Snapshot: Luis Suarez Refuses Patrice Evra Handshake Before Kick-Off

Chris Wright

11th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

So, it was Luis Suarez who refused Patrice Evra‘s offer of a handshake at Old Trafford earlier this afternoon…

The mascot is seen here at the exact moment he realises he’s not the most immature man on the pitch

Evra grabbed Suarez, then Rio Ferdinand also refused to shake his hand.

Manchester United eventually won 2-1, and Evra ran around the pitch over-celebrating; beating his chest, whooping and kissing his badge – making a point of gravitating toward Suarez in the process before being shepherded aside by referee Phil Down and a clutch of stewards.

Children. The pair of them. Neither comes out of this with their dignity intact.

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  1. RyanMe says:

    “Neither comes out of this with any dignity.”

    Sums it all up right there.

  2. Inno says:

    As a Liverpool fan, add Dalglish into the “childish eejit” list. What a ridiculous interview

  3. Conor says:

    Patrice Evar celebrated with his own fans. Problem?

  4. C says:

    I as a Liverpool fan for roughly 20 years now, have never critizised a liverpool player. But this is it.

    Suarez is a childish cunt. I don’t give a flying fuck about how “good” he is. I dont want him in “my” club.

    Most Liverpool fans claim that Evra lied etc etc…
    Suarez fucked up in the “racist row”! He didn’t mean any harm, but he still fucked up!

    To refuse to shake Evras hand and possibly end the media hysteria about all this, that was the turning point for me.
    Suarez clearly didn’t go the “Liverpool way”

    Fuck you, Suarez. I will always celebrate goalys, but I will never like you. Cunt!

  5. C says:

    I is? I make a long post and fuck it up within 3 letters… :(

  6. C7 says:

    yeh pretty shameful. though i suppose if suarez shakes his hand hes sort of saying ‘yeah, you got me, im a racist’. evra then grabbing his arm to draw attention to it like hes the great moral compass when he actually admitted calling suarez ‘sudaca’ and got away scott free.

    both were stupid and it will ruin this fixture for the next few seasons until one of them leaves the league.

    also, dont know what place sir alex thinks he has making them statements in his interview. dalglish was in an impossible position really.

  7. bl says:

    Im no Evra apologist, they guy is a nobhead, but he did make the initial effort to shake Suarez’s hand.

    Also for those that haven’t seen the video it appears Rio only refused to shake his hand after he had seen that Suarez wouldn’t shake Evra’s.

    Regardless of who is or isn’t guilty, Suarez is a slimey piece of aggro scum and Evra is a jumped up dick full of his own self importance. Did anyone really think this whole thing was going to disappear after the ban?

    I predict years of tabloid editors rubbing their hands together.

  8. Redskywalker7 says:

    Evra did absolutely nothing wrong. Kept his composure after the handshake and got months of payback after the final whistle. Stop being self-righteous, You don’t know what he’s had to go through. So shut up

  9. Foran says:

    I don’t know about you guys but I wouldn’t want to shake the hand of a guy who got me banned for 8 matches when I didn’t feel I had done anything.

    Saying that if it was in such a high profile situation I’d just grin and bear it….and really why in the world was this so import to the press, absolute rubbish. Focus on the football not who’s gonna shake hands with who.


  10. AJM says:

    Since this has started, Evra has quietly put up with an LFC approved character assassination. Why shouldn’t he celebrate captaining his side to a win over their most hated rivals? Troll on, Patrice

  11. Ronald says:

    Suarez was wrong in not shaking his hand but Evra should never have reached out and tried to force it to happen. If he simply let Suarez walk by and was the bigger man by not grabbing out at him, I feel this issue wouldn’t be as large as it is now. And Evra’s ending celebrations again show that he is not the bigger man. With Suarez being a bit of a prick and Evra being a bitch, I don’t see this situation ending soon.

  12. Ronald says:

    Btw, can we please end the “I’m a blah blah” fan. I’m sure half the people who say “I’m a Liverpool fan” and lambaste the club are just Manchester United fans in disguise and vice-versa. As soon as I see the words “I’m a ___ fan” I disregard the post in entirety, like everyone should.

  13. Roc says:

    The look on Rio’s face says it all.

  14. anonymous says:

    Suarez = stupid bastard

  15. hugh grants dog says:

    sooo was there a game today, or was it a holiday for a bunch of crying wankers to make a big deal out of nothing? i must be loco, but nothing that suarez ever said about evra was factually incorrect. get off the gas maaaaaan.

  16. Mark says:

    Suarez didn’t shake his hand because Evra got off scot free for calling him sudaca while he got 8 weeks. Evra is just a lying precious French bitch. This is why United is the most hated club in the world because they think they are entitled to everything

  17. Anonymous says:

    Like neither of them. So quite amusing watching two boneheads hurling sung at each other.

  18. LEE says:

    Suarez never claimed he was called a ‘sudaca’. That was part of Liverpool’s evidently successful smear campaign against Evra. Suarez claimed he was called ‘Sudamericano’ and when the panel put this to Evra he looked bemused, presumably because that isn’t even an insult. Learn to read Liverpool fans.

  19. swiss mafia says:

    Evra would never have floundered his win in front of Suarez if Suarez would have shaken Evra’s hand. Fact (probably)… I think it goes wihtout saying, since Evra was the bigger man when he initially wanted to get this whole story behind by offering Suarez peace. But since Suarez wanted to be a little baby about the whole situation, and not be professional about it, then Evra had every right to get revenge and teach him a lesson.
    Sepp Blatter: “All racism issues can be resolved with a handshake”
    Apparently not…
    By the way I am not condoning Evra’s reactions, but I admit that I sincerely understand them.

