David Beckham: Man City will NEVER be bigger than Man Utd

Ollie Irish

19th, January 2010


By Ollie Irish



In an interview with the Mirror published today, David Beckham kicked out slyly at the new ambition of cash-rich Man City (much like he did to Diego Simeone at the 1998 World Cup). He also pledged that he would never, EVER sign for Citeh, no matter how much cash they offered him:

“I would never sign for Manchester City. That’s mainly because I am a Man United fan. It doesn’t matter about money. It is always about loyalty with Manchester United.

“They are the team I supported and the team that I played for for years and I just couldn’t bring myself to sign for City. I couldn’t do it.”

He went on to state that City would never match United’s stature:

“City will never be bigger than United. Money does a lot for a club and a team, but being successful and being one of the most recognised clubs in the world doesn’t come from the money.

“It’s about history. There aren’t many clubs that can boast the history of Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona or AC Milan. It’s not about having all the money in the world. All that does is creates attention but you can’t buy the history of a club.”

For Becks, this is pretty outspoken stuff. No doubt almost all City fans will disagree with him – and of course there was a time when City were more successful than United, but since it was before the Prem era, most people appear to have no idea about it.

In the modern era, money is so crucial that I could envisage a scenario, perhaps five years from now, where City are more successful than United. Does that make them a bigger club though? Who knows how to define such a thing? In a two-club city, obviously there is a constant battle for bragging rights; United have had much the best of it in the last 20 years, but City’s new-found wealth threatens that order. And when Fergie exits Old Trafford… well, it’s up for grabs then.


As for the value of history in evaluating a club’s size, obviously Becks has a point – clubs like Man Yoo and Real Madrid can point to their trophy cabinets as proof of their status as bona fide Giants of Europe. For me though, City’s big-club status has been earned in an entirely different manner – not by its players but by its fans, who have supported the club through so many bad times, but never stopped singing.

At the end of it all, it’s very simple: you support your club, no matter what. In football, size doesn’t matter.

[Link to interview: Mirror]

PS. Don’t forget, folks in the UK – the Beeb is showing tonight’s League Cup semi final first leg between Man Utd and Man City. It’s live on BBC One at 8pm. I know what I’m doing tonight.

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  1. TSPOT says:

    obviously city are not going to be as big as united anytime soon but manchester city is the working mans club of manchester. we dont need to brag about the size of our club because we love it no matter what.
    At the end of the day united is the bigger club but at what cost??? The local man can no longer go and watch man utd as its all about the corporate seats and money making. the price of a home match there is extortionate!! and they force their season ticket holders to enter the cup scheme. anyway like i said city is for the working class of manchester and we wouldnt want it any other way!

  2. john says:

    Beckham its a good job you could play football because you are thick my old son. What do you think that man u, real etc have been doing all these years? They have spent fortunes on buying success, it cannot be denied, it is an essential ingredient in it all.
    With the success comes the history.
    What is meant by bigger in your eyes, is it more fans? man u certainly have that (well in England that is). Is it more money? man u certainly don’t have that (city and madrid do though). is it the biggest debts? manu have that.
    When your history (as a player) and that is not far off is it, we will see then what is what and you just may be eating your words!

  3. TSPOT says:

    City will always be bigger in manchester. i need to look no further than the article to prove my point. beckham is just one of a long line of cockney reds and part of their global fanbase whereas manchester is and always will be blue!!

  4. Steve says:

    City wouldnt sign you anyway “pretty boy”

  5. tom roberts says:

    Does Beckham honestly think that the Blues of Manchester care about the opinion of a washed out player?
    John above said it perfectly for all of us. The thing that has always annoyed the ‘Rags’ is that even in the blackest days of our club we never stopped supporting them, this their tiny minds could never understand.
    Obviously to be bigger than the ‘Rags’ will take a good number of years but only in the number of trophys won.
    The truth is we are matching them in all ways except the amount of debt.

  6. TSPOT says:

    i dont know about shit lookalikes but this is a shit soundalike! beckham is turning into gary neville with these comments. expect comedy porn tash and becks to grow curtains in his hair next!!!

  7. mizman says:

    Manchester City: you cant buy history and you cant afford class

  8. TSPOT says:

    mizman i dont want to get offensive but your history came in the new money era of the premier league. you had little history other than the plane crash which bought you a lot of fans and im not knocking that but just remember we have been around longer than united and the way your finances are shaping up we could be outlasting you too!!
    now get back to your wine bar and eat your prawn sandwich

  9. mizman says:

    TSPOT, thanks for those accurate FACTS. And thanks for not being offensive.

    now get back to your shadow behind old trafford

  10. Paul Scholes says:

    Who cares what that faggot cocksucking scum is talking. he’s a homo piece of turd

  11. CR7 wants to come back to united says:

    I stick with Beckham on 1 thing that man city are not gonna be bigger than united but i wud say that city can try to make its own history for the future with its investment..jus like how chelsea hv done in recent years..dont 4get chelsea were nothin at one point of time but they are European giants now..n besides all that, United is an illustrious club…and who knows, soon it mite be bought for more than the price city was bought for..n may get back its status as the richest club..then, will all the city fans say “city are better than united?”..think abt it…its all about business and with football, anything can happen…

  12. marshy says:

    man citys history is a match for most clubs but if i was a player i would be thinking of the future.the future is obviousley city the neutrals know it and the rags know it. the roman empire finally fell now its the rags turn.the new blue order is coming its coming NOW.

  13. bitterandproud says:

    did anybody notice the tv comments of the scums friendlies,the comments always ended upwith (in front of a xxxxx crowd )they really are up there own arses. as for the comment about city being in the shadow of old shitford THATS WHAT THE SMELL IS

  14. gobs says:

    i seem to see more red shirts than blue in manchester

  15. JOY says:

    Mnachester – biggest council estate in England. Please learn to spell and stop the rapists that are terrorising young women in your city!

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