‘I Was Depressed So I Ate And Ate’ – Carlos Tevez Admits Binge-Eating Crisis

Chris Wright

5th, September 2011


By Chris Wright

In an interview with The People, Carlos Tevez has admitted he was so depressed over the summer that he developed a bit of a binge-eating ‘crisis’ – a weighty problem that presumably entailed no small amount of barbecued steak:

“I’m not the shit that they say I am. I had a personal crisis this summer. I put on five or six kilos and had to check into a clinic. I was depressed and so I ate and ate.

“Only my family and friends know this. People can criticise me if I don’t play well, but they can’t say ‘He missed a penalty so the coach would be sacked.’ It’s the bad feeling towards me that I can’t stand.”

Now, aside from the fact that most people put on double that over the summer without batting an eyelid, what’s 5 or 6 kilos to a professional footballer? A man who theoretically spends the lion’s share of every day running around for a living.

It’s the kind of gut flubber that can be shifted over about a fortnight’s worth of rigorous training sessions, unless you happen to be talking about Benny McCarthy of course – then it takes approximately three Earthly revolutions of the Sun.

Don’t get me wrong, I now I’m in the minority here but I actually do feel for Tevez considering the pig’s ear of a predicament he’s in professionally – but ‘eating crisis’? My arse.

What a shit.

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  1. chimpo says:

    nope still loathe him

  2. barf says:

    It’s stuff like this that is really putting me off football. Or at least top-flight.

    The attitudes displayed by Tevez, Nasri, Ronaldo (when a ‘slave’ at Utd) et al are destroying the premiership and making it more about the off-field soap-opera than on it in the past few years.

  3. :) says:

    should come to west ham ;) get us promoted and stay with us for 3 more years before moving back to his native south america for a large transfre fee…i wish!

  4. Lee Dixon says:

    Poor Tevez, can’t go home to live with his family, if he really had the intention of going back to Argentina by the time he was 27 then why the fuck did he sign a contract to last up until his 30’s.


  5. Papi says:

    He used to be a knob, now he’s a fat one. Players like him are ruining the Prem.

  6. says:

    He’s already incredibly wealthy, he should just quit football altogether, get one of those diagonal haircuts, move back to Argentina and so he can devote his life to his daughters and being emo

  7. Ryan says:

    Food ? Not coke and booze ? Or women ? Fucking food !!!


  8. QueerAssFuß says:

    If 5 or 6 kilos qualifies as an eating crisis than these guys:
    are like a meteor hitting the earth-tsunami-earthquake-simulataneous volcanic eruptions or something.

    Though if the clinic check-in was for depression I have to feel for him.
    Even though many people around the world struggle in poverty and virtual slave labour and manage to keep their wits- I do know that medical depression can’t just be wished away.

    Still…struggling to..sum up…sympathy for millionaire…who plays game for living….

  9. Eric says:

    Tevez, always so full of dramas.

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