First Photos & Video: Samir Nasri Arrives At Man City In Horrendous Blue Loafers

Chris Wright

24th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

Hot off the PA press come the first few photos of Samir Nasri arriving at Manchester City to put the finishing touches on his contract – and would you just cop an eyeful of those loafers…

After striding silently through the carpark in his blue suede ninja pumps, Samir then sashayed up the stairs, gracefully pirouetted through a bemused office, bumped into Paddy Vieira and then disappeared into a room with a large man with shiny brogues and a gleam in his eye…

UPDATE: The deal is now done, a four-year contract has been signed and Nasri is officially a City player with Arsenal receiving ‘somewhere in the region of £24 million’. For the record, he will also wear the No. 19 shirt.

Video: CityTV