Gary Neville flips the bird at Carlos Tevez (with photo)

Ollie Irish

20th, January 2010



The chain of events in full:

1. Gary Neville is born, to Neville Neville

2. Gary Neville grows up to be a total dickface

3. Carlos Tevez leaves Man Utd, feeling unwanted, signing for local rivals Man City

4. Gary Neville claims that Tevez is not worth £25m

5. Carlos Tevez scores twice for Man City in League Cup semi final; Tevez gestures at Neville after his first goal, as if to say, “Shut it, dickface, not so mouthy now, are you?”

6. Neville flips the bird, subtly, in Tevez’s general direction

7. Tevez responds by cupping his hand to his ears, sarcastically

8. Tevez is worth £25m

9. The FA have since confirmed that they are looking into the incident

Brilliant – and no less than we’ve come to expect from the utterly charmless Neville brother.