Owen Hargreaves Holds Man City Shirt Aloft, Manages Not To Sprain Anything

Chris Wright

1st, September 2011


By Chris Wright

Something tells me we’ll be featuring a few of these ‘unveiling the newbie’ shots today, so try and bear with us.

Here’s Owen Hargreaves holding up his new No.20 Manchester City shirt (at what looks like my old Junior School) and successfully managing to keep the ouchies at bay while doing so – one day down, 364 to go…

Do those look like the knees of a stable man to you?

Image: MCFC

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  1. Montesquieu says:

    20 will be an important number for Hargreaves, it will probably be the amount of minutes into practice or his first game that he’ll come off at with an injury…

  2. PatBlue says:

    Best of luck mate… Hopefully you can get back to near your best when you carried that England team.

  3. Andy says:

    He tore an armpit ligament. He’s a cunt for joining City.

  4. Markell says:


  5. wolfinho says:

    jeez, even before i scrolled down to see the last caption, i thought, “wow, his knees look like they’re struggling to hold up his body.”

  6. Eeny says:

    United is a cunt for letting him go.

  7. nicko says:

    Theres a difference between being fit and being match fit. Sadly i cant see owen ever being match fit again… good luck to him though!

  8. nicko says:

    @Eeny – United is a cunt for letting him go.

    Why? we tried to get him fit for three seasons, he’s about 30? Very injury prone. We have the youth coming through. Anderson is stepping his game up, fletcher is back, cleverley playing well etc..

  9. Eeny says:


    It was a jokey response to Andy’s post. Hargreaves isn’t a cunt, he’s a great player when he stays fit. He spent the whole summer showing the world (via Youtube) that he was ready to play again and deserves to continue playing at the highest level, it’s just a shame it won’t be for us. I agree that he wouldn’t have got many chances at United this season, given the quality of the new signings and improved players. I’m pleased that he’s gone to a club that will guarantee him first class football, provided he stays fit.

  10. Roger Mycock says:

    He had a weird style of football like a geek or someone who doesn’t like football but is forced to play.

  11. :) says:

    agreed eeny. hargreaves isn’t a cunt, he (very understandably) took the oppourtunity to go to a premier league club. it looked like no-one would gamble on him. this is when man city’s money can be used for a good thing. it could save his career. good luck to him

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