Retro Football: Tim Howard Caught Out By Wigan Keeper Floyd Croll’s Über Punt, 2005 (Video)

Chris Wright

6th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

‘What goes around…’ and all that jazzaroonie.

Tim Howard admirably chose not to celebrate after opening the scoring for Everton against Bolton in specatcular, hoof-tastic fashion on Wednesday evening as a mark of respect for his opposite number, Adam Bogdan – telling reporters après le match that he’d ‘been there before himself a long, long time ago’ and that he knew ‘it wasn’t a nice place to be’.

The incident to which Howard was referring came back amidst the primordial ooze of 2005 when, while turning out for Manchester United’s second string against Wigan one night, Latic’s auxiliary stopper Floyd Croll (who sounds like he should be the owner of a lobster shack in New England somewhere, but is actually now Tiptree United’s incumbent No. 1) did this…

Simple, direct English football at it’s very finest.