‘Fergie Was On The Whiskey’ – Liam Gallagher Crashes Post-Derby Press Conference (Video)

By Chris Wright

Liam Gallagher, eh? What a wallybritches.

After watching the match at the Etihad, the six-toed chimpanzee they’ve succesfully trained to rasp over Beady Eye records stormed Roberto Mancini’s post-derby presser last night – delivering pearls such as ‘Fergie’s been on the whiskey’ and ‘I love Mancini, he’s nearly as kewl as me’ to the room full of journos before being ushered aside by Vincent Kompany while proclaiming ‘Viva la Belgium!’…

For old time’s sake – Clive Tydlesley doing his finest Leeyum impression…

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  1. neil says:

    Don’t know who is the bigger twat, Liam or Tyldesley

  2. Ubietz888 says:


  3. Redskywalker says:

    Stupid Trashbag. The most unimportant man I can think of. Stole a career, otherwise he’d still be on the dole.

  4. frank says:

    * whisky!! where are we!?

  5. Milkchew says:

    Without a doubt Liam.

  6. Mr. Sparkle says:

    What’s with the fisheye lens. Shite camera.

  7. Jay Jay says:

    Hahahaha….legendary press conference from Liam……

  8. lfc_man says:

    The only downside of a memorable night having Liam show up. Did anyone see him at previous games, you know during the last few decades when City weren’t very successful?

  9. Vincent Cole says:

    he’s a know nothing moron

    is he really a big City fan? Nope

    Does he really like music or has he been piggy backing his brother his whole life? Yes

  10. oasisblues says:

    it’s amazing how many jealous comments you can find on the internet…
    Vincent Cole, Redskywalker: “know nothing moron, been piggy backing his brother his whole life”, “stole a career”… interesting. His brother is the man who had to pay the most money for copying songs.
    Liam was the Oasis founder, singer, frontman, icon.
    “is he really a big City fan? Nope”
    yes. On the contrary, Noel is a Celtic fan.
    lfc_man: short memory… with Liam, City also won the first cup in 35 years. With Noel at the stadium, City lost 3 games, and of course wasn’t at the final

  11. lfc_man says:

    I don’t have a short memory. Its the only time I’ve seen him at the game and I see plenty of City games, maybe I missed his other appearances. Have nothing against City or his music. I just think he may have turned up to bask in the glory that doesn’t really belong to him.

  12. oasisblues says:

    you clearly never followed them. Liam knows a lot about City and football, Noel sounds like a casual fan. Noel is always invited to talk about football on the radio, but I always find that he doesn’t know much about football in general too…

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