Man Utd 4-0 Aston Villa – Red Devils Demolish Villa As Young Cheats Again (Photos & Highlights)

Alan Duffy

15th, April 2012


By Alan Duffy

Manchester United 4-0 Aston Villa – Premier League – 15th April 2012

He’s done it again! Swiftly making a name for himself as the Premier League’s premier diver, Ashley Young earned his side a penalty after ‘making the most’ of the slightest of contact from Ciaran Clark in the Villa box. Wayne Rooney slotted home the penalty and from then on it was game over as Paul Scholes once again showed just how important he has been in United’s title tilt.

The Villans have been appalling all season and failed to give the Red Devils much of a game. Goals from Danny Welbeck , another from Rooney and a late strike from Nani see Fergie’s men go back five points clear at the top of the table.

But surely Gareth Bale’s crown as the top tier’s top diver is now under threat from Young?


Highlights to follow…

Photos: PA

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  1. wolfinho says:

    antonio valencia for player of the year. ashley young can fuck off for cheating twice in two weeks. that said, haters, let’s hear it. i’m up for a good laugh.

  2. LeaveIt says:

    valencia can be player of the year only in ecuador

    young – cunt of the year. globally awarded

  3. ericsson says:

    Ashley Young > Tom Daley

  4. Red_Devil says:

    As a United supporter i’ve had it with Young and his despicable diving.

  5. js94 says:

    He needs to take a long look at himself

  6. Graham says:

    Young took a risk for his team, he did what he felt he needed to do to break open the scoring. Halsey or the linesman should have called it a dive, neither did. Twice is pushing it though. SAF needs to have a chat with Young to curb the bad habit.

  7. BethLou says:

    He started diving horrendously, especially in his last season at Villa and the fans got so infuriated with it and told the prick to get up. He’s had a bad name for diving for a long time as far as I’m concerned.

  8. Jarren says:

    My first impression when watching the game live was “PENALTY!”

    Having watched the replays, it looks soft but there is contact.

    Enough contact to fall over in the manner he did?

    I’m not qualified to say.

    If Ashley is playing for penalties, I hope he is told to stop such action. He is a player of immense skill and as a United supporter I do not want to see my team resort to dirty tricks.

    I said last week about United always getting the complaints when a dodgy penalty goes our way when other teams escape such criticism, but having seen our last two games’ opening goals scored by dubious penalty decisions I do feel uneasy.

    The path to being league winners should not be remembered with disdain.

    I expect a good clean fight against City to decide this crazy season.

    3-0 United at the Etihad.


  9. yngwie j. malmsteen says:

    lol when andy carroll dove a few weeks ago, everyone was like ‘oh andy lol’
    Give me a fucking break.
    There was contact – he made the best of it, embelished it to heck and drew a penalty that never should have been awarded, but the key point is that THERE WAS CONTACT.

    Suarez & Carroll both went down without any contact, which is fully considered diving and much worse than that of Ashley Young.

    But hey, there’s way too many butt-hurt ABU’s than there will ever be Man Utd fans…

    Oh and Liverpool are the biggest joke of a ‘football’ club on this planet. Small club with a small mentality

  10. Red Devil says:

    I’m not qualified at all to really leave comments, but must be honest, it was a soft penalty. Completely agree with Jarren. I’m too an United supporter, but looking at replays showed it was soft, but I think it was more the trailing leg that led to it, then the dive.


  11. MoonT says:

    @Yngwie you need to check the rules mate, the merest contact does not constitute a penalty, it’s a contact sport. What Young does is plain and simple cheating. Forget the rose tinted glasses for a moment and put yourself in Villa and QPR’s shoes, you’d be fuming if those decisions had gone against your team.

    Utd could have stuffed that atrocious Villa team with the reserve squad yesterday, so there is absolutely no need for Young to behave in this manner. Until somebody pulls him up he’s just going to carry on with his despicable behaviour.

  12. TAYPOT says:

    yngwie j. malmsteen surely you can’t be serious!? Ashley Young was in the spotlight for a shameful dive and he has the neck to do it again. Thats like a big fuck you to everyone that plays the game fairly. Players from all clubs dive but Young is taking it to another level. This isn’t an ABU thing surely you can see that what Young is doing is wrong? To call Liverpool a small club too is beyond idiotic. You should hang your head you clown.

  13. Sam says:


    you’re a great guitarist, but fuck me! ‘THERE WAS CONTACT’? Seriously?

    ‘con·tact (kntkt) n.
    A coming together or touching, as of objects or surfaces.’

    If all it takes if for a defender to touch a striker, then football is dead. People gave Carroll’s dive more stick that Young’s last week, so for his second act of dumb-fuckery in two weeks he deserves all he gets. Actually, he deserves a lot more if you consider that he’s not going to get any kind of formal punishment.

    I can handle human error in official’s decisions, but not blatant cheating. Also, fuck off if you blame the officials for this kind of thing.

    Seriously, what would your family and friends say to you when you got home?

  14. Anonymous says:

    lol @Sam, you mean to say that Young had absolutely ZERO contact with the Villa defender? Minor, but still enough.
    Forwards are entitled to go down on any contact too.
    Should he have done it? Absolutely not and you’ll see that myself and pretty much every United fan on this planet condemning his actions.
    What is annoying is that he’s being called a cheat, disgrace to football, ruining the modern game, etc, etc. And i feel for Villa and especially QPR, but i still don’t justify this witch hunt only because he’s won 2 bullshit penalties in 2 weeks.

    Liverpool may not be a small club, but they are run by a bunch of morons who don’t condemn racism and have blatant divers on their own team, yet they scrutinize everything that happens at United. I call that small time mentality.

  15. Applesauce says:

    I love these fucking Mancs. They sound like a bunch of clones.

    “It was soft, but there was contact.”

    You lot and your rose tinted glasses. Wake the fuck up.

  16. Applesauce says:

    And “Oh, but Liverpool dives too” is not a defense you twats.

  17. Sam says:


    you are simultaneously hilarious and a big ol’ douche.

    just re-read what you wrote and imagine all teams are equal, and the badge on the shirt isn’t important. would that maybe trigger some rationale, or… what’s the opposite of ‘being a ball bag’?

    maybe stare at a sunset?

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