Man City 1-0 Man Utd: Captain Kompany Sends City To The Summit (Photos & Highlights)

By Chris Wright

As with any game that receives such monumental, gladitorial hype beforehand, last night’s ‘bigger than Jebus, winner takes all’ Manchester derby was a largely run of the mill affair – Vincent Kompany’s craning header seconds before half-time sealing the win for City in a game where United failed to register a single shot on target.

City were the better side; City won. That’s just about the long and short of it. United played Park Ji-Sung,  which should tell you all you need to know about their approach.

Roberto Mancini and Sir Alex Ferguson had a wee pop at each other as things got fractious towards the end, but it didn’t really escalate into anything more than a quick run through the tried and true touchline ‘tweety bird’ routine.

So, three weeks after being faced with closing an eight-point chasm at the top, City go top thanks to their +8 goal difference. Two games left; Newcastle and QPR. Can anyone see them slipping up from this vantage point?



Photos: PA

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  1. JT says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I hate Man Utd with a passion! 5 minutes injury time!! stick your fergie time up your arse!!

  2. Al says:

    @ JT – agreed. Now sit back and wait for all the Man U fans to post comments, oh no wait, they only do that when there’s an opportunity to slag off Liverpool or Luis Suarez, other than that they have fuck all to say

  3. Dave says:

    i do have something to say, that fergie played totally the wrong team and as such they had no style and were just dominated…. fair play to citeh. park is shit, always has been in my opinion, i despair any time i see his name on the teamsheet

  4. doody do says:

    Hello, Utd fan here. Fair play, City were the better team, and Utd have mad a right mess of things, which is much more irritating. Still, City have still got to play Newcastle away, so I’m not exactly crying yet.

    And if you insist, boo Liverpool, boo Suarez

  5. muppets says:

    Seem to have missed a Torres hattrick along the way…

  6. Al says:

    @ doody do – well played sir

  7. Wolf Haley says:

    As a generally disgruntled Liverpool fan I’m so happy to see that my favourite player in the whole wide world, Balotelli, is two games away from a Premier League winners medal.

    Even if he doesn’t play in the final two games, which he shouldn’t, because they play better without him, it’ll make my day when they win the league.

    Oh and if Liverpool win the FA cup, that’s important too, I think I’m supposed to say that right? As a Liverpool fan…

  8. tendon not is says:

    Im not sure he got the tactics wrong there. City have a much stronger midfield and since cleverly and anderson are injured who the hell was he gonna play in midfield instead.
    Barry and Toure were immense for citeh and giggsy scholes and carrick just about coped with it. It was a soft goal to give away but fergies response to going down wasnt quick enough. Those subs should have been on in the 60th minute not the 75th

  9. tendon not is says:

    Sorry , Suarez is a diving racist wanker and ‘pool is shite. Thank you.

  10. Ali says:

    Anyone else noticed that the Chelsea 6-1 game didn’t get any highlights/photos??!

  11. Del says:

    @Ali: Now you mention it looks like Chris completely forgot about that match! XD

  12. V says:

    Dave, if you really think Park is “shit”, you don’t fully grasp “football”

  13. Red_Devil says:

    I knew the game wasn’t going to go United’s way when I saw the players line up for the handshake. The 4-5-1 doesn’t work well with Rooney as lone striker. Didn’t help that in the second half when United started to pick it up a bit, that Mancini made the following substitutions, De Jong for Tevez, Richards for Silva, and Milner for Nasri.

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