Van Nistelrooy out, Carrick in. Good business for Man Utd?

Ollie Irish

28th, July 2006


OUT Man Utd’s attempts to politely ditch Ruud Van Nistelrooy before the season begins have finally paid off. Van Nistelrooy will be unveiled by Real Madrid today after United agreed an £11.5million deal – several million less than the £15m they wanted. Thank God that’s over, it was boring me to tears.

The man taking RVN’s seat on United’s team coach is… Michael Carrick. United have finally sealed an £18m deal with Spurs to bring the English midfielder to Old Trafford. No surprise, as Fergie’s already admitted an interest in Carrick.

Is this good business for Man U? Id’ say hell no – RVN is irreplaceable and Carrick is overrated/overpriced. What do you think?

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  1. Wild Al says:

    I definately agree- as much as I hate Van Nistelrooy, he was always guaranteed to get you goals. As for Carrick- is he just not a clone of Fletcher? Two Fletchers in the middle, sure that will win you the treble again lol

  2. Ollie, Editor says:

    Yes, although Carrick’s better than Fletcher – in the same way that Will Young is better than Gareth Gates though. All relative.

  3. Pete says:

    Looks good enough to me.

  4. Ollie, Editor says:

    Sounds good Pete – Scholes looked v sharp against Celtic in the pre-season friendly… looks like the deal is definitely done now

  5. King_Uzi says:

    What will happen to Carrick in a few years when the home grown rules kick in? His price will sky rocketm his game will imrpove and he may turn out to be a player crossed between Xabi ALonso and Javier Mascherano… a Defensive playmaker/passer.
    Same for hargreaves… I think Fergie is preparing for the LongTerm… Hargreaves and Carrick are young but still deveoping and may turn out to be top drawer players as well.
    So, Patience. at least we’ve got midfielders now, english ones as well – Unlike Chelksa and Arse-anal. They both gona struggle one homegrown rules kick in… While Hargreaves and Carrick tunrout to be high class english midfielders, the rest of th teams may be screwed…
    Remember we also have youth players in DGibbo, D Jones and R Jones coming through… our defence is a rock unit and versatile in their style of play. We’re in pretty good shape i’d say… If worse comes to worse, we can flog hargreaves to Arsenal in a few yrs when they got no englihs players for 20m. now that’s goood business to me.
    i bet Arse would be screwing if he haas to pay over the odds for English talent :–d