Are These The New Nike Arsenal, Barcelona And Man Utd Kits? Let’s Hope Not! (Leaked Photo)

Chris Wright

15th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

The following photo has just landed on Pies’ doormat in an unmarked Manila envelope, and professes to be the new Nike home kits for Arsenal (featuring the gruesome black collar and cuffs that Arsenalinsider alluded to a few days back), Barcelona (replete with Corel Draw 3-style colour gradient) and Manchester United (seven shades of ugly Gingham tablecloth)…

Nasty. One and all. This photo comes from a slightly dubious source and, as such, shouldn’t be taken as gospel – but let’s just give these ‘ere kits a quick once-over anyway shall we?

Firstly, black just doesn’t look right on an Arsenal kit. Period. We don’t know if there’s any specific significance for the black elements, but Nike seem to have somehow loused up a previously unlousable strip. Those socks. Bleurgh.

As for Barca; it’s not quite as bad as the mock-ups suggested it was going to be but the two different shades of blue are a tad unnecessary. Throw in some darker blue socks and maybe we’ll talk.

Man Utd: Burn it, burn it with very hot fire. Whoever thought this was a good idea should be pushed into a crevasse along with the exec that gave him/her the go-ahead.

Any thoughts Pies fans?

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  1. O_Fenomeno86 says:

    Seems a bit dubious as you said… Just given the fact that they’re using boots from over a year ago to model the “new” kits gives me pause. The Arsenal kit looks too much like A ManYoo kit, and Barcelona’s looks too much like PSG. Feels wrong all around. But then again, Nike has been known to put out a trash shirt or two.

  2. he6rt6gr6m says:

    How are Nike getting away with these ridiculously shit kit designs year after year.

  3. Jonny says:

    Huge fail for Nike overall in all kit designs. Have you seen the leaked pics of the United States home jersey? Dreadful.

  4. YoussefSoffar says:

    Barca kit isn’t bad

  5. the figg says:

    im sure they mixed arsenal and man utds socks. looks awful though anyways.

  6. gamblino says:

    Sure its totally fake, everything about it is amateur.

  7. babo says:

    they’ve fucked up and put the wrong socks on the utd and arse kits.

  8. Happy says:

    I actually LOVE the ManU kit for some reason. Also, I like Barca’s idea, but the execution isn’t perfect. Maybe slightly lighter blue, as you said only one shade too.

  9. Pete says:

    I don’t mind the United shirt so much. Why can’t Nike do it like Umbro when they did that cream shirt in the links to the right. That’s a classy kit.

  10. usrick says:

    The kits are bad for the reasons others have cited, but the mannequins are all white and are not shaking hands. I foresee discipline by UEFA.
    I actually don’t think the Barca kit is too terrible if, as suggested, they could manage to come up with some socks that don’t clash so horribly.

  11. Has to be fake. Why would Nike promote next year’s kits with last year’s boots? I like Nike, but I’m sick of them screwing with our kit. Red Shrit/ White sleeves. Is that so hard?

  12. Hirsty says:

    Yes, yes these are.

  13. ROFL says:

    mu:not bad at all. barca: shitty arsenal: f*cking disgrace

  14. Paul Kirkland says:

    There is a little bit of reason to doubt this.. If you look there are two pairs of Laser III boots and one pair of Maestri I boots. These are both obsolete now so I don’t know why they’d put them with new kits. Probably (hopefully) a recirculated image.

  15. Kyle says:

    Old boots is a dead giveaway. If there’s one thing Nike is good at, it’s shilling their boots, and you’d best believe they would make sure these mannequins had on the latest boots and colorways.

    Also, why do spy photos always have to be grainy? It’s 2012, even a camera or camera phone stashed away somewhere should have fairly excellent quality. It’s just like UFO or Loch Ness pictures; conspicuously blurry.

  16. Sultan says:

    Isn’t DHL on the new Man Utd training tops??? How is AON up there?

