Your Call: Man City Or Man Utd – Who Will Hold Their Nerve In Premier League Title Race?

Chris Wright

12th, March 2012


By Chris Wright

As you may have gathered by now, Manchester United went a whole point clear over City at the top of the Premier League pile yesterday, overtaking their bestest chums in the standings after trailing behind since October 15th of last year.

Chasing down league title number 20, United snaffled all three points with a 2-0 win over West Brom at Old Trafford while City huffed and puffed their way to a 1-0 defeat against Swansea at the Liberty – thus finding themselves in second place at the close of play for the first time in nearly five months.

We’ve got 10 games left to play. Sir Alex has solemnly vowed that United will ‘hold their nerve’ during the run-in, while Roberto Mancini has declared that City’s defeat against Swansea was ‘not critical’ and that the title will be decided ‘with three games to go’, i.e, – by the potentially monumental Mancunian derby at the Etihad on April 30th.

Sure, City have out-scored and out-not-conceded (to coin a phrase) all comers this season, but the salient stat – the one that really matters, their points total – has just become ever-so-slightly insufficient.

The oft-trotted out idiom is that it’s far easier to chase than be chased. However, given City’s lengthy reign at the top of the table this season, you’d have to fancy that the pressure will be on them to retake the throne before the curtain comes down on May 13th. And Sir Alex knows it. He feels it way down in his Irn Bru.

Mancini’s no duck egg, but Ferguson has been here before several times over. He knows the lay of the land. City may be able to call on a phalanx of £20+ million replacements in the 80th minute, but there’s no real substitute for experience.

(Apologies. That last sentence was trite to almost nausea-inducing levels. I will go outside and flog myself with birch thickets until the shame is gone)

Any road up, the question goes out to the Pies’ faithful: Who are you backing to hold their collective nerve and take the Premier League title this season? Manchester United or Manchester City?

Let us know all about it.

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  1. Chimpo says:

    United do this almost every year- start off slow then come good at the end

  2. George says:

    United will win it. Easier run in and Ferguson knows how to make sure his team don’t get complacent. Players like Giggs and Scholes will be crucial as well. What is important for City is that they need to still be 3 points within United by the time the derby game comes around. If they’re further adrift than that, then United will win the league.

  3. jan says:

    city has nothing on manu when it comes down to closing the deal. see you next year, maybe with a grown up balotelli

  4. Grant says:

    United hang on and win number 20. City win the Europa League. Ferguson retires in order to let Mourinho come in. Man City win next season because Mourinho (almost) never wins the league in his first season.

  5. Markell says:

    Still backing my Citizens, because I happen to agree with Mancini- I think April 30 will be the title decider. Yeah, City has a tougher run in, but I think they’ll be there on the day within striking distance, and I also feel that United cannot beat City straight up, so United will be top going in, but come May 1, and more importantly May 14, City will have overhauled them.

  6. syndex says:

    united, better at closing out hard 1-0 games

  7. Dragan says:

    Derby will be the decider, but maybe chelsea can take a few points off city next week and make the derby pointless. Well see. Maybe post each teams respective fixtures left for the season? Seems city egoes are clashing by the evidence of kolo and ballotelli’s argument at the weekend.

  8. Rob says:

    If Ashley Young keeps on diving then United should be able to keep their impressible record of at least one penalty a game going.

  9. gormee says:

    cannot beat city straight up? i guess markell you’re taking your cue from micah richards and won that fa cup third round in your head eh? 6-1 was a great result for you but don’t forget we’ve actually beaten you twice already this season if you include the community shield..

  10. Mr. Sparkle says:

    I think we ought to watch the Derby first.

  11. shay says:

    Since United has beaten Man City 2 of the 3 times they have played each other this season I don’t know how someone could say that United cannot beat City “straight up”, whatever that means. Because of the easier run-in, all the experience they have and having a tendency to improve in the 2nd half of the season United are the most likely to win it.

  12. Markell says:

    @gormee and shay, the FA Cup game was played with 12 for United and 10 for City for 80 minutes-no way either of you can disagree that City had at least one less men on the pitch than United that day, if not 2, the refereeing was shambolic, no way Kompany should have been sent off. Good point about the Community Shield match, but… when has that game ever really counted for anything, if you’re being honest?

  13. AJM says:

    City still have difficult away matches against arsenal, stoke, everton, and newcastle…they will be dropping more points for sure

  14. AviD says:

    I think UTD will be about 4 points clear by Derby Day, should win the league by 7 points…We’ve been doing this for the last 20 years and were better of for the most part of that time…but its always nice getting some new ass to whip #MUFC

  15. martin says:

    @Grant – Mourinho won the his first league title everytime except Madrid. His whole career. Porto, Chelsea, Inter. Your argument…

  16. Robin says:

    Everyone talking about who is the better team, what their form looks like etc. none of it matters, on derby day both teams will bring their everything.

    There is a good chance that the derby will be pointless, since ManCity’s run is more difficult in the buildup. They face a chelsea team that have alot to prove. Resurgent Arsenal. If city drop any more points before the derby it will be all over for them. Even if they win the derby.

    Good luck to you city, but my money is on United.

  17. MessiBalls says:

    United have been here a million times and ‘know’ how to close out a season. They are unbelievable. I thought this year they weren’t at their strongest but Fergie keeps doing it. He brought Scholes out of retirement and it made a difference.

    I think City have a good squad but the derby and the final day may just hold the key.

    Sneaky suspicion United will inch it

  18. badders says:

    Grant – what are you on about!!!! Jose won the leauge in his 1st season at every club bar madrid!

  19. adhikapp says:

    United fan but I have this little feeling that City will knick it at the end.

  20. Jarren says:

    4 points clear after today’s 5-0 win at Wolves, and I have to say it’s ours to throw away.

    Our next four games are against Fulham, Blackburn, QPR & Wigan. City’s are against Chelsea, Stoke, Sunderland & Arsenal.

    We should take 10 points from those games. City? Well, Chelsea are revitalised. Sunderland have real belief. Arsenal are a phoenix from the flames this season.

    City will have to find their top form again to grab at least 8 points from that lot.

    Having said all that, I think deep down every United & City fan would LOVE it to be decided in the derby.

    After City’s demolishing act at Old Trafford, what sweeter revenge than United holding aloft the PL trophy at the Etihad?

    My prediction? 3-0 to United.

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