Is Shevchenko 35 times better than Cantona?

Ollie Irish

27th, July 2006

‘If you look at us signing Eric Cantona for £1 million — and I think
this is probably the best way to do it — and how much you’re seeing
centre forwards like Shevchenko going for, you have to ask yourself
this: is Shevchenko 35 times better than Cantona?’

Sir Alex Ferguson on the craziness of today’s inflated transfer market

Er, a couple of things, Fergie:
1) You signed Cantona 14 years ago. Have you heard of inflation or market forces?
2) So Juan Sebastian Veron is 29 times better than Cantona?
3) A minor point, but Shevchenko cost £30m, not £35m.

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