  17. SL says:

    I would say they must be fake as they are actually worse than Umbro kits and i didnt think that was possible.

  18. wallaceeer says:

    Why don’t they leave the kits the way they are….

  19. muppets says:

    the barca kit looks so shite, like the colour fading was done in microsoft word. would think it’s fake but these designs cropping up a lot. utd one takes the prize tho for most vomit inducing

  20. a says:

    the colors on the barca kit are a shame. it doesn’t strike me as blaugrana at all. the blue is too dark and there’s too little red. oh, how I miss 2008, 2009.

  21. Terry Sheddingham says:

    These could be decoy kits, like what Umbro did with the 2009 England shirt:

    If not, then I guess it’s just an off-year for Nike.

  22. man_dildo says:

    Barcelona kit looks dope if as you said, they were to put matching dark-blue socks.
    Man Utd looks decent but those red socks belong on an arsenal kit which is btw the most disgusting of the bunch in this pic!

  23. Mr. Sparkle says:

    All of them are shite.

  24. Nickels says:

    They all kind of scare me, hope they are all fake-o’s, especially the Barca kit. It has this odd and unsettling pattern to me, not so sure about the way they blend into each other. If it is the real deal seeing it in more detail further along will hopefully make it not seem so bad to me. I remain skeptical.

  25. Just Kitting says:

    Seriously? Everytime any new kit comes out, all you see are complaints.

    If it’s too similar to the previous one, kit makers are lazy.

    If it’s too different from the previous one, kit makers are messing with a successful formula.

    Just buy a kit you actually like and wear it for life, dammit.

  26. garza says:

    Those sock combos can’t be real, right? Right!?? But for the shirts, I actually kinda like the one for Barca. To me, it’s a logical progression from those clashing stripes. But why keep the clean contrast piping on the shorts if you’re going to do a gradient for the top?

    This picture has got to be fake, or it’s probably an image from one of the initial rounds of prototypes that got shot down.

  27. rooney the nut says:

    i hope man utd shirt is real coz i like pyjamas. well done for nike to design such horrible kit for scum and twat man utd! they deserved to wear some clown kit and show to the world that they are stupid idiot clown.

  28. America says:

    Rooney the nut has made everyone reading his comment more stupid, which i didnt think was possible, literally the grammar of a grade schooler and the logic of a ignorant twat…
    They’ve got to be fake, but hell i hope Nike doesn’t take notes from the Arsenal one, throwing in the black? that looks awful…

  29. Moi says:

    “Firstly, black just doesn’t look right on an Arsenal kit. Period”

    Period? Who owns this website? A bunch of Yankees!?

  30. aspers says:

    ever thought the old boots are to complement the kit by the colours????

  31. KingEric7 says:

    “The following photo has just landed on Pies’ doormat in an unmarked Manila envelope” – Definitely stole it from another site.

    I think the Man U kit looks alright, no unnecessary randomly-added lines or squiggles *cough* Arsenal *cough*.

  32. Mr. Sparkle says:

    I’ve stopped caring about football shirts, I don’t buy them anymore since they come out every three months. To each his own I guess…

  33. Bryan says:

    I’m a huge fan of Nike but I have to be honest, I don’t like these designs. I guess I’ll pass on these.

  34. Gooner4Life says:

    Am I the only one who likes all three kits, bar the socks?
    Maybe I’m also the only one who ackowledges we’re in 2012 and the fact that sh*t changes through the years…

  35. Jarren says:

    I personally don’t like any of them.

    United’s one has a pattern on it like a 1983 nightclub. In Hell.

    Barcelona seem to be sporting a 1991 Amiga “Deluxe Paint” effect.

    Arsenal have the best shirt of the bunch, apart from what can only be seen as a permanent black armband.

    That’s pretty grim.

    Bring back Ajax’s purple away kit from 1995, that’s what I say!

    Oh, wait, I just seen it again. JESUS THE PAST HAS COME BACK TO HAUNT US

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