Football Art: Barcelona & Man Utd Stars Colour In Pop Art Portraits Of Themselves To Flog For Charity

Chris Wright

27th, April 2012


By Chris Wright

Turkish Airlines, Barcelona (and Manchester United), Pop Art, felt tips, Ebay: It’s all in the video, so give it a watch…

Basically, the skinny is that Turkish Airlines (who have the enviable gig of being sponsors for both Barcelona and Manchester United) and artist Craig Redman have produced blank versions of Redman’s Pop Art portraits and asked the respective players to finish them off as they saw fit.

The special edition portaits will then be sold off on Ebay between 1-10th May to raise money for the two clubs’ in-house charity foundations. It’s all very excellent.

Here’s a sample of Redman’s rather excellent work to be going on with…

Love it.

Via Passenger Portraits. You can feast your peepers on loads more photos of the footballers in question getting their ‘colouring-in’ on here.

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