Snapshot: Carlos Tevez Holds Up ‘RIP Fergie’ Sign During Man City Victory Parade

Alan Duffy

14th, May 2012


By Alan Duffy

Oh dear. Never the shy, retiring type, ex-United star Carlos Tevez has rubbed some bitchy salt into Fergie’s wound by holding aloft an “R.I.P. Fergie’ sign during Man City’s victory parade through Manchester.

Apparently it’s a riposte to Sir Alex’s famous answer to the question “would United ever go into a Manchester derby as underdogs?” in which the Scot replied, “Not in my lifetime”.

In that context it’s quite a witty little statement by Tevez. Although one doubts that United fans are smiling at this very moment.

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  1. jo says:

    HOPE HE DIES !!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    How disrespectful.. Especially having played under him. Disgrace.

  3. tonys says:

    Carlos tevez grew up on the streets. What do you expect? Class??

  4. Singer says:

    Ah… Utd fans have been booing him ever since he left. And Fergie has been attacking Man City ever since he joined. What? You expect him to play nice to you? To respect you while you are still booing him even this very day? Don’t be a dick. It is payback time. What goes around comes around. Tevez – Hero!

  5. Gazz says:

    I was shocked at first, but once you explained the joke it doesn’t seem that bad

  6. ebomb says:

    come on tevez, act like you’ve been there before

  7. Nicolas says:

    Haha Tevez is an utter idiot! And excuse me but at first i laughed! So its sort of funny aswell. I still hope he knows what RIP means cause he simply can say he didnt know the meaning..

  8. Mr. Chopper says:

    I have to say, it does somewhat make me think of:

  9. Jarren says:

    As a United supporter I was about to go into a foul mouthed rant at that little twat.

    Then I saw Mr. Chopper’s .gif and suddenly the sun is shining.

    Thanks for that!

  10. Graham says:

    I would prefer this picture have a tombstone of “RIP Carlos” with Fergie pissing on the flowers.

    Scummy bastard. I’m actually a bit disappointed Barton didn’t keep swinging at him.

  11. Anonymous says:

    judas cunt

  12. alex says:

    Tevez needs to learn respect. Ungrateful asshole.

  13. Toz says:

    Truly a great wind up!

  14. Neil says:

    Gosh, get over it all of you. He apologized already.

  15. Guy says:

    Oh my God. Look at all your jumped up reactions! Most of you really need to develop a sense of humour! It’s called a fucking joke! This is football. If you can’t bloody well cope with a bit of heated rivalry then just piss off. RIP Fergie!!!

  16. tonys says:

    MAnchester fans boo the scum because of the “welcome to Manchester sign”. Remember that scum bags? Yes, all you citeh filth can do is take pop shots. It’s ok. When I read articles about how your team went to witch doctors to help them win, it makes me realise what a desperate bunch you are.

  17. KKK says:

    “City won’t win the League in my lifetime”… I guess SAF needs to “live”? up to his end of the bargain…

  18. wolfinho says:

    thanks. we need a kick in the pants. and i think it’s a riposte to KKK’s quote, since united were never quite seen as underdogs in the two manchester derbies. they weren’t favored either. a small boo for saying “R.I.P.” to an old man, and for acting like you had anything to do with winning the title, but whatever carlos, it’s expected.

  19. Anonymous says:

    So SAF is allowed to disrespect an entire club but if Tevez holds up a placard he didn’t even make he’s a “cunt”. lol United fans.

  20. KJ says:

    “In that context it’s quite a witty little statement by Tevez.”

    Really? You honestly think this is something Tevez came up with himself? That’s about as likely as a rhinoceros being shagged by a horse and having baby unicorns.

  21. Dont worry says:

    how was saf supposed to no city would get 709 trillion dollers?

  22. Anonymous says:

    ^City was bought in ’08.

  23. Degs says:

    Ooh, overreaction!
    Once you’re aware of the context, there’s really nothing to it.

  24. lfc_man says:

    Obviously a lot of bad blood between those two. Thats rubbing salt in Utd wounds.

  25. JuanosDios says:

    He’s from South America dammit!!! RIP Fergie means something entirely different over there!! It’s actually quite a compliment. He tells his Ma, daughter and friends to RIP all the time and they love it! False prosecution!

  26. Al says:

    have to say that this is the campest comment thread thats ever been on this site, read over it, there’s an “ooh”, a “gosh”, an “oh My God”, a “small boo” a “play nice” and of course the mention of unicorns, throw in a rendition of YMCA and you’ve got a good weekend in Brighton

  27. Anonymous says:

    Oh no, have the Black Eyed Peas split up?

  28. Rob says:

    Oh no, does this mean that the Black Eyed Peas have split up?

  29. Applesauce says:

    While I mostly detest Tevez and all things Manchester, it’s all too funny to watch you whiny bunch of United pussies cry about this.

  30. Ethman says:

    Nothing expected from a little thug…. But I am sure Carlos doesn’t know the true meaning and if it was even a complement he would have carry it to … Sorry for Manchini, now I know why they don’t get along and understand each other

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