Police Request Mario Balotelli Interview After Being Carted Around Napoli By Local Mafia

Chris Wright

8th, September 2011


By Chris Wright

Another day, another ‘it couldn’t happen to anyone else’ tale of Balo-madness.

According to the Beeb, Italian police have requested an interview with Mario Balotelli over a visit he paid to a known ‘Mafia hotspot’ in Naples almost a year ago.

Balotelli was photographed in the company of several high-ranking members of the Neapolitan mafia, known as the ‘Camorra’, as he toured around Scampia – one of the most deprived, violent and crime-ridden parts of the city.

The Camorra are known to have forged links with Diego Maradona during his Napoli days in the 1980s, and Italian organised crime investigators are keen to suss out whether Balotelli may have inadvertently made similar connections during his wanderings – though, they stress, they do no suspect him of having committed any crime.

The Man City striker has been summoned to appear before prosecutors as a witness on September 15th, ironically the very day after City play Napoli in their maiden Champions League outing.

How convenient.

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  1. mannir says:

    the way he behave is just like a mafia or mad man,lets police investigate and know his status.

  2. akv says:

    i like the man

  3. Anonymous says:

    well police should investigate him but should not set him up because he been like by prisoners ,but why now since last year he made the visit , no body investigate him , well because prisoners like him

  4. paolo says:

    we should stop taking peoples freedom and setting them into confusion,so fuck the police.i can be photographed with Obama but he is not my friend.go to hell you policemen

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