Epilepsy Dog Celebrates With ‘Poznan’ After Man City Score (Video)

Chris Wright

25th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

Next up in ‘Backward-Facing Dog News’, we have Dougie; an alert dog that attends Manchester City matches with his epileptic owner Lynne and – unprompted –  joins the rest of the City fans in ‘The Poznan’ by turning his hairy little back on the pitch after a goal goes in (though even the Dougster must have refused to celebrate Samir Nasri’s ‘maiden strike’ for the club)….

It’s either the Poznan, or someone in the row behind him has a pound of ground sausage meat stuffed in their pocket – let’s not rule that out.

Interesting fact: Dougie can actually smell Lynne’s seizures coming approximately ten minutes in advance, giving her ample and vital time to prepare.

So there you go.


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  1. Jimbo says:

    pure animal cruelty taking the mutt to see city

  2. Papi says:

    I second Jimbo’s comment.

  3. mtm says:

    :DDDDDthese stupid idiots always make me laugh

  4. Jim says:

    Stupid Video.

  5. OB says:

    What is with all the City hate? Is it jealousy… I don’t get it. They had the 2nd best defending last year and 3rd best scoring… This season they’ve already scored 9 goals in 3 games… I honestly don’t understand this stupid hatred.

  6. Jimbo says:

    jealousy of what lol even norwich aren’t jealous of city
    theyre scum, they play dirty and theyre ruining football.

  7. OB says:

    that is honestly none sense and you know it. Any club in the world would want to have City’s money. They have the best players in England as a squad… a great stadium, great fans, great manager… Why would norwich not be jealous… it’s sounds more to me that you are jealous and you don’t know how to vent your frustration of supporting a rather mediocre team (whoever it maybe) so you’re just blaming City, easy… everyone is doing it anyway.

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