Grant Hanley Delivers Nasty Elbow To Paul Scholes’ Jaw (Video & GIF)

Chris Wright

3rd, April 2012


By Chris Wright

Another one that seems to have passed under the radar; Grant Hanley’s really rather disgusting elbow assault on Paul Scholes’ ginger jaw…

Grim, malicious, entirely deliberate and apparently only worthy of a booking!

GIF via @VishKaush

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  1. David Badknob says:


  2. SL says:

    Imagine if that was done to Drogba, hed still be rolling around now.

  3. lol says:

    i hope that nasty, talentless pig-faced inbred pile of dog shit gets banned from playing football for the rest of the season for a malicious tackle on a footballing legend so that he may not ‘help’ out his team avoid relegation.

    fuck blackburn, fuck pedersen and fuck hanley. inbred scum.
    yakubu seems like a nice guy though. and holiet is canadian so that’s cool too…they deserve better

  4. Mr. Sparkle says:

    This is karma, Scholes was/is a hard man, for the amount of disgusting tackles he’s performed compared to punishment he received I think this isn’t even the icing on the cake.

  5. jobi-wan says:

    Where would the internet be without the animated gif?? Well done @VishKaush.

  6. McRico says:

    Had the Webbster seen this proper Hanley would have got sent off – also United would have got 4 or 5.

  7. Tinez says:


    Hanley was immense all game. Gloriously there will be no retrospective action and a legend of the game gets exactly what 100s of players will haven’t wanted to give him for the last 20 years, a test of his own shit tackling medicine.

    Fuck Man United.

  8. Tinez says:

    On a slightly more restrained note, how wasn’t he sent off for that?

  9. Al says:

    @ lol – ha ha what a post, I think you may be suffereing from schizophrenia and should see a Doctor

  10. PC10DaTruth says:

    lol is most likely a “new” Man Utd fan, doesnt know about the REAL Scholes.

    Hanely should just say what Scholes said

    “Of course I can tackle. There’s plenty of evidence of being able to tackle,” he told BBC Radio Five Live. “I was just getting people back. If someone got me early in the game it was always in the back of my mind that I needed to get them back. I didn’t always do it on purpose, some of it was just bad timing, I suppose.

  11. yngwie j. malmsteen says:

    Tinez the way you write would confuse even the most patient reader.
    You are a retard therefore your argument is invalid.
    And no, Man United fucks you.

    Scholes’ 20 years of bad tackling do not warrant an elbow to the jaw, which is unnecessary in football, use your bloody feet.

    Hanley is garbage, plays for a garbage team, with a garbage squad – clearly content to park 2 busses and settle for a draw. I hope they get relegated along with their brothers in arms, Blackburn.

  12. Mr. Sparkle says:


    You’re right no one surely deserves an elbow in the face (well maybe Belezoglu Emre or El-Hadji Diouf; just kidding) but like you even pointed out this is karma. it doesn’t always come, God knows Roy Keane should have ended his career for ending Alf-Inge Hålands career but that never came to pass, I guess the closest one can come to reciprocating that Disguisting action was the making of Roy Keane into pariah after he refused to play for Ireland and acted like an insufferable child.

    To be perfectly honest for all the tackles and dirty gimmicks United has gotten away with over the last two decades this isnt that big of a deal.

  13. Tinez says:


    The only error in my communication is where I’ve written ‘haven’t’ instead of ‘have’.

    Extremely classy of someone to denigrate another person’s writing and then use the line ‘your argument is invalid because are a retard’. You are a complete joke.

    Your middle paragraph is a mess of platitudes and bollocks.

    Your last sentence should say ‘I hope Blackburn are relegated along with their brothers in arms’

    In the first sentence you’ve used Man United as a singular entity ‘fucks’, in the last sentence you use Blackburn as a collective ‘they are’. Which is it? Moron,

    You’re either American, in which case you should get yourself back to school, or English isn’t your first language, in which case you need to bin that shit translator you’re using.

    Incidentally, Hanley must now be a god amongst Blackburn supporters, a player that is such ‘garbage’ has now scored the winning goal against your beloved Man United at OT and given Scholes the elbow. Credit to him.

    @Mr. Sparkle

    Bit heavy on the Emre criticism, the loveable little turk ;)

    Need a cold shower now to dispel the heat.

  14. yngwie j. malmsteen says:

    @Tinez – what in the world are you smoking? I admit that i made a mistake by writing ‘brothers in arms, Blackburn”. Replace Blackburn with “Bolton” and you will get a sentence that makes more sense.
    If you want to get into fine detail of nitpicking every little, trivial mistake, let me know and i will send you my essay for editing before i submit it to my prof tomorrow.

    I was starting to feel bad for calling you a retard up until you automatically assumed that i was American for making a few seamless writing errors? And then on top of that you’re sure that a person with very limited knowledge of English, just by using a translation tool, is able to write the above post?
    Somehow i don’t feel bad for calling you retard anymore…

    @ Mr. Sparkle – fair point on Roy Keane, and if Hanley was to pull something like that on Keano, i would not feel bad, in part because of the fact that it would have been largely deserved. Scholes though?
    Sure, he’s a shit tackler, Zabaleta being the most recent victim of the ginger, but how many of his tackles can you truly say are malicious and nasty? I don’t know how his jaw didn’t snap. Hanley is a big guy, Scholes is a small guy, simples. Baring that, i fail to see many other dirty gimmicks that United have gotten away for the last 2 decades?

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