  20. Gab says:

    @Mark, Evra “got off scot free” because Suarez refused to file a complaint. Your excuse doesn’t work.

  21. dnpma says:

    @ronald: why exactly does evra have to be the “bigger man” as you call it?
    and @mark: whats the difference between a “lying precious french bitch” and just any lying precious bitch?

  22. Patrick says:

    @RyanMe: “Neither comes out of this with any dignity.” What? Evra has complete dignity intact. Suarez has none. Good on Rio for not shaking his hands. To me it looked like De Gea also tried to pull out. Liverpool and Dalglish are being ridiculous over this. There’s supporting your player and then there’s supporting racism.

  23. Patrick says:

    @Roc: nice.
    @Mark: what? That makes no sense.

  24. Tinez says:

    ferdinand is such a media whore

  25. Fletch says:


    “I don’t know about you guys but I wouldn’t want to shake the hand of a guy who got me banned for 8 matches when I didn’t feel I had done anything”

    Suarez got himself banned, its nobodies fault but his own. Stupid horrible little cheating prick that he is.

  26. af says:

    Why on earth would he shake his hand ?

    The guy calls him a racist in front of the whole world and makes him look like shit. Shaking Evra’s hand would be like saying “ok i’m guilty”

    Evra is an arsehole anyway, I don’t like Suarez (especially for WC2010) but Evra is a piece of shit. It’s still shocking for me to see that he’s the Man.U captain …

  27. Foran44 says:


    Yes I agree with you but to him he was punished eight games for something he says he didn’t do, if I was in that mindset I would not want to shake the hand of the man who put me in that position.

  28. DaveMc says:

    If you watch closely, you will see suarez offering his hand along the line of man utd players, when evra shakes hand with the player before suarez his hand drops down, therefore holding back from suarez, if suarez had then tried to shake evra’s hand, what would evra have done then, maybe react as he did yesterday, I think maybe evra wanted to make a fuss no matter what.

  29. Sjakie Meulemans says:

    Funny how everyone seems to have an opinion, but hardly anyone is making any sense at all.

  30. Mr. T says:

    I agree with the people who are saying that if Suarez believes that he did nothing wrong then you cant blame him for refusing to shake Evra’s hand. But overall I still think the problem with Suarez is the position in which he has put Kenny, with Kenny again and again being forced to defend his player. If Suarez had just put LFC before himself for a few seconds, and shaken the damn hand, then we would have been so much better off.

    Evra’s repeated attempts to incite Suarez were pitiful. As was his end-game celebration. Also, for the flames that shall surely ensue, you cant climb on to a moral high-horse when attempting to defend Evra, who quite frankly, is not a knight in shining armour himself.

    That said, very bad performance from LFC, at times it was difficult to see what the hell we were doing, 2-0 down and still passing back and forth between the CBs and the holding mid. The passion and determination to win were completely missing. And our strikers, Suarez, and then Carrol were isolated throughout the game. Hope we bounce back.

  31. LEE says:

    He admitted it, so I don’t really know what you’re talking about.

  32. Liam says:

    I liked the part at the beginning of the game when suarez stopped and let ferdinand and evra crash into eachother lol

  33. Liam says:

    He admitted to it actually

  34. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Suarez should be ditched come July. He may be a talented player, but he’s not worth it, if he continues to get banned for his stupidity.

  35. Bandit Queen says:

    First of all C your language is a disgrace! It was Evra’s use of that word that caused the whole thing to begin with. It is bullies like Evra and trouble makers that always get away with it. Evra proved he is a trouble maker by attacking Suarez in the tunnel and by grabbing his arm. Let the idiot celebrate as much as he likes; but wait until Suarez is off the pitch. Players have also been warned about inciting problems with the opposite team and fans, and the row over a stupid handshake is typical of loud mouthed men: got to bawl about nothing.

    The whole thing should have been sorted out before the ban was finished and if the PFA had not gone on about it all week with the media, then it may well have been. Evra knew what he was doing and an inquiry now into the wider problem will show that trouble makers like him always do try to keep the problem going. Why? They are jealous and they are idiots!

    Suarez was insulted and had vile language at him from Evra in November at Anfield and the trouble yesterday was caused by Evra and he knows it. And C you also are a trouble maker and not worthy to call yourself a fan; not with that vile language.

  36. swiss mafia says:

    To be mature, the bigger man, to be the one who is able to properly represent his club without any further embarrassment, to be a role model, to put it behind him… should I continue?

  37. mizi128 says:

    stop judging Suarez! Evra didnt gave him hand…so he pass to the goalkeeper.and then Evra made a move to win an Oskar in lead role!he done it purposely, for a camera

  38. mizi128 says:

    Evra didnt gave him hand…so Suarez pass away,and gave a hand shake to the goalkeeper.and then Evra made a move to win an Oskar in lead role!he done it purposely, for a camera

  39. bongi-nkosi says:

    Well I don’t fuckin blame evra 4 dis mess,because it wa soo clear dat
    Luis resufed his handshake,as de boss alex ferguson said”suarez is a
    Disgrace to liverpool…u should have been banned 4 the whole season
    Because it does not show respect

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