‘Ravaged With It!’ – Man City Chief Garry Cook Accused Of Cracking Appalling Cancer ‘Joke’ About Nedum Onuoha’s Mum

Chris Wright

5th, September 2011


By Chris Wright

It’s worth pointing out up top that he’s already denied it, but the Sun are claiming this morning that Man City chief exec Garry Cook has been reported to the FA after being accused of inadvertently sending a frankly appalling email to Nedum Onouha’s cancer-suffering mother.

According to the paper, the email was addressed to ‘Brian’ (presumably Marwood) and read: “Ravaged with it!!……..I don’t know how you sleep at night. You used to be such a nice man when I worked with you at Nike. G”.

Dr Anthonia Onuoha, who acts as her son’s agent, told the Sun:

“When I opened up my emails and saw the message, it was the worst day of my life. Even worse than being diagnosed with cancer. I don’t understand how anyone could behave like that. I am critically ill.”

Dr Onuoha also states that Cook has since been in touch, apologising for the email and deploying the old ‘my account was hacked’ excuse:

“When Cook replied to me, he said that he was confused, that he’d been away on holiday in South Africa and that somebody had hacked into his email account and whoever sent the email to Brian Marwood meant it as a practical joke. It was all very stressful at the time, in fact it still is.

“The feeling of humiliation still persists. Now I just want the FA and the Premier League to see what’s happened and to take the appropriate action. Treating people like this is completely abominable.”

Sigh, it galls me that I’ve even had to sit here and type this up. I, personally, don’t believe for one minute that the email was hacked – if it were then surely the ‘joke’ would be more direct and offensive, rather than just a flippant, obnoxious remark?

And before any of the gormless United meatheads come wading in on your well-worn ‘typical City, no class’ tangent, this has nothing to do with the club – this is simply nothing more than Garry Cook, a man with apparently zippo in the ‘moral fibre and decorum’ department, acting like the complete c*nt he routinely shows himself up to be.

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  1. chimpo says:

    although nothing to do with the club per se but one chumps work…. whenever i get embarrassed by the idiots running chelsea it does make me happy to see that there’s an even bigger plum out there, namely ‘brother’ garry

  2. MrMac says:

    I’ve seen this in several newspapers in my country as well.

    What i’m apparently a daft bastard to understand where the specific incriminating passage is?

    How is saying your ravaged with something offensive, when sent to the wrong person?

    Is it the mother might be a man part?

    I’m completely turded out here.

    Halp plz.

  3. Markell says:


    Thank you for making sure this potential human tragedy does not become any City/United trash talk.
    That being said, this jerk has proven time and again that he has absolutely not a scintilla of integrity, and I hope he is soon fired.

  4. Chris says:

    @MrMac: the ‘Ravaged with it!!’ is the offensive part, in that Cook is making light of a terminal disease.

    However, the fact that he opened with that line and went on to say ‘I don’t know how you sleep at night’ also suggests to me that Marwood may have sent something equally if not more crass and moronic beforehand to induce such a response.

  5. Dale says:

    Would be funny if Garry Cook was diagnosed with cancer though, amirite lads?

  6. MrMac says:


    If i mis-send to a mail to the wrong person, wether mail contains racist joke or internal jokes or whatever, how can the wrong person be sure i’m targetting Him/her in previous said mail?

    That’s where i’m missing the logic.

    Maybe i should try read more, cause clearly the ravage part has signifiance?

  7. Chris says:

    @MrMac: Granted, there is a ‘missing piece’ to us on the outside, but I’m assuming that the chain of emails must’ve directly referenced Dr Onuoha at some point down the line (e.g, Nedum leaving on deadline day, etc) for her to know that Cook and Marwood were mocking her.

  8. Fred Tissue says:

    Chris, once again you manage to slag United fans off in a story that has nothing whatsoever to do with United. Well done.

    For what its worth, I would like to take issue with you when you say that this has nothing to do with city as a club. I feel that this is indicative of the arrogant culture that is now seeping into the club – one where you can say or do anything as long as you have money. Yes, thiis culture is created by the management at the top of the club. I.e Cook, but it soon spreads if this is the example that he is settng.

  9. Oz says:

    Agree with Fred. Nothing to do with either club, just the callousness of some obnoxious piece of work.

    Meatheads huh? Ok, consider me insulted. One less web hit for you from now on. Bye.

  10. feature says:

    @Oz ha ha ha, i bet you still revisit! and you will read this, but you won’t reply to try and prove your point haha. manchester united? you’ll do as you’re told.

  11. wolfinho says:

    typical city, no class.

  12. KJ says:

    @ MrMac There is no “missing piece”. Anthonia Onuoha had stated in an earlier email to Cook and Marwood that she was “ravaged with cancer” (apparently to let them know they were making an already difficult situation even worse by the way they were behaving). It was immediately after that that Cook sent his email to Marwood (and inadvertantly cc’d Dr Onuoha) making reference to it.

  13. Feed the Goat says:

    Cook has a bad reputation at City & this would be in keeping with his character. However, if this is a hacked email then the culprit should explain but i think Cook will be sacked. Nothing to do with the club but Cook the man

  14. MrMac says:


    ahhhh…. the proverbial light went off here now. thanks.

    As far as i also read abit this morning, apparently she sent a mail saying she’s physically ravaged but mentally fine – hence making the context alot more clearer.

    And Cook alot more daft!

  15. Chris says:

    @OZ and Fred: I wasn’t calling all Man Utd fans meatheads (*some of my best friends are United fans*), now was I?

    Context, people, context.

  16. Tom Jones says:

    Typical City No Class

  17. Mark says:

    Don’t know why he didn’t just come clean and take his medicine….by allegedly covering his tracks he’s made it a lot more serious… he’s either a liar or he isn’t! Great report on the whole Garry Cook email affair at the following link….. well worth a read.http://themondaysupplement.co.uk/headline/manchester-united-fans-blamed-for-city-email-row/

  18. Albert the Bastard says:

    Typical Manchester City… no class.

  19. Andy says:

    I still say, typical City, no class. Their arrogance comes from the top. You only have to look at the Tevez banner they put up. They get oil money and suddenly they are the best club in the world. what a joke

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