Man Utd 1-0 Fulham: Carrick Dodges Bullet As Cottagers Denied Late Penalty (Photos & Highlights)

Chris Wright

27th, March 2012


By Chris Wright

“I’m coming for you, maybe not in this life or the next, but I’m coming for you…”

Wayne Rooney’s 29th goal of the season saw Manchester United win their game in hand over Man City and eke out a three-point lead at the top of the Premier League – though Fulham were jilted out of a late penalty after a verdict of ‘no dice’ was returned despite Michael Carrick clumsily bundling Danny Murphy over as he waded through on goal in the 87th-minute.

Post game, even Sir Alex half-admitted his side were ‘lucky’ not to concede the spot-kick – a confession somewhere akin to milking a couple of millilitres of A/B+ from a stone.

In summary: another stale, laboured shift for United…and another victory.


Extended highlights…

Photos: PA

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  1. newcassel says:

    From ref’s view in real time, it looks like Carrick gets a touch and Murphy falls over Carrick’s feet. Hard one to give. Slow motion from all angles, fair shout for a penalty

  2. Redskywalker says:

    Murphy was looking for contact

  3. yngwie j. malmsteen says:

    @ Redskywalker – i think that’s exactly what made Oliver not give the penalty. Had Murphy actually tried to stay on his feet and make his way through to the goal, and then fell, the penalty more would have been given more likely. This way it looked like Murphy was simply looking for an excuse to fall down…i knew something bad was going to happen the moment that scouse bastard came on!

  4. Rob says:

    As the saying goes: these decisions even themselves out over the season. What that means is if Man Utd get 20 penalties a season then the rest of the teams get 20 between them.

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