FA Reject QPR Appeal Over Shaun Derry’s Farcical Red Card vs Man Utd

Chris Wright

10th, April 2012


By Chris Wright

Word has just filtered through that the FA have rejected QPR’s appeal over Shaun Derry’s naff red card against Manchester United on Sunday. On what grounds? We haven’t got the foggiest!

If I remember correctly, it’s something to do with FIFA’s blanket insistence that red cards – no matter the violation or the circumstances – cannot be appealed, with the English FA having special dispensation to allow appeals but only in the specific case of ‘mistaken identity.’

Something like that anyway.

Here’s the FA’s statement in its entirety:

“Queens Park Rangers midfielder Shaun Derry will serve a one match suspension with immediate effect after his claim of wrongful dismissal was rejected by a Regulatory Commission today [Tuesday 10 April].

“Derry was dismissed for denying a goalscoring opportunity in the Premier League match against Manchester United on Sunday 8 April 2012.”

Derry will now serve a one-match ban for the heinous crime of unbalancing an offside Ashley Young with his mere presence/powerful manly musk. Justice has been miscarried. It’s official…

If you’re surprised by this development in any capacity then this must be your first encounter with the FA and their inherently farcical, stupor-inducing feats of spectacular illogic.

I pray for you little one. I pray for your soul.

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  1. supa phil says:

    They must just flip a coin or something. It’s the only way their history of decisions about these types of things makes sense.

  2. j says:

    A two headed coin in their favour!

  3. Niiiicko says:


  4. ferguson and webb says:

    corrupated FA is managed by Scum Alex ferguson.

  5. ferguson and webb says:

    thats why the scum win title by the help of corrupted organisation. FA (Ferguson Association)

  6. SL says:

    The funny thing is 95% of QPR fans knew it wouldnt be overturned.

    Wigan get an apology, QPR get a player banned.

    The ref who sent him off is a Bolton fan born and bred whos brother used to play for them, thats why the red card was out before Young had even finished rolling.

    I hope Hughes makes a mockery of the decision by pointing out he should have had 10-20 penalties tomorrow for every bit of “contact”

  7. Tosser says:

    Honestly – every time I get touched on my right midriff my left leg also fails to even try to find the ground. Sort of like my dog’s ear and his leg.

    Simulation is really picking up in the UK, after lagging behind for so long it has made great gains in the last couple seasons. What has changed? There used to be a certain amount of pride in looking at other leagues and saying we dont stand for that – we’d pillory our own team for succumbing to those tactics? What I wouldn’t do to see a 10 year old kid at the next match holding up a placard “Sir Alex, do we really need to dive to beat QPR?”

    Misplaced nostalgia or not, I am going to ‘Cole’ my dog for kicks.

  8. Nabillion says:

    there was “contact” lmao. quality of refs been disgusting this season, and not to mention utter shameless behaviour of players to cause it.

  9. DIamanti says:

    If you have to have 8 replays to try and find contact then it isnt a penalty. Again man united get decisions in there favour, and again a ‘lesser’ team suffers from it hugely. Ashley Young should be banned for a disgusting dive

  10. Anabelle says:

    FA is so corrupt it makes me sick! They’re destroying the game. They’re on Manchester United’s pocket to give favorable decisions for the team.

    It’s rigged to allow Man Utd win 20th premiership. Phony basterds.

  11. Karan says:

    Diving and poor refereeing aside,i think a lot of people are being a little too hard on United.They really did not look like they needed a penalty to get past a relegation threatened QPR side.Of course it helped,but it might be more productive if public opinion was united against poor refereeing and appeal standards,rather than so narrow minded as to use it as an excuse to criticize every “big club” it benefits.

  12. df says:

    buuuuuuuuuuuuuulllll shit

  13. Jarren says:

    Yeah sure, because United were on the ropes before Derry was sent off…

    Thank God the referee gave us the penalty and reduced QPR to 10 men, otherwise we could have been hammered 5-0 by the forward thinking, free flowing attacking skills that QPR showed in the first 15 minutes.

    Or to put it another way, wind yer necks in. Yes, it was a shocking decision. Yes Young was offside and fell to the ground very easily.

    Shit like this happens every week in the Premiership, funny how people only mention it when it’s United…

  14. Scott says:

    Poor call by the ref. Poorer still by the FA. No contact, no foul. Regardless, any contact would have been against an offsides player, thus no scoring opportunity and no automatic red card.

  15. jjautonomous says:

    What do you idiots want? Match halting Instant Replay?

  16. mario says:

    agree with Jarren.
    also was chelsea not way offside on a goal when they beat wigan last week

  17. zack says:

    Spot on Jarren. Happens all the time throughout the league. The stats how United have not benefited from poor decisions more than any other club.

    The whole incident was poor. Where does all this shit come from? Look at your big spending clubs buying every pussy in europe. They all fall like sacks of shit with a gust of wind and so the only way to beat them in Europe and in the league is to now join them. Its a load of bollocks that it is this way it is. Nobody is gonna change it.

  18. SL says:

    A “match halting instant replay” would have meant the game would have started quicker. We all knew it was a dive before Derry had even left the pitch.

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