‘He’s A Disgrace, He Shouldn’t Play For Liverpool Again’ – Sir Alex Gives Suarez Both Barrels (Video)

Chris Wright

11th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t hold back in his assessment of Luis Suarez in his post-match interview with the BBC:

“Suarez is a disgrace to Liverpool Football Club. He should not be allowed to play for Liverpool again. He could have caused a riot.”

Which is actually a compliment if those myriad hair-trigger, blindly defensive Liverpool fans out there are prepared to give it a minute to sink in before the bile starts gushing forth.

Ferguson makes no secret and is actually fairly regular in expressing his admiration for Liverpool’s proud history.

To many, this latest diatribe may seem like back-handed shit-stirring on the surface – but Sir Alex is actually openly stating that a player of Suarez’s ‘dubious nature’ (which is putting it far too politely) is not worthy of playing for a club he regards in such high esteem.

Okay, it’s a little back-handed – but the point stands and we can’t help but agree on that particular front. The man has a point; Suarez is disgraceful. He is void of grace.

Kenny Dalglish was altogether less dignified after the game, telling a Beeb reporter: “I think you’re bang out of order to blame Luis Suarez for anything that happened here today,” (the readily accessible evidence suggests otherwise) in amongst other such diversionary nonsense…

Dear me.

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  1. Sultan says:

    Suarez is a disgrace…imagine Fergie was like Drogba “It’s a disgrace, it’s a fucking disgrace” !!!

  2. Terry Sheddingham says:

    Wow, second only to Suarez – Kenny Dalglish. Ducking the issue just as Suarez did the handshake. To claim he didn’t know that happened before the game…just pathetic.

  3. bl says:

    Ah the old “I didn’t see it” line.
    Dubious when used on penalty calls, ridiculous on this occasion.

    Ferguson is right and Liverpool fans should be more pissed off than anyone, Suarez is making them look like a bunch of muppets.

  4. muppets says:

    dalglish made a childish cunt of himself. sums him up

  5. anonymous says:

    Dalglish – great player, poor manager

  6. Red19 says:

    Evra held out the olive branch,suarez took the low road, he should know how karma works, he got it at the WC finals(eliminated), giving fans the finger(suspended), and the evra incident(suspended),the boss is right, and dalglish is 10m away

  7. max says:

    Evra cheekily drops his hand in the effort to wind Suarez up. When Suarez doesn’t take the bait he stupidly grabs his arm. Reina pushes Evra in the chest because he saw what Evra did and wasn’t going to let him play the victim. Fergie needs to apologize to Suarez for calling him a disgrace

  8. Brendan says:

    Fair play to Geoff in pressing Kenny with the questions. Kenny just trying to play stupid and get out of there as quick as possible. He’s just as much an embarrassment to LFC at this stage as Suarez is, in the way he keeps defending him.

  9. muppets says:

    @red91 don’t forget he got a fairly hefty suspension, as I recall, for trying to bite another players ear off in the dutch eredivisie.

  10. Ef says:

    What I don’t understand is how Ferguson decides to go and vilify Suarez directly and Dalglish indirectly when he himself has backed Rooney after he slept with a hooker while his wife was pregnant. Or when Cantona drop kicked a fan. Or when Peter Schmeichel racially abused Ian Wright. Or when Rooney, Keane, and Scholes refused to shake hands with Vieira. Or when Rio was banned for skipping a drug test, and had a long term affair. Or when Gary Neville flipped off Carlos Tevez.

  11. Luke says:

    I don’t agree. Everyone would have preferred to see Luis shake hands, but he didn’t want to and that is his choice, it isn’t mandatory. It really isn’t that big of a deal, just Sky Sports and every football journo is treating is like a sin against humanity: http://postandin.wordpress.com/2012/02/11/suarez-handshake-evra-racism-disgrace-john-terry/

  12. Luke says:

    I don’t agree. Everyone would have preferred to see Luis shake hands, but he didn’t want to and that is his choice, it isn’t mandatory. It really isn’t that big of a deal, just Sky Sports and every football journo is treating is like a sin against humanity:


  13. dennis says:

    Suarez has exceeded all my expectations.
    As a Dutchman I had foreseen difficulties in his adjustment to English football (seeing his continuous diving and disgracefull behaviour on the Dutch pitches) but in little more than a year the man has made a complete and utter ass of himself.

    Well done Luis, well done!

  14. Ryan says:

    Suarez has no class.

    Most hated man in football

  15. Anonymous says:

    Both are guilty in this situation, Evra is no saint…

  16. Dave says:

    Was Cantona a disgrace to Fergie’s team for running into the crowd and kicking a fan?
    How about Keane for purposely trying to break Haagland’s leg?
    Yes, did fergie play them again? Course he did the hypocrite ,
    mind your own business.

  17. swiss mafia says:

    Kenny: “I never knew he didnt shake his hands”…”Thats contrary to what I was told”….
    What the hell goes on in the Liverpool dressing room?

