Patrice Evra Celebrates In Front Of Luis Suarez At Full-Time (Video)

Chris Wright

11th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

Merely ‘celebrating with his own fans’ or goading Liverpool and Suarez as they/he made his way down the tunnel? Make your own minds up what Paddy was playing at come the final whistle.

I’m pretty sure I know what he had in mind.

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  1. Nick says:

    Suarez can suck a fat one.

  2. Dick Naylor says:

    Posh takes it up the arssssssss!

  3. Redskywalker7 says:

    Agreed Nick! Biggest slimeball in football. Take that Dickhe@ds!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    ForEvra United!!!

  4. Diego says:

    Evra is a piece of shit disgusting human being.

  5. Sultan says:

    Evra made my day :) !!

  6. t says:

    evra is classless

  7. anonymous says:

    hey, suarez : in your face !!!!

  8. muppets says:

    diego – try and be less bias. you’re defending a convicted racist in the comments so i’m going to assume ur as nasty a piece of work as suarez

  9. DUG! says:

    Evra and Suarez. Ones a effing douche bag and the other is a racist idiot. It’s like arguing which is better: a turd sandwich or a crap soufflé.

    For the record, the winner is crap soufflé. You know how hard those things are to make?

  10. Solihull United says:

    thats brilliant! fuckin luis suarez!
    are you saying suarez has more class then evra?? have you not been up to date with what he’s done? or you another dumb liverpool fan?

  11. JE says:

    I hate United, but this revenge is sweet.

  12. YoussefSoffar says:

    Both are classless cunts

  13. df says:

    i dont think anyone in the whole world would care if evra died

  14. Matthew says:

    I REALLY do not see the problem with what Evra did today. How on earth is he being blamed for celebrating in front of his own fans? Sure, it may be a little push of the buttons but, do Suarez AND Liverpool not deserve it somewhat? F-ck yes they do.
    I’m sorry, but Suarez was a disgrace to football today. And he has been before. i.e. slapping the ball off the line against Ghana in the 2010 World Cup, and biting Otman Bakkal back when he was playing in the Eredevisie, racially abusing Evra, and now refusing to shake hands with the man he initially abused. Talk about classless.
    Maybe Evra’s celebration was a little bit much, but who wouldn’t have done that if put in his position? He won an important game against his club’s bitter rivals…and he doesn’t have the right to celebrate? Give me a f-cking break.

    Big ups to Evra. He defended himself silently, without physical harm. That’s how it should be done.
    Suarez should never play for Liverpool again. There is no place in the beautiful game for fools like him.

  15. MJ says:

    @df: you could easily say the same thing about that disgusting, self-righteous, stupid, stubborn bastard suarez!

  16. Dave says:

    I think it proves that they both need to grow up, Suarez did well not to react

  17. Alex says:

    they are both pricks.

  18. Wesley says:

    Screw both of them, whiny little kids.
    Absolute disgrace of an example for the kids out there..

  19. zoraida says:

    evra tried to play classy at the beginning of the game but in the end he showed his real character.
    what a ridiculous guy!

  20. Anonymous says:

    They’re both as classless as each other.

  21. Tinez says:

    although man united fans are seeing this a great triumph (evra’s revenge), suarez literally looks like he could not give the foggiest, flying, fat-filled fuck about it.

  22. Mr. T says:

    @zoraida – How was he being classy? By grabbing Suarez by his arm when he refused the handshake? Or by charging towards Suarez in the beginning of the game (the challenge that luckily caught Rio Ferdinand rather than Suarez coz Suarez had the brains to avoid it)? Or by celebrating in that despicable fashion in front of Suarez trying to goad him into reacting?

    Ferguson says refusing handshake is a disgrace? Really? Why?
    And if it is a disgrace because it detracts from sportsmanship and ethics then what about Evra’s celebration? Could that not have incited the riot?

    Just read the statements issued by LFC and Suarez and Dalglish. Finally the right move to put this thing behind us and get on with the football. Hope it works and the next derby is as much about football as it used to be, rather than being a soap opera over who would snub who.

  23. rob says:

    Any mention of him getting done for this?

  24. Nick says:

    Football ‘fans’ make me hate football sometimes. Blind loyalty is the first port of call for the moron.

  25. America says:

    Hey guess what? Evra won. If Liverpool/Suarez dont like it, don’t let Rooney put two on you in 4 minutes. Thatll stop Evra from celebrating. Suarez has shown time and again that he has the maturity of a 12 year old and is racist to boot. Evra just took it to his level and shoved it back in his face, and it looks to me like Suarez didnt like it to much, which makes it that much sweeter. not a United fan here, just a serious Suarez/racist hater.

  26. Mr. Sparkle says:


    I agree, but the corporatism and the whitewash of FIFA/UEFA make me hate football too; or atleast the professional game, which to be honest I have done my best to watch as little of because of this and all the other issues the game at the current moment has and has had a problem with for the last forty years.

  27. mizi128 says:

    stop judging Suarez! Evra didnt gave him hand…so he pass to the goalkeeper.and then Evra made a move to win an Oskar in lead role!he done it purposely, for a camera

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