Darron Gibson Completes £1m Goodison Switch: Good Deal For Everton Or An Even Better One For Man Utd?

Alan Duffy

13th, January 2012


By Alan Duffy

Despite Manchester United’s lack of depth in central midfield, Darron “with an ‘o’ ” Gibson has been shipped off to Everton, for a reported fee of just £1 million.

The Irishman’s four and a half year deal with the Toffees comes after not long after the Republic of Ireland midfielder was fined by Sir Alex Ferguson, after a Boxing Day night out with team-mates Wayne Rooney and Jonny Evans had left the players unfit for training for the following morning.

Whilst possessing a very decent (if slightly wayward) shot, Gibson never established himself in the United midfield and will, no doubt, be relishing more regular football under the guidance of David Moyes.

However, will the 24-year-old really add that much to an Everton side in need of some more invention? And from United’s point of view, is £1million a decent return on a talented player? Also, was the player himself really given enough chances to shine in Manchester? Questions, questions!

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  1. Chimpo says:

    Darron O’Gibson?



  2. Delboy says:

    A worse deal for anyone who dwells in Row Z at Goodison

  3. Redskywalker says:

    Best of luck, Gibbo

  4. barf says:

    Although not United quality, he turned a bit of a corner in the last half of last season from what I saw in a few games. Rather than hammering them at goal whenever he got the ball, he was more assured in a ‘Carrick’ type role keeping the play flowing, or holding it up if necessary.

    For 1m, I think he is a good buy, especially compared to some of the over-inflated purchases usually made in haste *choughcarrolcough* during the January window.

  5. Tinez says:

    Not a massive gamble for Everton.

  6. Bruno says:

    He’s not a very good player but if somenoe like Torres is worth 50m then Gibbo should be more expensive. I think 3.5m is a better price… As a Man United fan, I must say we are not good at all at sales. We should ask more for our players (execp Ronaldo, which was a great deal). We sold Ruud for Real for nothing… Beckham too, it was 30m I believe but if we’d asked something like 45m I bet Real Madrid would have paid.

  7. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Gibson wont win Everton any trophies, but it’s still a decent deal for a million quid.

  8. Dunk says:

    Yeah, not a big gamble for cash strapped Everton. Even for a player coming of the bench or not, £1m is a cracking deal in the day and age.

  9. Archbishop Betty Snagcock says:

    but shouldn’t everton really try and save their money for a flippin striker??

  10. Dave says:

    glad to be rid of him, a good deal for everton however

  11. Jay says:

    Bye bye gibson!

  12. He has scored and performed well in a Champions League quarter final against Bayern Munich. £1m for a player proven at this level, with both experience and potential to improve is outstanding value. His passing is underrated and he’ll provide a long-range threat from midfield Everton have been missing since the days of Barry Horne!

  13. Rogers says:

    Its good he has left united Gibson was given time but he never proved him self he was poor in midfield its good he has left the club other fake players like CARRICK,FLECTHER,AND BERBATOV should also leave

  14. Charles says:

    As a blue, this is decent for us.

    A young lad (we’ll have to start overhauling Neville, Saha, Cahill & Distin VERY soon) who will want to prove himself to play in the Euros.

    And it’s better than nothing…which is always a possibility with Everton.

  15. :) says:

    24 though, he still has potential to do something with his football career

  16. KingEric7 says:

    He’s dead wood at Old Trafford but I always thought he showed more promise than most of the other youngsters at Man U. He scored a couple of crackers in the CL and I thought circa 09/10 he would turn into a very promising talent.

  17. Dan says:

    Tinez, not a massive gamble? Sorry but for a club with no money, its some gamble.

  18. df says:

    1 mill is good business by everton

  19. mike says:

    P*ss off Rogers, Berbatov and Fletcher are top class, back to the main point wish Gibbo the best of luck, not bad business at all for everton at just a million pounds

  20. Fender>Gibson XP says:

    @ mike:
    100% agree!

  21. Eamo says:

    @Rogers berba uniteds player of the month for December Fletcher is a brilliant midfielder and 1 of the few united players even Liverpool fans will admit is a good player.

  22. Harry says:

    Some of you are mad. He played 24 times for united last season. Are we forgetting that MANCHESTER UNTED are one of biggest clubs in the world. he played well for them, held his place in the team and scored some good goals. £1 million (possible up to £2 million) is a snatch when you consider the price estimated on all of these “promising players”. He is 24 which means he could potentially have 8 years in him still. he has experience in the premier league and in europe at the highest level and I went to Villa today (Villa fan) and watched him and combined with Fellani they ruled the midfield. One of the signings of the season for me.

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