Sir Alex Ferguson ‘Confident’ Man Utd Will Secure Robin Van Persie Scrawl

Chris Wright

19th, July 2012


By Chris Wright

The Daily Mirror have slapped their danglies on the table this morning and are rumour-rumouring that Sir Alex Ferguson has confided in his ‘footballing friends’ that he is confident Manchester United will cherry pick Robin van Persie from Arsenal in the coming weeks.

As the Gunners’ hopes of retaining their main man continue to fade, the Mirror muse that Fergie has designs on pairing Van Persie with Wayne Rooney up top to form a ‘formidable strike force’ and will pay £20 million for the pleasure – with a bid supposedly in the offing – beating both Manchester City and Juventus to the punch.

It’s fairly well established that both Michael Owen and Dimitar Berbatov are as good as gone, though United will still boast a fairly well-stocked forward line. Van Persie’s arrival would surely bump Danny Welbeck from the first-choice XI, keep Javier Hernandez on the fringes and/or mean that Shinji Kagawa wouldn’t be used in as advanced a role as he enjoyed fulfilling in Dortmund – still, Sir Alex probably has it a damn-sight more figured out than we do, assuming it’s not total balderdash of course.

What do the United-hued fans out there make of this palaver? Would you welcome Van Persie (who is increasingly beginning to look like the ‘before’ guy from a Just For Men advert) at Old Trafford, or could the money be spent more wisely elsewhere?

While we’re on the subject, Pies can also confirm that the Mirror also canvassed Arsene Wenger for a reaction to the RVP rumblings, but they were given what’s known in the trade as ‘short shrift’…

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  1. derekcantona says:

    sign him up! sign schweinstigir too for that midfield spot

  2. Ted says:

    No. Don’t sign him. Use the money to get Javi Martinez to fill the gaping hole in the centre of midfield.

  3. Dave says:

    no no no, theres no point, we’re perfectly well endowed in the striker area. how about a proper central midfielder or a right back? or a left back for that matter.

  4. Fergie's Footballing Friends says:

    After we were done with tea, Sir Alex told us he also has put bids out for Sneijder, Ronaldo and Messi.

    (This journalism thing is actually pretty easy!)

  5. Mr Sesnsible says:

    Complete waste of money, the actual fee might be reasonable but his wages will be massive.

    Use the money to get Modric or some other CM and a LB which we clearly need.

    Also I’d rather Welbeck was given a chance to develop.

  6. pls we don’t nEed him, we need a G☺☺d and matured midfielder

  7. chris says:

    Welbeck is complete GASH and not UTD standard……. sign up RVP and a solid CM!!!!!

  8. Gooner says:

    Robin to united would kill me. Any team but them.

  9. varunmanufan14 says:

    sign him up!!!! rooney will surely drop to a supporting striker role+ centre mid!! with persie…manu can be less dependant on rooney and let him play with freedom! kagawa and young can share time on the left wing and valencia/nani on the right! go united!!:D

  10. united forever says:

    sign him up and sign manuel neuer

  11. KingB3113 says:

    We don’t need this one-season wonder! I would rather see that money go towards Leighton Baines and if not, then it should go towards the debt.

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. No One says:

    Utd striker department is good enough?I don’t think so….welbeck is overated,miss more chance than scoring.I think for one season if RVP can be good to United and help us get back the title from city is good enough for me.Don’t waste money?I don’t think so because still if we don’t buy him,it’s not like it can reduce our RVP.

  14. Gareth Bale's Monkey Sidekick says:

    Some of these united ‘fans’ really don’t have a clue what their club needs. Last season they spent £20m on De Gea, a keeper who promises to be world class in the future and ‘fans’ like @uited forever are saying they should shell out another £20m+ on Neuer. Also @derekcantona, Schweinsteiger is not as good as he once was and he’ll never leave Bayern anyway.. Just because you signed him on FIFA 12 doesn’t mean it will really happen champ.

  15. Karan says:

    Don’t see City or Wenger allowing this to happen.

  16. SwissUnited says:

    I don’t think that United necessarily need RVP, as he would hinder
    Welbecks and Chichas progress. I think an established CM/DM is far more important in the likes of Tiote/Martinez, definitely not Modric…..35mio is ridiculous. However I wouldn’t complain if they were to sign RVP as seeing him link up with Rooney would be the most formidable striker force in the world.
    Schweinsteiger and Neuer, stop playing Fifa12 mate….De Gea is developing into an excellent keeper and Schweinsteiger will never leave Bayern Munich

  17. Jimmy says:

    This is just a ruse to get City to buy Van Persie, seeing as how City has a mania for signing ex-United players (Tevez, Hargreaves)and players United show the slightest bit of interest in (Nasri).

    Assuming it is true United are better off trying to sigh Leighton Baines and a CM

  18. leppystew says:

    I honestly think were stocked well enough in the striking department. hernandez will thrive when he gets his chance this season, he and kagawa are a match made in heaven. especially if he can perfect his timing but he should be fit and raring to go after a full pre season. Welbeck seems like he can only get better after the year hes had. i expect rooney to play as an actual striker this year which can only be a good thing. We need one more midfielder, an enforcer. scott parker shouldve been that player last year especially at that price. A leftback to challenge evra for his place would be nice. not too much to ask:)

  19. derekcantona says:

    @gareth bales monkey…. i don’t nor ever have played fifa12, and i’m not your mate.. Schweinstigir is still better than anderson, carrick, jones, cleverly & fletcher. him and scholes/giggs would suit each other. if you think welbeck/berbatov/hernandez are better than RVP you are deluded, imagine rooney & rvp up front? exactly

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