska! says:

    oh wait.. young boys bern will probably batter you in the qual stage!

  11. steve says:

    just seems like the muen dragging up crap again just before the cup final, this so called city fan from nottingham is anonymous and doesn’t it break your heart,”he was with a little boy, i think it was his son”…yeah right , you had a fight with the missus while you were doing some diy at home and she found out you’d been having a affair so she stabbed you with a screwdriver!!!!!!!!
    no witness’s , no one charged , no proof whatsoever that this actually happened!
    just the manchester(united)evening news trying to drag city through the mire again, funny its getting reported THIS WEEK innit?

  12. longsightcity says:

    JIMBO..stockport lot..hahaha as opposed to surrey/dublin/belfast/singapore..where your fans come muppet.

  13. R Aghayter says:

    hark at the oh so funny essex rag nobheads trying to be holier than thou

  14. stockyblue says:

    why are the rags sticking their oar in, go munch your prawn sarnies you fucks

  15. ctid says:

    Nice to see us noisey neighbours are slowly but surely taking over your lives.
    You seem to be more interested in us these days rather than your own bunch of overated hooker wife cheatin muppets at the swamp. Just how we like it.

    Hope barca really embarrass you at wembley, and by the way, thanks for teves, he took us to the champions league, now for some real talent to arrive……see you in the new season..

    your deafoning neighbours….

  16. Unitedtillidie says:

    Seems that City fans have reverted to saying that us “rags” are from essex/asia etc. and that we are prawn sandwich eaters. Getting embarrassing and boring now. The city is yours? 20,000 empty seats, are you fucking sure? And how about that, if we win the European cup, our parade is going to be twice as large according to the police than if you win the FA cup. First trophy in 37 years and you still won’t be able to outnumber United fans in Manchester. It’s hilarious how you keep up with this bitter lie, thats why we call you the bitters. It stands to reason that because we are supported all over the world we would be supported in our own city, not to mention why would United fans in and around Manchester all of a sudden change allegiances to city because United are successful? These lies are pathetic but also hilarious, carry on with your delusions of grandeur, forever in our shadow you Stockport wankers.

  17. Unitedtillidie says:

    *35 years, fuck me I’m getting so used to city not winning anything I assumed it would carry on

  18. Unitedtillidie says:

    Also, I find it absolutely hilarious that on an article about a City fan stabbing a city fan who isn’t from Manchester, that the city fans are still having a go at people wo arent from Manchester, what class you bitter blues have

  19. Del says:

    It’s hooligans like these that give football fans a bad name. Well done to that guy for stepping and trying to do the right thing though, it was brave of him.

  20. nicko says:

    So are they going to stab abu dhabi as well?

  21. DaveYid says:

    Anonymous says:
    May 11, 2011 at 10:16 am
    “Two ends of the spectrum. Scumbag fans who just one trouble, and fans who are willing to stand up and try and stop the fight! So before you have a go at city fans, remember the fella who stepped in was a city fan!”

    We aren’t having a go at City fans about defending Hammers from abuse.
    We have a go at them for their owners who are ruining football by pumping billions into it just to see them ‘win something’, then getting deluded about winning the champions league and everything else. If I had a pound for every time Mancini said the word ‘important’ in an interview, I could buy Man City myself!!!

  22. DarrenMUFC says:

    LOL Mental City fans…Well it can’t be helped. Retarded Club= Retarded Fans

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