Shaun Wright-Phillips Joins Twitter, Demonstrates Art Of ‘Planking’

Chris Wright

12th, July 2011


By Chris Wright

Huzzah! SWP has recently joined the Twittersphere and the little Ewok-sized chap has set about using his account for the greater good – by promoting and pioneering the newest fad that’s apparently sweeping the world.

That fad, my friends, is ‘planking’…

Vertical plank, incredible work!

Coincidentally, I had the art of ‘planking’ explained to me in the pub last night and from what I can gather it just involves lying completely still on anything you care to lie completely still on, with your arms by your side like…well, like a plank.

Why, even Katy Perry’s doing it – dressed as a mermaid of course…

You can see why it’s catching on can’t you?

[Image: @Phillo1524]