  18. Bruno says:

    Cry! Cry! Fucking cry! Give it a brake already with this English moral-highground, all the fucking time. He didn’t shake his hand, so what? Evra is just as big a dick for making a scene about it. Shaking isn’t compulsory, it’s a matter or courtesy and respect. Suarez is a dick, but he’s entitled not to like another dick

  19. Franky4fingers says:

    To me they’re both idiots and along with the dear FA equally to blame for this incident that was always bound to happen. In fact I think neither one had any intention to shake hands but Evra somehow managed to victimize himself by pulling back his hand in a much less obvious fashion than Suarez who was always losing with his childish “i’m not even looking at you, bitch” attempt.
    However the thing that worries me is how overnight a huge campaign of hate against one player can be started, simply because of the whinning of an individuum that has a certain reputation of accusing people of racial abuse whenever in the mood and is a known source of tension on and off the pitch (Ask the domenech lad if you don’t remember)
    Of course Suarez is no saint himself, in fact i guess there are few better scapegoats than him, his constant arguing with referees and his diving both make it hard for every neutral spectator to like him..

  20. Patrick says:

    @Luke. It is a big deal. Suarez is an idiot. Good on Sir Alex for unloading on him. There needs to be more of that!

  21. Tinez says:

    Would that be well known BBC reporter Geoff Shreeves I see there?

    I’m sure that Liverpool will be jumping out of their seats to fire suarez because ferguson doesn’t like him, seems like something they would do.

    that said, the uruguayan is a total barstuard

  22. C says:

    For the first time in my life I agree with Fergie.

    Occupy Anfield! Get the hairy cunt out of my club!

  23. SL says:

    Liverpool fans need no help in looking like morons, them trying to say that Evra ducked the handshake makes them look like retards.

    The whole think should just be done away with and let players choose who to shake hands with after the game.

  24. adf says:

    Rooney with his prostitutes, Giggs with his brother’s wife, Evra with France’s strike, etc. etc.

    Not the best examples of men and players.

    They should really just shut up…

  25. Alex says:

    when I first heard that Suarez refused to shake hands, I joked that Kenny would claim he didn’t see it… then he actually did it…

  26. Anabelle says:

    Get over yourselves. I’d have done the same thing. Kudos to Suarez, well done!

    Eff SAF.

  27. Drama says:

    I’m surprised it took 9 posts to get the first Liverpool supporters post

  28. Coolie says:

    Is this from the same man who stood by Ferdinand after he dodged a drugs test, the same man who stood by Keane who purposely ended another professionals career and Cantona after he attacked a fan?? Get off your moral high horse Fergie and concentrate on your own club.

  29. Dave LFC says:

    I think it’s pathetic that is has got to this level on all accounts. Both instances of recent racism (concerning high profile players) highlights so many stupid inconsistencies. The way the FA have conducted themselves doesn’t help anyone. Be consistent, take away the pre-match handshake for this game when it’s already volatile enough as is (like with the Chelsea v QPR game) and it wouldn’t have happened. Someone would have probably done something stupid anyway, but this just reeks of hoping for the worst.

  30. Anabelle says:

    Drama: I’m not a Liverpool fan. Actually, my favorite team is AC Milan.

    It’s not just Liverpool fans that hate Man Utd, Saf, and their fans.
    EVERYBODY hates them. Take that and smoke it!

  31. Anabelle says:

    And have you forgotten when Cantona attacked a fan in the stands; and what about rat-face Gary Neville refusing to shake Schmeichel’s hand because the keeper had moved to another team?

    The nerve of that purple-nose prick Ferguson trying to lecture Liverpool what to do.

  32. jojo says:

    what would the drog say?

  33. mike says:

    So Anabelle I take it you wouldn’t shake the hand of somebody you’ve racially abused either?

  34. Mr. T says:

    @mike – would you shake the hand of the guy who got you banned for 8 matches when you believe you hadn’t done anything wrong?

    Have played sports most of my life and if someone got me banned for 8 matches when I thought I had not done anything wrong then I wouldnt be too keen to recognize him as my peer by shaking his hand.

    Dont say FA Proved Punished and that stuff. I know what the FA determined, and Suarez served his ban under protest. If he had admitted to being wrong and refused to shake hands it would have been different. From his point of view, to me it seems entirely reasonable.

    As i said elsewhere though, Suarez was still in the wrong only coz he misled his club as to his intentions about the handshake. Nothing else.

    And read what Annabelle said about MUFC and their heralded manager. All of it is true. Which makes all the noise coming out of MUFC rather hypocritical.

  35. Alexander says:

    Sir Alex has the moral highground only when it suits him and degrades other teams and players, and he never has a problem with his morons when they behave like pricks, on or outside of the pitch. Great manager, but such a fake person, this Sir Alex. Like many in professional football these days.

  36. mizi128 says:


    stop judging Suarez! Evra didnt gave him hand…so he pass to the goalkeeper.and then Evra made a move to win an Oskar in lead role!he done it purposely, for a camera

  37. muslimfootie says:

    Rooney wants to leave man utd cos they have no ambition….alex gives him more money he stays and kisses the badge again. Rooney is a disgrace for doing that to man utd but fergie dont have the balls to condem his own players

  38. hailtotheking says:

    No, u didnt compare suarez to the king. just thought u did.

  39. Mr. Sparkle says:


    Are you…retarded? Ferguson is known to give any player he has a problem with the “blow dryer” treatment. After all the abuse he threw at Beckham, it was a shoe thrown at the man’s face that made him leave the club.

    Besides, why would Ferguson condemn his players in the media? You don’t air your dirty laundry in public about your family do you? Instead you berate them indoors and do what you think will make them better.

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